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13.10.14: 292 HD images Strictly Come Dancing week 2.

Yes I know week 3 has already happened. I am a bit behind. I'll try and watch week 3 after uploading this update and may update the site again later in the week with those images.

Week two wasn't quite as good as the two episodes from week 1. The girls weren't looking quite as sexy. However, this is Strictly. The girls never look dull.

The clear stand out performance from week two was Jake Wood. His performance was literally amazing and far better than it should have been for so early in the competition. He is obviously a very talented individual at everything he does. Perhaps why he is my favourite actor in Eastenders. The man's a genius.

Booted in week two and the first to leave was Gregg Wallace with his partner Aliona Vilani. I called it didn't I? Even from the pre launch show when the couples got partnered up, I feared for Aliona being partnered with someone older again. Her bad body language is a real turn off for the audience that clearly don't like her. Gregg seems like such a jolly chap too, so how you cannot form a bond with the fellow. It would not surprise me if this was Aliona's last year on the show. They've tried to bin her off once before, but she came in as a stand-in for someone else that go injured. However, that is two years on the trot now that she is the first to leave the competition. That is no accident.

30.09.14: 380 HD images Strictly Come Dancing week 1.

So we have images from the first week proper of the new series of Strictly. The stand out performances from this first week probably came from the Friday edition which saw Caroline Flack and Pixie Lott both looking so sexy. With Caroline occasionally showing a hint of bum cheek and Pixie flashing her pink knickers. Hot!!!

On the Saturday show we saw Frankie Sandford (I guess I'm going to have to get used to calling her Bridge?) for the first time. Though she had a long dress on and wasn't showing her pins. However, she did get the highest score of the weekend so I would expect her to be in the show for some time so we should still have plenty of opportunities to see her looking much sexier. She's such a pretty girl though that even in a long dress she is still a highlight. That cute, short hair really does it for me.

The pro's were all looking really sexy. Though I still really worry about Aliona and her bad body language and frosty personality that she could be an early evictee. She really doesn't seem to embrace the fact that you are not always going to be partnered with a young handsome man, who you can potentially win the show with.

08.09.14: 161 HD images Strictly Come Dancing.

Images today from the launch show for the new series of Strictly where we get to meet the celebrities for this year and watch them get paired up with their professional partners. I have batch named the images for this first update as it was just easier.

It's a pretty decent line-up this year with two very notable stand-outs in Frank Sandford/Bridge of The Saturdays and Pixie Lott. Two absolute hotties.

Caroline Flack is also pretty cool. The rest of the female celebs are less appealing. Sunetra Sarker is ok. Judy Murray and Jennifer Gibney are borderline inclusions for images on a weekly basis. On Judy. Have you ever noticed how perfect her teeth are? It's something I've always found fascinating when I see her interviewed during Wimbledon. The final female celeb is Alison Hammond and for me she falls below the make-break point for inclusion. That bar is pretty low for this show anyway but she really is a big girl and for me has zero sex appeal at all. Sorry to those people that think fatties are hot. I don't. There is something going on with her upper lip too that freaks me out when I look too closely. So don't expect too many images of Alison. Probably the only one's you'll see of her are from group shots where she is seen with others.

The male line-up seems ok too. My favourite here is Jake Wood, aka Max Branning from Eastenders. Apart from the cute girls he has been my favourite character on that show for a few years now. He's brilliant.

There is a new female pro too. She is Kevin from Grimsby's sister Joanne Clifton. A very cute girl but aren't all the pro's? We'll have to wait and see where she scales in relation to the other pro's in terms of the hottest. More on that later when I've seen more of her. I'm pleased that my fav from the last few years is in the line-up this year too. That is Aliona Vilani. She was binned off before lasts year show but appeared in the end in the first two episodes as a replacement for someone that was injured and paired with Tony Jacklin. They were the first to be booted though as he was awful at dancing (and sweated like a pig) and the chemistry between them was even worse. Possibly because of all the sweating, she didn't want to be touched by him, so they would stand miles apart when being interviewed after their dance. I'm not holding out a great deal of hope for Aliona this year either as she has been partnered with someone older again and I fear her bad body language may strike again.

They now have 3 weeks to rehearse before the first show.

01.09.14: 81 HD images Doctor Who.

Images today from the first two episodes in the latest series of Doctor Who, with the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi. Still with the very, very sexy Jenna Coleman though.

I particularly liked the outfit Jenna was wearing at the start and end of the first of these two episodes. The cute little tartan skirt. Funnily enough the exact same outfit she wore for the Christmas episode. Obviously done for continuity to show there was no time delay between then and now.

Jenna has about 3/4 of the images with this update. She is not the only highlight though. There are a couple of very nice images of Catrin Stewart. Most notably some very pretty cleavage shots.

So what do we think of the new Doctor? He's ok. He brings the right amount of gravitas and seems to fit the role like a glove. Curious his persona has noted he is now over 2,000 years old. The old Doctor, Matt Smith, was 900, then 1400 when he supposedly died by being killed by the spaceman. How, has he now jumped to over 2,000? The only thing I worry about is, because the actor that plays the Doctor is so much older now, that the flirting between him and his companion is no longer viable. Which could mean that Clara decides to dress a bit more conservative. That would really upset me as Jenna Coleman wears some absolutely gorgeous cute little outfits on this show and sometimes looks so stunningly sexy.

By the way, I could go into why I haven't updated this site for 6 weeks. However, it's pretty complicated and not really worth talking about.

08.07.14: 219 HD images from the last 5 days of Wimbledon including the ladies final.

We have images with this update from the two quarter finals that were delayed until the Wednesday and then the semi-finals and the final. Which is why we only have 6 girls listed. I didn't bother watching any of the doubles matches as I'm not really that interested and it ends up being too difficult to name the images when there are 4 girls on court at the same time. It's hard enough to name the images anyway. I only have a small thumbnail image to look at when naming the pics and all the girls look the same in their white outfits and so I have to keep checking the full image to see who it is. That's why it takes forever to name the images for this update.

Around half the images with this update are of Eugenie Bouchard. That is because we have images from her quarter-final, semi-final and final. Eugenie has definitely been the girl of the tournament for me. She would have been even if she hadn't gotten so far though as she's just so cute and sexy. So I was really pleased she got all the way to the final. Even though she didn't win.

I actually quite enjoyed the final. Which you might think odd for two reasons. Obviously I wanted Eugenie to win because I'm just shallow and will always route for the hottest girlie. The other reason being is the final was so short. Under an hour in length. The reason why I enjoyed it so much was to see someone play that good and literally blow the other player away with their skill. When I originally saw the result of the game on the Saturday evening news (I didn't actually watch my recording until Monday) I noticed the score for the second set was 6-0 and I assumed that Eugenie must have done a Sabine Lisicki and choked on the day because of the occasion and it was too big for her. However, that wasn't the case at all. Eugenie played ok. Not brilliant obviously but that's because she couldn't because her opponent was that good that she didn't give her the opportunities to shine. Petra played an absolutely amazing match and seemed nerveless and so composed. It was stunning to watch. Oh well, Eugenie is still young and will definitely have more opportunities in the future to win a few major titles.

02.07.14: 246 HD images from Wimbledon days 7 and 8.

Highlight with this update was probably Lucie Safarova. One of the reasons for this is I have already captured quite a number of images of most of the other girls listed with this update already during this Wimbledon. So it was nice to get some images of someone new.

In fact I was checking when I last captured some images of Lucie and the only pics I have of her are from Wimbledon 2007 and she looks completely different. 7 years younger obviously but she does look really young in them. It's a shame I don't have more images of this girl in the interim period from then until now as she is really cute. She looked really sexy in her match against Ekaterina Makarova. She won that match too so I will look forward to seeing more of her in the semi-finals as well.

Zarina Diyas from Kazakhstan was also pretty cute too.

219 HD images from the last 5 days of Wimbledon including the ladies final.

We have images with this update from the two quarter finals that were delayed until the Wednesday and then the semi-finals and the final. Which is why we only have 6 girls listed. I didn't bother watching any of the doubles matches as I'm not really that interested and it ends up being too difficult to name the images when there are 4 girls on court at the same time. It's hard enough to name the images anyway. I only have a small thumbnail image to look at when naming the pics and all the girls look the same in their white outfits and so I have to keep checking the full image to see who it is. That's why it takes forever to name the images for this update.

30.06.14: 212 HD images from Wimbledon days 5 and 6.

Highlight with this update was probably seeing Alize Cornet beat Serena Williams. I'm not nearly as surprised by this result as I was by Serena getting beaten by Sabine Lisicki last year. Serena is 32 now and, although she is world no.1, these upset results to lower ranked players tend to happen more and more often the further you get past 30. It would not surprise me if she doesn't win another major title or perhaps 1 at the most.

Slightly disappointing with this update was that my 9 and a quarter hour recording of BBC2 coverage on Saturday ended just at the start of the Sabline Lisicki and Ana Ivanovic match. So I only got to watch about 90 seconds of it. The match was on really late in the day because of all the rain delays. However, the match didn't finish. So perhaps there will be more coverage of it on Monday's schedule. I hope so as these two girls are really hot and I would enjoy watching that game.

27.06.14: 192 HD images from Wimbledon days 3 and 4.

Highlights with this update include some really nice images of Caroline Wozniacki on the Wednesday and Heather Watson on the Thursday.

I was a bit disappointed with Victoria Azarenka though. She was wearing shorts and I don't mean those cute little tight shorts that the girls wear under their dresses but actual shorts. Very upsetting. I hope that trend doesn't catch on.

Hopefully I'll have another update at the weekend of days 5 and 6. So check back then for that.

25.06.14: 244 HD images from the first two days of Wimbledon.

I wasn't even sure I was going to watch Wimbledon this year as I don't really have a lot of enthusiasm for running my websites of late (and my financial situation is in the toilet at the moment and I'm unsure how to handle it) and Wimbledon is a huge commitment of time. However, more out of habit than desire I have undertaken the task.

The first day and a half actually was very disappointing. On the two HD channels all the matches were men's games. Then the latter half of Tuesday all the games were from the ladies draw and we had some really cute girls to look at.

My personal highlight with this update was probably the very cute Canadian girl Eugenie Bouchard playing one of my former favourites Daniela Hantuchova. Then late on on Tuesday we had the ever so delightful Ana Ivanovic. One of the prettiest girls on the tour with a stunningly cute body.

Also on Tuesday afternoon we saw Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams. The latter of those two not being one of my favourites. However, I know some do like her.

The Spanish girl Maria-Teresa Torro-Flor made me laugh with her ridiculously long name. Who has a double barreled first name and surname? Reminds me of those southern States names in America like Billy-Joe Jim-Bob.

Check back later in the week for more updates from Wimbledon.

10.06.14: 138 HD images from The Paul O'Grady Show.

Images today from the last two weeks of the recent series of The Paul O'Grady Show.

Highlight with this update is probably Pixie Lott. She was looking really sexy in a cute dress.

03.06.14: 206 HD images from The Paul O'Grady Show.

Images today from the first 3 weeks of the latest series of The Paul O'Grady Show. I have another 2 weeks of episodes to watch. So I will probably update the site with those next week.

There was a lot of guests from the soaps on during these 3 weeks with people from Corrie, Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. Perhaps because it was around the time of The British Soap Awards and they were all trying to promote their respective show.

Paloma Faith has the most images as she was the only one to perform a song and be interviewed.

27.05.14: 200 HD images from The British Soap Awards 2014.

Like when I normally update this site with images from The British Soap Awards. The links below for the 4 soaps will open at the respective Tarty Doris soap site. Only the first link below opens at this site and is all the images from the Doctors cast and the miscellaneous celebs presenting awards.

I guess the big news from this years awards was that Hollyoaks won best soap. This is the first time it has gone to a show other than Eastenders or Corrie. Even Emmerdale haven't won it yet. That makes Hollyoaks - 1; Corrie - 5; and Eastenders the massive leaders with 10 main award gongs.

The big winners on the night though were Corrie who won 9 awards with the Hayley cancer storyline sweeping most of the big prizes with Julie Hesmondhalgh and David Neilson picking up Best Actress and Best Actor. The pair also won Best Storyline, Best Single Episode, Best On-Screen Partnership and David won Best Dramatic performance.

Eastenders won only 2 awards including Best Newcomer for Maddy Hill, which was nice. Though I might have just edged that award to Amy Kelly from Corrie. Emmerdale won only one award for Spectacular Scene of the Year for the siege at the Woolpack with Cameron.

20.05.14: 264 HD images from Some Girls.

We have images today from the second series of Some Girls on BBC3. I quite like this show. As I stated when I updated this site with images from the first series. The main talent here is Adelayo Adedayo who plays Viva. She is clearly the best actress and the funniest with the best comic timing. Plus, of course, she is really hot too.

Alice Felgate who plays Amber is really hot as well. However, her character is so dumb that it is a bit off-putting. Mandeep Dhillon and Natasha Jonas, who play Saz and Holli are a bit average in comparison.

I have batch named the images again as it is too tricky really to name the images individually as so many times all four main girls are on screen at the same time and it gets a bit arbitrary then who I name the image after.

The only other girls I have listed, apart from the 4 main protagonists, are Dolly Wells who plays Anna, the brash Kiwi gym teacher and Viva's step-mom. Plus two of the four 'Pretty's', the blonde girl gang. Only 2 are named here as only 2 ever talk or are even listed in the titles at the end of the programme. They are Justine Cain who plays Charlie the gang leader and her number 2, and chief sidekick, Madison, played by Hannah Lederer. It's curious actually that even in the show it appears they can't be bothered to name all the 'Pretty's'. There was one time, when all 4 were together at the end of episode 3 for a talent audition, and Tyler, the school heart throb, was calling them by name. He mentioned Charlie and Madison ok. Then Miffy, and when it came to the 4th girl he was like '.....hey. Youuuuuu.....'

13.05.14: 248 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

We have images from the final 3 weeks of the 10 week run of The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Highlights include some very nice images of some cheerleaders in the first episode I watched from these 3 weeks. There are also some really nice images of the Riverdance girls in their cute short dresses.

Highlight from the celebrities who appeared was probably Melinda Messenger, who looked really sexy.

06.05.14: 324 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

So I was aiming to watch the final 6 weeks worth of shows from this current series for this update. However, I was getting so many images from the episodes I was watching and they were taking so long to watch that I only managed 3 weeks in the end.

I also ran out of steam today too because I'm a bit depressed about the football last night and how Liverpool blew a 3 goal lead to drop 2 points in the title race. I'm obviously a mad Liverpool football fan and just having a hard time processing how we can be 1/6 on with the bookmakers to win the title last week before playing Chelsea and now need a miracle to win the crown. I'm so down in the dumps. So I didn't manage to watch nearly as many episodes as I wanted to.

Perhaps the highlight with this update was watching former Hollyoaks babes Summer Strallen dancing in a white dress and showing her knickers.

One other thing worth mentioning is the cute sexy Dutch girl, who has the first 10 images on Page 1. Very pretty girlie.

29.04.14: 286 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

So, there has been no update to this site for a weeks now. I did take a week off a couple of weeks ago. Then last week I was catching up on two weeks worth of soaps and so was too busy doing that to watch programmes for an update to this site.

We have images from the first 4 weeks, 20 episodes, of the latest series of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. Which means I still have another 6 weeks of shows to watch. I was going to try and watch 5 weeks worth of episodes with this update and 5 weeks for the next. However, I got bored and lost my enthusiasm after watching 20 episodes of this show, which isn't really one of my favourites but does occasionally have some really cute girls on.

Perhaps the highlight with this update is Myleene Klass as she still has her regular weekly slot and always looks really sexy in a cute dress or tight skirt.

08.04.14: 220 HD images from Alan Carr: Chatty Man + Alan Carr's New Year Specstacular.

We have images from about 10 episodes including the two episodes from the current series and the New Year special.

Highlight with this update was probably Katy Perry. She was looking really hot.

01.04.14: 433 HD images from The Jonathan Ross Show.

Another chat show update with images from about another 20 episodes or more, going back to October last year. Unfortunately the first episode recorded in SD by mistake. Which was a real shame as Sandra Bullock was on that day and was showing off some really sexy legs.

There are too many girls listed with this update to pick out any highlights. There were again a couple of women on the show that I didn't think were worth capturing images of which I would have probably done so a few years ago. Such as Cilla Black, Goldie Hawn and Joanna Lumley. My tolerance for capturing images of borderline types has dropped of late and I just don't have the patience for it.

The above said there were still a few women I did capture images of who were still very borderline such Jennifer Saunders and Sarah Millican. Even Sam Bailey, of X-Factor fame. I don't watch the X-Factor so I've never seen her journey and so I don't know her or think she is attractive in the slightest. Then I saw a clip of her on this show from her audition and I was like 'OMG, she is disgusting'. She was on one of the last shows I watched on Monday and I woke up on Tuesday aiming to watch the rest before updating the site and that was still the first thing on my mind. Can I justify including images of her on this site when I know what she used to look like? In the end I thought I had to because there are bound to be some people that like her and I couldn't really find enough reason to not include her and how she looks now. Even though she is still no oil painting she has improved a lot since that audition. (Yes I know I am shallow and superficial. But I've been running a babe site for 10 years. You should know this by now.)

25.03.14: 501 HD images from The Graham Norton Show.

Images today from about 20 episodes with this update going back to late last year. Though not every episode I watched, I captured images from as there were no girls on some shows.

There are lots of nice images with this update. Too many to pick out really so I'll just let you feast your eyes on them.

One thing I will mention is it annoys me how for the last two shows when a singer has performed, namely Lily Allen and Ellie Goulding, that they have reduced the picture size to a widescreen format with the thick black borders on the top and bottom of the screen. This really winds me up when they do this for any musical performances. The Jonathan Ross Show does it too. They probably think it's really arty and clever. It's not!!! It's dumb and annoying. Why do we want to lose half the screen width and have to squint our eyes to see the performer as they now look so small? They didn't do this earlier in the series when Lady GaGa was on or Rebecca Ferguson or half a dozen other performers. So I hope this isn't going to be a new trend and they do this now for all future musical performances.

18.03.14: 160 HD images from The Paul O'Grady Show.

Images today from the final 3 weeks of The Paul O'Grady Show before Christmas. I know that means this update is slightly delayed but that's the way it is with this site now. I only have time to do one update a week and while Dancing On Ice was on, that normally took precedence. It's not the updating of the site that takes the time, it is watching all the programmes. For instance 15 hours of this chat show. Alright I don't have to watch the whole hour but could potentially fast forward to the good bits, but it still takes a long time nonetheless.

The above said I was a little disappointed with the guests for these final 15 episodes. There were some ok ones, as you'll see from the list below. However, there was just as many, if not more, really ropey ones too. Anyway, I just couldn't be bothered to capture any images of these borderline types, such as more dozy bints from Loose Women, or the well past it Cilla Black etc etc.

Highlights with this update then include Little Mix. I'm not a big Little Mix fan. If they dressed a bit sexier maybe I could get on board but they seem to have a fascination with loose fitting garments that look like pyjama's. The other thing that slightly annoyed me is the girl in the white dress, I don't know any of their names unfortunately. Why does she constantly sing with her eyes closed? This is a pet peeve of mine, which is understandable running a babe site where I'm constantly capturing still images of girls in motion. It's girls who talk with their eyes closed, or walk down the street with them shut or the worst occurrence is singing with their peepers closed. Bugs me. You capture an image, think you have a good one and then look at the girls face and notice her eyes closed. So you have to forward the video to a point where she hopefully has them open again, or worse still, rewind it back to a point before she closed her eyes. Not such a big deal if it's a one off but some girls are persistent recidivists (this is a favourite expression of mine and basically means someone who habitually returns to criminal activity). Because in my mind this is a criminal act because there is no need for it and it annoys the bejesus out of me. Another girl who I have noticed does this a lot is the girl from London Grammar. I watched her on the Christmas Top Of The Pops and for the first minute of the song she had her eyes closed. I was screaming at the telly 'open your eyes you silly cow!' I've seen her on subsequent shows too and she does the same. Ruins the image if the girls eyes are closed!

Anyway, the pleasant surprise with these episodes was Sophie McShera. Some will know her from Downton Abbey or may even remember she was in a few episodes of Waterloo Road. She looked really sexy in a cute short dress and is a very pretty girl.

11.03.14: 143 HD images from the final of Dancing On Ice.

The final ever update then from Dancing On Ice. It should be noted that this update only includes images from the final. I forgot to record the semi-final. Oops!

Actually I didn't particularly enjoy watching this show that much. I found it far too over-sentimental and self-congratulatory. It was just a bit sickly. The one thing I did really enjoy was seeing Hayley perform Jai Ho! again. She has had this number up her sleeve the whole series as her skate-off routine but never had to use it. Anyway, it was my favourite ever stake in the history of this show so it was nice to see her perform it again and to the exact same brilliant standard as the first time, except without the wow factor of seeing it for that first time.

I have quite enjoyed this final series of Dancing On Ice. Bringing back some of the greatest ever performers from the past years was a brilliant idea. However, I thought the second half of the season started to fall a bit flat. The performances in the first few weeks built to a crescendo in week 4 when we hit the perfect storm of amazing skates. Beth getting the highest score of the series in the third from last dance, then she was topped by Hayley getting an even higher score and then finally Ray performing the best skate in the whole final series and getting his first perfect score of 40. From that point onwards the show could never repeat that high. Ray was getting 40 every week and I don't necessarily think he always deserved it. He was still skating ok but each performance didn't always have that same x-factor of greatness. The judges just didn't have anywhere else to go with their scoring and the gushing praise he, and many of the others, were getting was hard to watch really. It is perhaps a telling story that two of the three individual performances in the final were from week 4 with Ray and Beth doing their dance from that week.

So we get to the winner. If you'd asked me before this final series started who I wanted to win I would have said, hands down, Hayley Tamaddon. She had the most memorable skate, with Jai Ho!, from the whole eight previous years and I thought she was the greatest winner with the most talent. However, I perhaps forgot just how good Ray Quinn was and seeing him perform in this final series I was blown away with his skating skills and how much better he was than the rest. So I was really, really pleased he won it in the end as he really deserved it as he was the best. I am glad that Hayley made it to the last two though and still ranks as the best female skater.

I will miss this show now that it is gone. It was a great vehicle for showing off cute looking girls in skimpy attire. I won't miss the over the top razzmatazz though or the overly long introductions or cheesy pro skate group number or similar Torvill and Dean routine. This show really was a Saturday night entertainment festival really and not a more sedate Sunday evening fair. Perhaps that skewed dynamic is what caused it's downfall?

04.03.14: 1343 HD images from Countdown.

A monster update today from about 160 episodes of Countdown, dating back to the middle of last summer. To be honest the only reason I decided that this weeks update should be from Countdown is because I have so many episodes recorded now that they are filling up my hard drive. I have a 2TB hard drive that I use as storage space for all the programmes I record and I have so many recordings on it now that it's almost full. So as all these episodes of Countdown amounted to about 350GB's of data it was the most obvious choice of the easiest way to free up some space.

I also have literally hundreds of episodes of Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother and Bit On The Side too which is cluttering up my hard drive. I'm probably never going to get around to watching all of those as I just don't have the time or the motivation but I can't bring myself to delete them just yet.

There are so many images with this update I have decided to include 2 galleries per page to try and keep the number of pages down to a manageable number. You see with Frontpage (the software I use to manage these sites) it has a limit with it's galleries of 40 images. If you try and add more images to a gallery than 40 it will break and none of the images will be viewable. But I can add another gallery underneath the first one.

Anyway, I should probably stop recording Countdown really as I have so many images of Rachel Riley now that do I really need another 1300? Debatable. What is not debatable is how hot Rachel is and that's why I continue to watch her as she's just so sexy and she always wears the cutest dresses.

With this update including so many episodes we've also covered the transposition from Rachel's summer attire to her winter one. She mainly wears the same type of dresses no matter the time of year. However, she tends to go with bare legs in the summer and wears tan/skin coloured and black tights in the winter. So if you like the bare legs look more then you should concentrate on the early pages and if you prefer the tights look then you should steer more to the latter pages.

There are a spattering of other images too, but I wasn't really concentrating on anything else other than Rachel. Two girls in dictionary corner I couldn't ignore, because they looked too pretty, were Connie Fisher and Helen Skelton. I wasn't really getting any images of Susie Dent either but there was one full length shot of her from the final in December that was too good not to capture.

By the way do you know how long it takes, or how difficult it is, to watch 160 episodes of the same show in the space of a few days? It is mentally very challenging and exhausting!!! For instance, even if I only watched each show for a minute that will still take 2 hours and 40 minutes. So try and work out now how long I did watch each show for to try and get images for this site and you might realise how long this update actually took me.

25.02.14: 519 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 5 to week 8.

You may wonder why I haven't updated this site for about a month. The reason is because I've had a few financial problems recently and I've been having to try and sort that out. I've been continuing to update all the soap sites more out of habit than anything else.

The upshot is I may have to stop running these sites if I can't find a solution as it's becoming financially unviable. This would be a real shame as I've been running these sites for over 10 years now and it would be a pity to see that stop because I can no longer afford to keep running them.

Anyway, this week I'm in a bit of limbo while I try and decide what I need to do next. So I watched the backlog of episodes of Dancing On Ice.

28.01.14: 511 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 3 and 4.

We have a lot more images with this update than from the week 1 & 2 update as now all the remaining couples are dancing each week, as opposed to the first two weeks when the competition was split and half performed in week 1 and the other half in week 2.

I have to say there were some amazing performances in week 4. Notably the last 3 couples. Third from last was Beth Tweddle who did an amazing Scottish dance and rightfully got the highest score of the series at 36.5. Then second from last was Hayley Tamaddon doing a wonderfully energetic Charleston, which always goes down really well on Strictly too. She then got 38 and took the lead. Last up was Ray Quinn and I thought he can't beat those two scores and would probably end up third. However, he did beat it and what's more, knocked it out the park. Scoring a perfect 40 and receiving a standing ovation from the Ice Panel too. Geez, it was totally amazing. His skating skills are phenomenal! This was evident in his table topping skate from week 3 too. However, the dance skills and interpretation and delivery from week 4 was absolutely sublime too. One of the greatest ever performances on this show. Up there with 'Jai Ho!' from Hayley in 2010. The only other performance to receive a standing ovation from the Ice Panel I believe.

Booted in week 3 was Toddy Carty with Alexandra Schauman. This is a good thing. Todd's a clown and shouldn't have ever gone past the first week really. This is a competition to find the best of the best. Not the biggest joker. Booted in week 4 was Zaraah Abrahams. This is a shame. She was clearly not the worst dancer or skater and should have stayed longer. However, she clearly didn't have the audience support as that was her second week running in the skate-off.

I hope Bonnie Langford goes next. She's annoying me a bit and I don't get why she is proving to be so popular.

27.01.14: 116 HD images from Doctor Who.

We have images today from the Christmas day episode of Doctor Who. I know I said I was going to update the site with images from this show last week. The truth is I was so busy towards the end of last week I just plain forgot. I had already watched the show. I just needed to name the images and put my logo on and then create the pages and galleries in the website and upload it. It would have only taken less than an hour. Oh well.

Jenna Coleman looked absolutely stunning in this episode, as she does in most Doctor Who episodes. This girl is so hot in this show it's almost illegal. She was wearing a couple of very sexy short skirts.

Karen Gillan made a brief appearance at the end of the show too.

I'm going to miss Matt Smith as the Doctor now. I thought he was a really good Doctor and brought some great humour to the role. I'm not sure how great Peter Capaldi is going to be now though. I guess I have gotten used to the Doctors being a bit younger and having a bit of sexual chemistry with his companions. That certainly wouldn't work with his current sidekick as it would come off being a bit creepy because of the large age difference. Doesn't bode well for Jenna really and she may only stay on for one more series, in my opinion, and will then be replaced by someone slightly older and probably a lot less attractive, so the chemistry is in better balance.

21.01.14: 375 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 1 and week 2.

We have images today from the first two weeks of the last ever series of Dancing On Ice. Yes I know we've already had week 3. However, if I had watched that programme too there would have been too many images with this update. So I will try and do a double update with week 4 next time.

This final series is packed with talent from the eight previous seasons. Including series 5 winner Hayley Tamaddon, who would be my tip as I still remember her 'Jai Ho' performance from that series and still watch it occasionally and it still brings tingles down the spine. The only time in the history of this show the Ice Panel gave a standing ovation.

There is also the most recent victor from series 8 in Beth Tweddle. Though I would be surprised if she won this final season. Suzanne Shaw, winner of series 3, is a nice addition too. She got the highest mark in week 2 and really shone and could be a dark horse for the title. Zaraah Abrahams, who came third in season 3, is pretty hot too and Robin Cousins keeps tipping her to do well. I'm not overly bothered about Bonnie Langford though, who came third in season 1. I only watched the final from the first series so missed her anyway.

Then there is Jorgie Porter, who was brilliant in series 7, when she was the runner-up, and could have easily won in a different year but was up against Matthew Wolfenden and he was amazing too. However, Jorgie was given a bit of a bum steer I think when she was partnered with notorious lothario Sylvain Longchambon, who has thus dated two previous celeb contestants on this show in Samia Ghadie and Jorgie's best friend Jennifer Metcalfe. So Jorgie understandably had some antipathy towards him as she's probably listened to Jennifer bad mouthing him since their relationship of 2 years had ended. Her comments in week one didn't help either when she said, she would be disappointed if he didn't make a pass at her, and also saying, is she going to be his new girlfriend now? Which I think she must have been saying tongue in cheek as he is still going out with Samia. So despite getting the third best score in week one, and only half a point behind the two leaders, she was booted out, without even getting to the dance-off. She had clearly alienated the predominantly female voting public with her comments and obvious dislike for her partner. This is a real shame that Jorgie is not going to feature anymore as she's so sexy I would love to have seen more of her.

Perhaps favourite for this series though is Ray Quinn. Most people seem to think he has been the most talented celebrity to perform on this show. However, from the first two weeks there are so many talented skaters that it is going to be very interesting to see who can elevate their game and perhaps win the hearts of the audience. I think we all know that Beth was probably the second best skater in season 8, behind Matt Lapinskas. However, Beth was liked a lot more than Matt and so won the series.

The other 3 booted so far include David Seaman, Gary Lucy and Joe Pasquele along with their partners Frankie, Katie and Robin. This is no great loss. These three pro's are not in my list of favourites and the celebs were not real contenders for the title.

I should hopefully have another update later in the week from the Christmas day episode of Doctor Who with the adorable Jenna Coleman. So check back for that.

13.01.14: 220 HD images from Top Of The Pops Christmas & Top Of The Pops New Year.

I was going to try and do an update from the first two weeks of the final series of Dancing On Ice this week. However, I'm still a week behind on watching all the soaps, after my Christmas break away. So I needed an update which I could get done a bit quicker. So watching 2 hour long episodes of Top Of The Pops was going to be quicker than watching 5 to 6 hours of Dancing On Ice.

The above said, we do have some nice images with this update. Ellie Goulding and Jessie J were featured in both episodes. Though I was not overly impressed with what Jessie was wearing, especially in the New Year show. The Saturdays always look hot. Little Mix wearing pyjamas. The girl from London Grammar was quite hot too.

08.01.14: 250 HD images from Fresh Meat.

We have images today from all 8 episodes of the third season of Fresh Meat.

Initially you would say that the third series of this show wasn't quite as sexy as the second series was. Perhaps that was because Sophie Wu didn't appear quite as much as in season two, when she was the highlight.

New for this season though was a new housemate in 1st year Candice played by Faye Marsay. I didn't really like Faye that much at first. Probably because her attire was so old fashioned. She literally dressed like an old granny. However, then throughout the series her wardrobe gradually got a bit more modern and she started to look much more attractive in some short skirts and tight tops. It's funny then that I noticed just how pretty she is too.

The other major new face for this season was Sam played by Hannah Britland. Some may remember Hannah from the final series of Skins and the last two episodes. Hannah is a very sexy girl, so she was a definite positive for this third series.

On a slight aside. Some may have noticed that none of my soap sites have been updated over Christmas. That is because I finally decided to have some time away to recharge the batteries. However, I kept my computer on and recorded anything of interest. So you should check out my soap sites over the next few days for images from the Christmas period.

18.12.13: 300 HD images from The Paul O'Grady Show.

We have images from the first two weeks of The Paul O'Grady Show with this update. As I advised in the below update, dated the 16.12.13, it probably would have been more episodes but I lost a day trying to fix all the broken video links on all my websites. However, I will try and update the site again soon with images from the final 3 weeks of this series.

As normal with shows recorded on ITV1 HD in the afternoon, at least one of them a week records in SD instead of HD. It is so annoying. This happened with two episodes with this update. The one episode the only female featured was Gabrielle, the singer. However, she didn't look anywhere near hot enough to capture any images of. The other day when I had an SD recording instead was when Diana Vickers was on. So this was upsetting as she was looking quite hot in a cute short dress.

Highlights with this update include the very cute Saturdays, minus Frankie Sandford as she is still on maternity leave. Melanie Chisholm was looking quite sexy too in a very short dress, though I don't like the large tattoo on her leg. Tattoo's are a real turn off for me. Abbey Clancy and Rebecca Ferguson were looking pretty hot too. Emma Willis stood in as a guest presenter for the one episode, as Paul was ill, and looked really sexy in a cute red dress. Even Helen Worth, from Corrie, looked alright in a nice dress.

16.12.13: Well instead of an update today I decided I needed to finally sort out the problem with the videos on my sites. A certain proportion of them have been broke for a while now. Since the last user interface update at RapidShare caused them to stop working.

I was aware there had been reports that some, or all, of the videos on my sites had stop working a few weeks ago. However, when I routinely checked a few to verify this they seemed to be working for me. So I assumed they must all be working. However, I probably knew this wasn't the case but I didn't want to confront the idea that they were broke because I knew it would potentially be a massive job to correct the errors. So I was burying my head in the sand and not looking too deeply for problems.

However, then I received notification, via email, of exactly which files were broke and I couldn't hide from it any longer. Around 3 to 5 pages of video files on each of my sites. The 6 soap sites, Big Brother Babes and this site.

So instead of watching some programmes, in order to update this site I started on the repair process and have just finished it now and I'm blooming knackered as it was as boring as hell sitting here all day, without a break, correcting all these links.

So hopefully all the videos on all my sites should be working now. If not then feel free to contact me at: with the information and I will endeavour to have a look.

I may try and watch some of the episodes of Paul O'Grady I have recorded tomorrow. However, I'm not sure how many programmes I will get to watch and if I will be able to update this site or not.

10.12.13: 236 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

We have images from the final 3 weeks of the series with this update.

I actually wanted to watch The Paul O'Grady Show instead for this update, as that show had started a five week run. However, I couldn't justify updating the site with images from that show before seeing the final three weeks of AT. Even though AT is a bit boring to watch. I think the target audience for the The AT Show is a little bit older than my liking.

As ever with images from this show there are a lot of 'Misc' images of non, or minor, celebs. Nearly a hundred in total.

Only one day in the three weeks was mistakenly recorded in SD. This is unusual as normally with this show there is at least one a week. Unfortunately it was the day Kimberley Walsh was on. So her images aren't quite as nice as they could be.

There are a few nice images. Most notably Darcey Bussell and Ashleigh Butler, of Ashleigh and Pudsey, and of course Myleene Klass, who always looks hot.

09.12.13: 389 images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here Now!

We have images from about 9 episodes of '....Now!' with this update. I think I over estimated how many episodes I watched with the last update. I said it was 8, but in fact it was 6 from this year with the one episode I watched from 2012 too, making 7 in total. I think at that time I planned to watch 8 episodes but could only manage 6 before I got too bored. This time I can be a bit more certain as each panelist is usually on the show for 4 days. So, I have one remaining day of images with Kimberley Walsh, 4 days of Denise Van Outen and then Helen Flanagan's 4 days too.

I managed to watch a few more episodes this time as I wanted to see all of Helen Flanagan's editions. It was a good job too as her 4th day is probably the highlight with this update. She did a Bush Tucker Trial with Joe Swash and was wearing a very revealing pink bikini top and showing her enormous cleavage.

This is probably going to be it for images from this year's 'I'm A Celebrity...' now. I'm not sure I can really motivate myself to watch the last week of the show on ITV1 HD or ITV2. There are two main reasons for that. I'm really not happy that Lucy Pargeter stayed in for so long and I think she should have been booted earlier to send her a message that her treatment of Amy Willerton was not acceptable. So her coming third is just too galling.

The other main reason I can't bring myself to watch the final week is seeing Kian Egan win. I felt sure Joey Essex was going to win, so when he was evicted on the same day as Amy and didn't even make the top three I was completely shocked. I suspected Kian would do well because of the fanatical Westlife fanbase. However, for me he has been one of the most annoying camp mates ever. He was just too competitive and too good at the trials and for me this made him boring as hell.

03.12.13: 159 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! + 238 images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here Now!

The first images with this update are from about 8 shows of I'm A Celeb on ITV2 with Laura Whitmore. So I did manage to watch a few episodes of this show. The reason being is Laura Whitmore is so hot that she is worth watching the show just to see her. She is gorgeous. The first few episodes also saw TOWIE star Ferne McCann on too and she was looking extremely hot as well as she is really sexy with great looking legs. There was a couple of nice upskirt shots of Laura and Ferne from the first two episodes.

You may notice that the first 20 images or so are from '....Now' in 2012. That is about as much ITV2 coverage I managed to watch last year. I had recorded all the shows and wanted to watch them to see more Helen Flanagan. However, I just couldn't find the time or motivation to view any of those episodes. Eventually after after 6 months I deleted them all and gave it up as a bad job.

The highlight from the main show, apart from more bikini shots of Amy Willerton, was a Bush Tucker Trial with Rebecca Adlington in a swimsuit. I really liked watching Rebecca in this trial too as she did so well and really enjoyed herself and it was just the confidence boost she needed as she has had a hard time at points in this year's show.

I have to point out that some of the celebrities in this year's show are not coming off in a good light. Their attitude towards Amy Willerton is shocking and mean spirited. Most notably the women have been really cruel and bitchy in their comments towards her and I think they should all be ashamed of how they have treated her. Lucy Pargeter, Annabel Giles and Laila Morse have all had really nasty things to say about Amy. Behind her back and to her face. With Lucy saying at one point, after Amy came back from being a Camp Saviour, that she wished she hadn't come back. She said it in a joking way, which I guess is the only way you could, but it's clear she meant it and is a really nasty thing to say to someone's face. That has definitely not been the limit of her antipathy towards Amy though.

I really liked Lucy Pargeter before she went into the jungle. I've always enjoyed her on Emmerdale and I know she was a member of the forum when that was first launched. However, she has seriously gone down in my estimation since being on this show. She didn't need to up her profile really as she was doing ok on Emmerdale and so some may say it is a risk to go on a reality show and potentially ruin your reputation with a bad showing. However, at the moment she is doing herself no favours and is coming across as a bit of a bully.

Laila Morse is also being really mean to Amy. When Amy was picked as a Camp Saviour she was clearly put out and went around to all the other camp mates asking if they had heard of Amy before they came to Australia to enter this show. Of course all them said no but that was not the point. It was a really petty act of jealousy as Amy was picked ahead of her. Clearly Amy was not known by them as she moves in a completely different circle. The model/beauty pageant industry. Clearly these pampered celebs have no interest in that. I had never really heard of David Emanuel before this show but I'm sure he's very famous in the world of fashion. If you'd never seen Eastenders you might not know who Laila is.

The women are not the only ones being really mean to Amy. Matthew right has said some really nasty things too. Their argument is that Amy doesn't do enough around the camp but then when she does do something they don't like that either. When Amy was doing the drying up, after dinner once, Laila butted in and effectively said I don't like how you are doing it and I can do it much better and took over the job. How invalidated would you feel after that? Completely robbing her of any beingness. Nasty!

I just hope all these horrid people are the first out and they get a huge wake up call from their agents of how badly they have come across on the TV and how damaging this could be for their careers!

I might try and watch a bit more I'm A Celeb... Now! as I know Helen Flanagan is on for a few episodes. So any Strictly update may have to be delayed or cancelled as I just don't have the time to watch everything.

26.11.13: 148 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Another update from I'm A Celeb. The highlight again has to be Amy Willerton in various bikini's including the first infamous shower scene.

I have to point out, but is Kian Egan, the Westlife singer, the most boring contestant to ever appear on this show? The problem being is he looks too competitive and like he would eat up all the trials and not even break stride, which would be really uninteresting. Just look at the way he wins all the campmate vs campmate trials. So I'm just really annoyed he has been voted to do the next bushtucker trial. I bet it's going to be so lame as they'll be no drama at all.

I can't say I'm surprised though, that Kian won that vote, as I know the fanbase Westlife have. Does anyone ever remember a show called 'Record of the Year'. Anyway, it was an ITV show, based on a Jonathan King concept that sales no longer reflected true popularity with millions loving a song but not buying it and devised a vote to counter balance against the actual sales figures to find the 'true' record of the year. A concept fundamentally flawed in my opinion.

The problem being is Westlife would win it far too often, if they had a good song out that year or not. Anyway, the award first began in 1998 and was televised on ITV for 8 years and Westlife had and won it 3 times already (rightly or wrongly is very debatable). Then in 2005 Westlife hadn't released a song all year and finally released a cover of a 'Secret Garden' written track about two weeks before the ITV show was about to air. Lo and behold they only went and won for a 4th time! Despite having only sold a fraction of some of the other contenders for the crown and with a song that was not even an original but just a tune that many, many other artists had covered since it's original release date. Anyway, the show lost all credibility after that and was cancelled on ITV and didn't come back for another series (though the award still exists as an online vote only now). I'm not surprised either because I for one vowed never to watch it again as it was just a ridiculous joke. Westlife basically killed the concept of such an award and a fair contest. Westlife could have basically done a re-release of 'the birdie song' or 'YMCA' or some other crap and still won because they had such a fanatical fanbase that were just the type to spend all their spare cash phoning a vote-in show until their fingers bled.

The above does have me slightly worried that Kian could come close to winning this show and that would be a shocking travesty.

Anway, you may be wondering why there are no images from I'm A Celeb on ITV2. The main reason being is that channel is not HD on Freeview and so the images are not going to be anywhere near the same quality. ITV2 is even a lower quality broadcast than SD ITV1. The other point being is I'm not even sure I have the time to watch all those episodes either. That said I might try and watch a few episodes this afternoon and maybe do another update as I do have the programmes recorded. Just don't count on it. I may get bored really quickly with the shocking image quality, now I am so spoilt with HD resolutions.

25.11.13: 107 HD images from Doctor Who: The Day Of The Doctor.

So we have images from the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who. There are also a couple of bonus images of Jenna Louise Coleman on Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty which aired on BBC3. I might have included more images from this show. However, because I can only get BBC3 in standard definition on Freeview I decided against capturing too many pics. Perhaps the only reason I watched this show anyway was to see what Jenna was wearing and if she was looking cute. I wasn't over keen on the long skirt she had on but she did have a nice tight top on. Anyway, that is the reason that the only images I have from the BBC3 spin-off show are of the very sexy Jenna. (Out of interest. It looks like BBC3 HD is coming to Freeview soon. There has been a placemarker set at Channel 105 for it for a few weeks now already. However, it hasn't gone live yet.)

Talking of Jenna Louise Coleman. How sexy did she look in the main show? In a very cute, and girlie, red dress. She's so hot.

It was also nice to see Billie Piper back too for this one-off special. She was a great Doctor Who companion, but then again so was Karen Gillan and Jenna Louise Coleman is too. They are definitely my 3 favourites. I couldn't really say which one I like the most. Each have their own qualities.

It was a pretty decent episode too with some interesting twists. The BBC3 spin-off programme was interesting to watch too I guess. However, the real surprise was a very funny BBC iPlayer programme called 'The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' about 5 of the ex-doctors desperately trying to get a part in the 50th anniversary special. If you haven't seen it and you get the chance you really should. It's so comical. It's written, directed and stars Peter Davison, the 5th Doctor. With 3, 4(ish), other Doctors taking leading parts too. The ending is pretty cool too.

22.11.13: 163 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Images from the first few days of I'm A Celeb 2013. I'm quite enjoying the line-up of celebs this year. Lucy Pargeter from Emmerdale is good. Amy Willerton, the Miss Universe contestant and model, is very sexy and Rebecca Adlington the swimmer. Annabel Giles is due to arrive in tonights show too.

The male contestants on the whole are pretty enjoyable too. Joey Essex is so dumb that he is comical to watch. Steve Davis has a nice dry sense of humour. Alfonso Ribeiro, from The Fresh Prince, is entertaining and I'm looking forward to see if he will break out any of his trademark dance moves.

Highlights with this update include a few nice images of Amy Willerton in a couple of bikini's.

21.11.13: 338 HD images from Children In Need 2013 + Children In Need Rocks.

I wasn't even sure I was going to watch this year's Children In Need. I recorded all the programmes on the off chance, but it's a really long show and takes a big commitment of time. Anyway, I was so bored on Wednesday evening with nothing to do I thought, 'I know what I'll do. I'll sit through 6 and a half hours of Children In Need and then, for good measure, watch a 2 hour Children In Need concert too. That should keep me entertained'. It kept me off the streets I suppose.

So, as I have done in previous years from this show, I have only individually named the singers that performed. Everyone else has been batch named under one heading.

Highlights with this update included the Eastenders cast doing a song and dance on Albert Square. The Eastenders images also include a number of pics of Rita Simons performing a song.

The Children In Need Rocks concert featured Little Mix. Though, again with this band, I was disappointed in what they were wearing. 3 of them appeared to have pyjamas on and the other one a onesy. They must think they are famous because they can sing, rather than the fact they are pretty girls with a modicum of singing talent? Well, 3 of them are pretty, one of them is a bit ropey.

Ellie Goulding and Nicole Scherzinger also performed at the concert. The big surprise was seeing one of the original members of Abba perform a duet with Gary Barlow. That was Agnetha Faltskog. She's getting on a bit now though, so the couple of images I captured of her are under the 'Misc' heading.

By the way, how good is the song Pompeii performed by Bastille at the CIN concert? I must have listened to this song a dozen times while preparing this update. I'm hooked.

I have not forgotten about I'm A Celeb. I might still try and update the site on Friday with images from that show.

18.11.13: 407 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing weeks 7 & 8.

I have said week 7 above but I forgot to record the main show for week 7. I was just busy doing something else and forgot to turn my computer on and record the show and by the time I remembered it was too late. However, I did record the results show on the Sunday and I do have lots of images of the girls in the same outfits from highlights and the like. Besides I think the highlight from week 7 was Iveta Lukosiute in that gold catsuit and I have plenty of images of her anyway as she was in Sunday's dance-off. So it isn't a huge loss. It did make this update a bit quicker too as I only had to watch 3 shows instead of 4.

Booted in week 7 was hairy biker Dave Myers and his partner Karen Hauer. Not a bad result. I did like some of Dave's performances early on but he was starting to a get a bit dull as he just wasn't improving and his comedic value was starting to wane. Karen Hauer is quite cute, but not necessarily one of my favourite pro's either.

In week 8 Natalie was back after her absence from week 7 on health grounds and looking quite cute in a sexy red number. Though I was not over keen on the slicked down hair. Susanna Reid's Paso was probably the highlight of the week though I did quite enjoy Ashley Taylor Dawson's Paso too.

Booted in week 8 was Fiona Fullerton. This was probably the best result as she is the least sexiest female remaining in the competition.

I might actually try and watch a bit of I'm A Celeb now and see if I can update this site again some time this week so check back later for that.

12.11.13: 329 HD images from Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

We have images from the first 11 episodes of the current series of the Alan Carr show.

There are some big names featured with this update too. Most notably some huge pop princesses such as Britney Spears, Jessie J, Miley Cyrus & Rihanna.

Of those 4 listed pop icons I would say my favourite was Miley Cyrus. The reason being is she is just so hot lately. I have never really been a big fan of Miley before. I've never watched Hannah Montana and the only times I have seen Miley, previously to her raunchy new look, there was always one thing that put me off quite markedly. I would see her perform a song for instance and think, 'ooh, she's quite hot'. Then she would talk afterwards and most of her appeal would vanish with that very off putting southern American accent that made her sound like a right trolly dolly airhead.

However, if there is one thing you can accuse me of is being a bit shallow when it comes to being bowled over by a raunchy looking outfit or look. Since Miley has undergone her pop princess to sex siren transformation I have been 'Woah, what a sexy bi**h!!!' Most notably in her 2 recent videos: We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball. Plus numerous live performances at various awards shows and the like. She has gone from someone I couldn't give a monkey's about to way past the guilty pleasure point and the top of the tree of girls I'm interested in seeing more of.

I mean I absolutely loved the 'We Can't Stop' video and thought Miley looked so sexy. Then came 'Wrecking Ball' and the calculators had to come out for this one. How much sexier is this video than any other vid I have seen in my lifetime? OMG, did Miley look hot! Sexy white knickers, no bra and pokies in a white top and a considerable period of time completely naked. While all the time teasing the camera with provocative poses. It was practically pornographic. I'm afraid I probably liked it a bit too much.

I have previously stated on this site, a number of years ago now, that I thought the Sugababes video for Push The Button was my favourite sexy video of all time. That seems rather ridiculous to say now as that seems so tame compared to Miley's offerings. However, I thought the outfits the 3 girls were wearing were really hot and their raunchy nature in this video was also really appealing. I don't tend to watch too many music videos as much these days, especially since all the music shows were taken off terrestrial TV. However, if I was to name another more recent video that I thought warranted an 'all time hottest' nomination too it would be Lady GaGa's video for Poker Face as I really liked her in that sexy blue leotard, lunging and stretching about.

The above is why I am going to include a bonus set of images with this update that I captured from the above 2 mentioned music videos of Miley. I haven't included the TartyDoris.Com logo on them for 2 reasons. First off because they were videos I downloaded off the internet, rather than captured on my TV card, which is rather a lame reason I know because the real reason is I didn't want to include the distracting logo on the images and have any of the sex appeal of them ruined or compromised. You can see those images listed below the Chatty Man ones.

As for the other girls listed with this Chatty Man update then: Amanda Holden didn't look quite so trout pouty; Britney Spears came across as a bit vacuous and air-headed; Jessie J was a bit disappointing in what she was wearing; Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan surprised me as they don't appear to have a name for their band yet; Nicole Scherzinger looked hot; I didn't like Rihanna's mullet; and the 3 Strictly girls were batch named as it was too complicated to try and separate the images.

As discussed above a bonus set of 167 images form Miley Cyrus's two recent music videos for 'We Can't Stop' and 'Wrecking Ball'.

05.11.13: 531 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing weeks 5 & 6, plus the results shows.

So we have 2 weeks worth of Strictly images with this update. This is probably what I will do for the rest of the series now. So that I have time to update the site with something other than Strictly in the interim week.

Highlight with this update was probably the Halloween special for week 6. This saw all of the couples in some quite fancy costumes and led to some very interesting images. Other than that it's hard to pick out any highlights as there are just so many images.

Booted in week 5 was Deborah Meaden. This was a good result. However, booted in week 6 was Rachel Riley. This is upsetting as she is potentially, along with Abbey Clancy, the sexiest girl in the show.

The above said, it does not come as a huge surprise that Rachel was out this week as she has never really shone as a dancer during this series and has only ever performed to a moderate level. I mean she got her highest mark in week 6 but was still in the dance-off and booted, probably because she was up against Abbey, who does have a modicum of dancing talent. This is not unprecedented that a couple gets their highest mark and then gets the chop though. Perhaps what was keeping them safe previously was the sympathy factor, but then without that they only have their popularity to fall back on and in many cases that doesn't prove to be enough. In week 5 Rachel got the second lowest score but was saved from the dance-off. This week she was in the middle of the pack and booted. That said I think her performance in week 6 was one the judges liked more than the voting public would have. Technically it may have been better but as a performance it was average at best. I certainly didn't like it very much at all.

To be hyper-critical I would have to say that Rachel has been a slight disappointment during this series. For such a hot girl I would have thought this show was the perfect platform to show off her wonderfully sexy assets. However, on more occasions than not she has looked distinctly average in a very uninspired looking outfit and quite often has looked better during the training routine montages than during her performance on the dance night. I mean of the 43 images of her with this update I think the nicest ones are of her training for week 5 in some tight leggings. There are a couple of wonderful shots of her butt. As for her week 5 outfit then it did enable us to see her sexy legs but she had such a terrible scowl going on facially in a woeful piece of dramatic acting that her sex appeal was almost negated by the distracting expression on her 'boat race'. Her week 6 outfit was almost as bad as week 4 in that there was hardly any appeal to it at all.

In week 2 Rachel looked ok though in a sexy orange number. Week 3 was ok too but then she had the long hair extensions in and we had the incident with the over exaggerated laughing at the judges comments which made her sound like a bimbo. She lost points for that. So yes, you could say she has unperformed in terms of sex appeal, but the potential was still massive to turn that around and knock our socks off with stunning little number that was just pure filth. If only she was a better dancer?

29.10.13: 425 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Well I decided that we needed a different update this week from the usual Strictly one as that can get a big boring. That is partly the problem with that show though. It takes so long to watch and get images and then create an update on this site that I don't then have much time left in the week to prepare a different update. For instance with this update I watched 5 weeks worth of episodes of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. That is 25 hours of television. Even if I speed through the boring bits it takes a good 2 days to watch that many programmes and then prepare an update. Plus the fact that I only really have Monday and Tuesday to dedicate to Tarty Doris as by Wednesday I'm in to my soap watching schedule for the rest of the week, plus the soap sites maintenance that goes along with that.

Maybe what I should do is do a Strictly update every other week from 2 shows. Perhaps cutting out watching the results show quite so extensively to save time. This then leaves me room for a different update in the weeks in between those dates. As there are other shows I've been recording that don't get a chance to be viewed in the months when Strictly is on TV.

The above said we have some nice images with this update. Most notably the very sexy Saturdays. Minus Frankie Sandford though unfortunately as she was just about to give birth to her first child. My next favourite set of images after that were probably Kym Marsh - or whatever she's calling herself these days. She was looking particularly fine in a sexy red dress. It's always nice to get more images of Myleene Klass too as she continued her regular fashion advice spot.

Plus, as usual with this show, there is a whole glut of 'Misc' images of non or minor celebs that were looking pretty. I particularly like the two cute medico girlies on a Wednesday that come on to give medical and nutrition advice.

22.10.13: 332 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing week 4 plus the results show.

There was some pretty average outfits from the celebrity women this week. Most notably Rachel Riley. I thought she'd be able to wear a bin-liner and still look sexy. I was wrong. Her outfit was terrible. She ended up in the dance-off too and you can't have a lot of sympathy for her. She looked atrocious and danced abysmally. Well, danced averagely shall we say?

Anyway, Rachel wasn't booted in the end but perennial dance-off maestro Julien MacDonald was. He's been in the dance-off every time and finally his luck run out. Luck being the fact that he was always up against someone worse than him. This means we also lose Janette Manrara. This is a slight shame as I quite liked Janette. She had very sexy legs.

So with the celebs looking distinctly average this week I would say the girl who looked the hottest was probably Iveta Lukosiute who was dancing with Mark Benton. I always like Mark's performances actually. He really does use his acting skills very well in telling a great story and combining his brilliant use of some great facial expressions. He is usually one of my favourites on most weeks.

16.10.13: 360 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing week 3 plus the results show.

No dance completely wowed me in week 3 of Strictly like it did with week one and Abigail and week 2 with Sophie. If I was to pick out a favourite performance I would say it was Natalie Gumede as some of the things she did were very elegant. However, it didn't move me like the best performance from the previous weeks.

As for the girls then Abbey Clancy looked quite sexy in a cute black dress and knee high socks and I liked the fact that Natalie's dress was completely seethrough too.

Rachel Riley looked pretty hot in a blue dress too but she looked really weird with long hair (she obviously had extensions put in) and that just highlighted something I thought about her in the first week too that was also present this week. That she comes across as a right ditsy blonde in this show. The long blonde hair this week just emphasized this point even more but it's her manner and behaviour after her performance that makes her sound like a dumb broad. Cackling like a demented witch at all the judges comments. I would swear, if I didn't know she was an Ox-Bridge boffin, that she was a fool.

The other point concerning Rachel Riley is the fact that she is a very average dancer. This reassures me slightly as this girl has too much already. She has the looks and body of a super model and the brains of a rocket scientist. If she could dance and have rhythm too I would be a little freaked that this girl has too many blessings. Still, no doubt by the end of the competition she'll be dancing better than Darcey Bussell.

08.10.13: 378 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing week 2 plus the results show.

The images from the results show are unfortunately not in HD. Windows Media Center again decided it was too much effort to record the HD signal and instead recorded the SD one. This is perhaps a first for a BBC HD channel. I have had this happen on Channel 4 HD and ITV HD on numerous occasions but not on the BBC HD channels before. A worrying turn of events.

Highlights from week 2 of Strictly included Abbey Clancy and Rachel Riley in a couple of very cute dresses as it was their turn this week for a latin number. Dance of the week though had to be Sophie Ellis-Bextor performing a brilliant Charleston. Geez, she was good. She was so light on her feet.

The first to be booted from the show was golfer Tony Jacklin and his partner Aliona Vilani. This comes as no surprise to me at all and I said as much last week didn't I? I should have placed a bet on it because to me it seemed a certainty he would leave this week. He was the worst dancer as he doesn't have the physical stamina to put in much effort and the chemistry with his partner is virtually non existent so he was certainly not going to endear himself to the public that way either. That combination meant he would almost certainly be in the bottom two on the public vote and as soon as he was in the dance-off he would be voted out by the judges as he dances so poorly.

Much like last week Tony and Aliona's body language was very poor again. I mean look at image ....Misc9739 and how far apart they are standing and notice the very defensive posture too with their arms on their waist so they are defending their own personal space with their elbows. As last week though, it does have to be noted how much Tony sweats so he's not really conducive to big after-dance hugging. It may not be too clear from these images, apart from how wet his top is, but the man is perspiring like he has been in the sauna for half an hour and not dancing for 90 seconds. I know the man is 69 years old but for christ sake he used to be a professional sportsman. He has the physical prowess of someone more like 89, not 69. As mentioned above he just doesn't seem to have the ability to put in much effort to his dancing as he doesn't have the fitness capacity and so his movements are slow and laboured and look at how much that takes out of him to just do that, based on the amount of sweat produced.

So Tony and Aliona were booted and probably, or more likely easily, as the biggest favourites in the history of this show to be the first out.

Talking of interesting body language there was another noteworthy example from Abbey Clancy. Look at image Abigail_Clancy196 at her sullen face staring off into space with her arms folded. She looks disgusted at her performance. Like she had farted during it and she knew the judges had heard it and knew who dealt it and she was waiting for the criticism. It was only after all 4 judges had commented on her dance and said they liked it that she relaxed and smiled and started to acknowledge their comments. It was quite amusing to watch.

One last point. How much better is Claudia Winkleman at presenting, or hosting, than Tess Daly? Brucey was absent this week and so Claudia co-hosted and was so funny and witty. She had something comical to say with each couple interviewed after their dance and was a joy to watch. I've never been a big Tess Daly fan though. For some reason she has always rubbed me up the wrong way. I can't really define what it is though, I just don't like her that much. I'd much prefer Claudia to co-host this show than Tess and by the way to finally set Brucey out to pasture and get in someone younger. His clichéd catch phrases are so last century.

01.10.13: 399 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing week 1.

So we have the first week of competition in Strictly Come Dancing where we get to see all the couples perform and we can start to chose our favourites. For me this week that had to be Abbey Clancy who was last to perform from the two days of coverage on Friday and Saturday. Her dance was so beautiful. One of the best week one performances I can remember.

Sex appeal wise though I would say Natalie Gumede was leading the celebs. I think Natalie would normally be third sexiest celeb in the show after Rachel and Abbey. However, those two were wearing long ballroom outfits and not looking particularly hot. However, Natalie was wearing a rather racy white number. Her cleavage at times looked absolutely stunning. Particular in the post dance interview with Brucey. Susanna Reid was looking pretty good too in a nice blue outfit. There was some nice images of Susanna training too in some very tight grey leggings.

As for the pro's then this was our first chance to see the two new girls in action. I was very impressed with Janette Manrara. In case you don't actually watch the show she is the girl who danced with Julien the fashion designer. Janette has amazingly sexy legs and she looked so hot in that outfit she wore. The other new girl, Anya Garnis, who danced with Patrick the guy from Casualty, I was not that enamoured with though. She wasn't really my cup of tea and I didn't really find anything I could like about her too much.

There was no eviction in this first week. Though I think I know who is favourite to go next week and unfortunately that is my fav pro Aliona Vilani and her partner Tony Jacklin. They got the lowest score but just as worrying is their seemingly absent lack of chemistry. I mean in their post dance interview they were standing so far apart and Aliona was staring off in the opposite direction a lot of the time. I mean look at image ...Misc9570 on Page 6 with Aliona looking the other way and you could drive a bus through the gap between them, when normally the couples are embraced after their dance and being interviewed. Perhaps her only post dance comment was telling though when she said she had never met someone who sweats so much. Which is true. He was sweating a lot!!! Dripping he was, literally.

Very poor body language from Aliona and Tony and I think that will have an affect on the voting public's subconscious. They polled the lowest at Digital Spy's popularity vote for week 1 performances. They certainly won't get the sympathy vote either with such poor chemistry as that will not endear them to the public in any way. I mean look at hairy biker Dave and his partner Karen, who got the same joint lowest score on the night, yet are in the top five for popularity with Digital Spy voters and the Digital Spy reviewer. They were great fun to watch and looked electric together.

30.09.13: 42 HD images from The IT Crowd: The Final Episode.

A bonus update today as the main update for the week, from Strictly, will probably happen tomorrow. However, I couldn't not update the site with images from the final ever episode of The IT Crowd and the first with HD images.

It's a shame The IT Crowd is finishing. It was obvious from this brilliant episode how great this show can be and what amazing characters the 3 main protagonists have been over the years. Add to that Noel Fielding as Richmond, Matt Berry as Douglas Reynholm, plus Christopher Morris as Denholm Reynholm, when he was still in the show, and you have a recipe for comic gold.

I really enjoyed this episode. There was so many really funny moments and not too many flat points. I guess the show came to an end as there are only so many jokes you can make around 3 main characters working in a basement IT department before it gets a bit stale.

24.09.13: 224 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Images today from the first two weeks of the new series of The Alan Titchmarsh Show. I have to report that Windows Media Center is up to it's old tricks again and recording some of the shows in Standard Definition instead of HD. One in the first week and one in the second. I have virtually managed to eradicate this error from my evening schedule by recording the BBC News at 6pm on BBC1 HD as I think the problem lies in the transition from SD to HD recording from Channel 5, and the two Aussie soaps at 1.15pm, to Countdown and this show in the early afternoon. WMC just gets confused and records the wrong signal. By recording the BBC News at 6pm I have encouraged WMC to get back to HD recording and then I don't have subsequent errors on later shows such as Hollyoaks and the like.

As for this current series I am glad to see that Myleene Klass is back with her weekly fashion advice. However, a little disappointed that Liz McClarnon's regular spot is missing.

As for the highlights with this update then we do have Liz McClarnon on, along with the other two Atomic Kitten's. Looking the prettiest though has to have been Katie Melua who is just adorable.

Also featured with this update is Amanda Holden and initially you would say looking pretty hot in a very short dress. However, on closer inspection there is a big flaw to that argument and that is her obviously nasty looking lip plumping 'surgery' she has had. I have highlighted surgery as after seeing her on the show I googled Amanda's lips to discover the truth of whether she has had her lips done as it just looks so glaringly obvious. The only stories I read were of many, many people noticing her peculiar new pout but Amanda vehemently denying she has had 'surgery'.

I can only assume Amanda is using a sly trick of semantics. Saying she has not had 'surgery' because she doesn't consider what she has had done as surgery. Perhaps technically it isn't. You have to correctly identify the exact meaning of surgery and what that entails. That said the more I watched her interview the more convinced I am that she has definitely had something done. I have included a couple of images that are quite close up on Amanda's face with this update and the image Amanda_Holden742, the third image from the end of Page 1, is the most damning. You should check it out. However, still images are not the easiest way to correctly finger the culprit as lying. It is only watching the moving images during her interview that you really do notice the unusual way her mouth moves. The weirdly unmoving and thick upper lip and the curious pout and smile.

All the above leads me to the conclusion that I'm more than 100% convinced that she has definitely had some sort of lip plumping done. She is just being really devious and dishonest to deny it. I have never been a big fan of cosmetic surgery. Yes if you have a disfigurement then plastic surgery may be necessary but for purely reasons of vanity then I am dead against it. The problem lies in the fact that in many cases the results are so obviously unnatural. Cosmetic surgery would be more ok if it turned something slightly obscure into something more pleasant. Such as a big nose into a smaller one but that still looked natural and believable as the persons real nose. Perhaps most plastic surgery is like this. We don't notice the results because it looks natural. However there are far too many cases where the opposite occurs and the results are weirdly obscene.

I mean look at the recent case of Rylan Clark and his teeth which are too big, and white, for his mouth. Look at the article and picture here at Digital Spy. How ridiculous does he look? The most bizarre point in this whole scene is how oblivious the person who has had the botched cosmetics is. To them they see this new look as perfectly normal and somehow don't, or can't, see what the rest of us can. That they look ridiculous.

Anyway, that is my rant for the day. I guess I talked at length about this subject too much as it just bugs me how Amanda can just blatantly lie so vehemently about something when it is so obvious to the rest of us. You're a big fat liar Amanda. Take me to court if you want. You won't have a leg to stand on because you know the truth.

17.09.13: 170 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing.

The first update from this year's Strictly Come Dancing. This first show in the series was just an introduction to the celebrities and was mainly about seeing them get coupled up with their professional partners.

There are a few exciting celebs this year. Most notably for me was Rachel Riley who I think is really hot. Glamour model, and WAG, Abbey Clancy is good too. Former Corrie nutter Natalie Gumede is a welcome addition as well. There is also singer Sophie Ellie-Bextor, former Bond girl Fiona Fullerton and BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid.

I won't be including any images of Deborah Meaden or Vanessa Feltz though. Deborah, from Dragon's Den fame, is too old and not very sexy and Vanessa Feltz is too annoying. I dislike her with a passion. Some may think she is sexy, though I personally don't, but she isn't appearing on principle.

As for the professional dancers then we have a number of regulars back again including my current favourite Aliona Vilani. Though Aliona was only added late on after Natalie Lowe got injured and had to pull out. There is supposedly 3 new pro's. However, it's 2 really as Iveta Lukosiute, who they are saying is new, appeared last year as a stand in for a few weeks when someone got injured. So the 2 genuine newbie's are Anya Garnis and Janette Manrara. They look ok but we'll have to wait and see when the show starts properly how they compare against the rest. Flavia Cacace's name is also listed here but she is not part of the line-up this year and just performed in this show as she was the winner from the last series.

The above said the highlight for this update is probably a musical performance from Jessie J. Her legs were looking very sexy. I also liked the cute short, blonde hair too.

11.09.13: 128 HD images from Dara O Briain's Science Club.

As mentioned yesterday we have a bonus update now from a show I'd only briefly watched before this current series. I believe this is the second series of Dara O Briain's Science Club. I think I may have watched one programme from the first series. Perhaps one of those late night repeats with the sign language person on. So I didn't know much about it.

However, I watched the first episode on my TV, from series 2, and being a bit of a science geek anyway I really enjoyed it. Then, however, Helen Czerski came on screen in a wonderful short skirt and black tights and I was like. Woah! Hottie alert. Helen is one of those girls I've seen on science shows before and thought was quite hot. However, never looking quite as sexy as she did here.

Unfortunately I had not recorded the show on my computer so I couldn't get images of Helen looking sexy in that short skirt. So I quickly looked around my TV guide to see if the show was repeated and fortunately it was. Late night on a Wednesday. Now I was just keeping my fingers crossed that the sign language person wasn't on there too. Which they weren't. Double yeah!!

So I was glad to be able to get some images of Helen from that first episode of this series. Needless to say I was hooked for the rest of the season too to see what else Helen would wear and I wasn't disappointed. She does like to show off her wonderfully sexy legs.

Perhaps the most notable highlight from the rest of the season was the only time she wore a skirt without tights on. She was wearing a patterned green skirt and we saw perhaps one of the most memorable upskirt shots I can recall for quite a few years. The camera was positioned perfectly to see right up her skirt and see her black and white striped knickers. Very sexy. I watch my recordings on PowerDVD and there is a zoom in feature on that and so I did. Well you would wouldn't you? So I have included an image of the zoomed in shot of Helen's knickers too.

There was a few other cute science geeks during these 6 episodes too. Most notably Molly Crockett, who was very pretty. There were a couple of others too but I have named those 'Misc'.

10.09.13: 308 HD images from New Girl.

Another update from New Girl. I quite like this show. Not every episode is a winner but for the most part it's a really enjoyable series to watch.

On a side note. There hasn't been any updates to this site for the last couple of weeks as I'm just lacking a bit of enthusiasm at the moment. As I briefly mentioned on my Emmerdale Babes site recently. I haven't had a break from running these sites for about a year and a half to 2 years now and I really need to get away from them for at least a couple of weeks to recharge the batteries. Have a bit of a holiday.

The above is the reason why virtually every storyline in the soaps at the moment is annoying me and why I haven't even been bothered to watch my hundreds of recordings of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother. It's a real chore to sit through the same programmes over and over and get very little enjoyment from them.

The problem is is I can't get away before I find out what happens to Cameron in Emmerdale. I've invested too much time in this storyline to miss it's conclusion now. That apparently is going to happen in October. Until then, at least, I'm stuck with enduring through the drudgery of repetitive soap storylines and scraping together the odd update for this site.

The above said I might have a bonus update for you tomorrow. So check back then too.

20.08.13: 249 images from The Gadget Show.

We have images from the most recent series with this update plus about half a dozen more episodes from the previous series. However, I did miss a couple of episodes in the current series. Once when I just forgot to record the show and on another occasion because of a recording error where the programme appeared to record ok but was unplayable when I came to watch it back.

This show has gone through another format change with the most recent couple of series' - before this one - being all on the road. Then in the most recent series it has gone back to a studio format again with only Pollyanna on the road. Back in the studio there is a new presenter too. The very sexy Rachel Riley, also known as the 'numbers' and 'letters' girl from Countdown. I didn't think anyone could possibly beat Pollyanna for sex appeal but I think Rachel might just edge the contest now for sexiest girl on this show.

I was a little disappointed that Rachel was wearing jeans seemingly on most weeks. At least when Pollyanna was the studio girl she used to often wear some very sexy short skirts. The last episode in the series was possibly Rachel's highlight when she wore some sexy shorts. For a trip to the gym and a different pair in the studio and on location. Pollyanna's highlight was probably when she was on location in Israel and wearing a white bikini top.

13.08.13: 220 images from Skins season 7. The images aren't HD unfortunately as I can only get E4 in standard definition on Freeview.

Images today from the final ever season of Skins. This does not surprise me that they decided not to recruit a 4th generation of new Skins characters and instead decided to finish the series off with stories from some it's more memorable characters from previous years.

I think I remember saying at the start of season 5, when the 3rd generation of new actors and actresses was revealed, that it wouldn't surprise me if these were the last and the show wouldn't see a season 7 with another new cast. The reason being is this show was always doing a very bold thing in re-inventing itself every two years with virtually a whole new set of characters. That was always going to be a very tricky thing to accomplish because you have a whole set of characters that the audience like and have affinity with for two years and then you bin them off and get a whole new set and it was only a matter of time before they made a mistake in casting and the new crew didn't take.

They did pull the casting off for season 3 and 4 as the 2nd generation characters were great. However, I knew the writing was on the wall during season 5 as I could tell the cast for the next two years wasn't nearly up to standard and as charismatic or endearing as the generation one and two cast were. In fact the only actor/actress I liked that much from season 5 and 6 was Dakota Blue Richards who played Franky Fitzgerald. She was awesome but the rest were so bland and uninteresting, or in some cases even slightly offensive. For instance the supposed main female character was Freya Mavor who played Mini. I say she was the main female character because she was the queen of her little clique. However, she was not an endearing character and was quite frosty and uptight and was quite a hard person to like. There was only two other main female characters in season 5 and even then they killed one of those off at the end of the year so effectively we only had 3 main girls for season 6.

I have been thinking for quite some time now that the casting director for a TV series or a movie is possibly one of the, if not the, most important roles in the production team. Get the casting right and you are playing with Premier League talent and have a much better chance for a hit. Get it wrong and play with non-league dross and secure yourself a loss. The latter of those two arguments is what happened in generation 3 and the show was cancelled. An inevitably conclusion to the casting cull and hiring policy every two years. I think this datum is also what happens when America tries to Americanise a hit British TV show with American actors and it doesn't work. The reason being, is the show was a hit because the casting was great and the characters were engaging and had a lot of chemistry together. That is not always easy to replicate.

So the final season was only 6 episodes long and focused on 3 main characters for two episodes each. Kaya Scodelario, who played Effy Stonem, in episodes 1 and 2; Hannah Murray, who played Cassie Ainsworth, for episodes 3 and 4; and Jack O'Connell, who played James Cook, or as we affectionately knew him 'Cook', in episodes 5 and 6. They did chose the 3 main protagonists well for these final episodes as I would say these 3 would be in my top 5 characters of all time for this show. The other two rounding out the top five would be Kathryn Prescott, who played the prettier of the two Fitch twins from seasons 3 and 4 called Emily and the above mentioned adorable Dakota Blue Richards. Obviously most of my top 5 would be female but 'Cook' was clearly my favourite male character. I liked him from day one and he even beats the brilliant Nicholas Hoult who played Effy's big brother Tony Stonem in seasons 1 and 2. Cook was such an amazing character and had so much charisma, charm, magnetism, call it what you like, but he was engaging and fun to watch. I'm just surprised I haven't seen him in more things since Skins as he clearly is very talented.

I also wonder if Hannah Murray was chosen as one the 3 main leads because of her role in Game Of Thrones? Clearly a major international hit TV show which propels her into the stratosphere of people's consciousness and so they wanted to try and feed on that a bit? She was a very endearing character though from season 1 and 2. Clearly very mixed up and vulnerable but perhaps that's what made her so appealing.

As for Kaya Scodelario then she was just a no-brainer for a lead role in this final series. Even in seasons 1 and 2 when she was only a bit part player she was stealing the show in the episodes she was in. Then in season 3 and 4, when she was the female lead, she oozed sex appeal and personality. Probably the best female character in all 7 seasons.

We didn't see too many other past skins characters in these 6 episodes though. We saw Lily Loveless, who played Naomi Campbell, and the afore mentioned Kathryn Prescott in episodes 1 and 2. Though I was slightly disappointed we didn't see more of Kathryn as she is adorable. In the other 4 episodes it was only the main character that was present from previous years.

06.08.13: 182 HD images from Waterloo Road. We have images from episodes 21 to 30 from season 8 with this update.

Sadly this will probably be the last update from Waterloo Road. I said with the last update from this show that if the quality, and the number of cute girls, didn't improve I would seriously have to consider whether I wanted to continue watching it all and it hasn't. In fact it's probably gotten worse. These 10 episodes were so hard to watch I didn't think I would get through them. I watched many of them with the sound off for large portions or with the fast forward button pushed.

Just 182 images from 10 episodes as well. Very poor!

It's ironic that this is the second update in a row that the person with the most number of new images didn't make it to the end of the school term as I'm pretty sure that Daniela Denby Ashe must have left after episode 28 as she wasn't seen in the last two shows. This happened with the middle term too when Jaye Jacobs had the most images and then left. It's like someone is systematically exterminating all the sex appeal. The only sexy teacher on the staff is binned in term two and the only sexy adult left is binned in term three as Daniela is not really a teacher but more the school's benefactor.

The above said the main sex appeal from this show in earlier years was always the pupils anyway. However, not any more. There is perhaps only one pupil I like and that is Adiza Shardow who plays Liberty Gordon and even she would probably be in the middle of the pack in earlier seasons when cute girls were aplenty. There are two others that can be talked about. First off there is Abby Mavers who plays Dynasty Barry. However, she comes with a huge modifier because she dresses like white trash, is as rough as sand paper and has the most annoying scouse accent that every time she opens her mouth her voice just goes straight through me. I find it very difficult to have any opinion on the relative merits of her sex appeal as these earlier traits cloud my judgement so much. There is also Kirstie Steele who plays Imogen Stewart. However, she has that huge scar on her neck from burns caused at the end of term one which seriously negate her appeal.

There are a few other pupils but they fall into the clowns and freaks category in my opinion. You will notice those mainly from their absence in this update. Notably the very annoying fat lass Rhiannon Salt played by Rebecca Craven; plus the youngest Barry sibling Kacey played by Brogan Ellis who from term three is now calling herself by a boys name; I was not going to include images of Marlene Madenge either, who plays Lula Tsibi, as her hair cut is so ridiculous that she falls under the category of clown. However then in the second half on this block of episodes she started to wear a head band around her stupid hair style and the majority of ridicule was largely negated, so I did get a few images of her.

The other person I refused to capture images of was the annoying plain and overweight school secretary, Sonya Donegan, played by Victoria Bush. Supposedly the sister of Daniela Denby Ashe's character. However, they clearly don't have the same genes as Daniela is gorgeous and Victoria is a plump, average looking girl.

So to sum up. This show is not fun to watch anymore. The only thing I enjoyed the whole season was the arrival of Angus Deayton as a new teacher towards the very end. He was the only decent thing worth watching. His acerbic wit was really funny and his retort of Lula's no animal testing cause was the best argument I've ever heard against vegetarianism. Though it wasn't aimed at that it was the exact same argument I have had for that belief for years. His wife was exciting too. Only seen for about a minute but she is Elizabeth Tan who used to play Xin Chiang in Corrie recently. Apparently he met her while teaching in China.

Alas, even Angus and Elizabeth I don't feel are going to be enough for me to endure another season of this tripe. I don't understand why the female cast has been butchered so badly. There seems to be a correct number of normal male characters. Perhaps the only reason the show has not already been axed for a ninth series as at least the female audience is still being entertained. So why have they resorted to only employing clowns and freaks for the female cast? Put it this way. If I wanted to watch clowns and freaks I would go to the circus, but I don't. Anyway, the last time a cull of sex appeal like this happened on one of my favourite shows was in Emmerdale when a gay man was in charge. I wonder if that is the case again? Someone with serious issues when it comes to pretty women. Wouldn't surprise me. Something clearly ain't right.

30.07.13: 146 HD images from The Graham Norton Show.

There are images with this update from the last half dozen shows in the current series of Graham Norton. However, it's probably only 5 in reality as the last edition of the series is always a compilation show of the seasons best bits and, as I had already watched every programme, there was nothing new from that last episode.

The clear highlight with this update has to be Hayden Panettiere and there is one main reason for that. The fact that she was proudly boasting to not wearing a bra underneath her top and even sticking her chest out to advertise this detail to her fellow celebs on the couch, and to Graham, so they could verify the authenticity of this claim. There's something very sexy about a braless girl isn't there? Knickerless would be the same too wouldn't it? It's just a little bit rude, but very sexy.

It was curious how Hayden kept justifying her bralessness by saying she was in Europe and it's the European way. However, as we often do in this country, we sort to like to think of ourselves as separate from Europe in many regards and saying something is a European custom doesn't necessarily mean it is a British custom. Silly girlie.

Jenny Lopez was also looking pretty hot and so too was Sandra Bullock.

Gross out for this half dozen episodes was seeing Chris O'Dowd chew on a fly. Uggggggh! By mistake obviously. Anyway, if you haven't seen it, search out the YouTube clip. It's pretty creepy.

23.07.13: 220 HD images from Alan Carr: Chatty Man + Alan Carr's Grand National Specstacular.

Highlight with this update has to be Amanda Holden. She was looking really sexy in a very short skirt. I think there was even a slight hint of knickers on a couple of occasions too.

Anna Friel was looking quite cute too. I was disappointed with Little Mix though. They weren't looking very sexy at all and I didn't like what most of them was wearing.

16.07.13: 934 HD images from Countdown.

Another update from Countdown then. I wasn't sure I was going to do another update from this show. I had still been recording it every day but I had such a backlog of episodes to watch that I thought I would never get around to viewing them all as there was getting too many to confront. I mean for this update we have images from around 67 episodes I think. I didn't record the show for the 2 weeks over Wimbledon as I was already recording two channels at the time Countdown came on. I could have recorded the show on my other computer I guess. However, as I thought I might not even watch what I currently have recorded I thought there wasn't much point. That means we have images from around 4 months of episodes. Taking into account the show was sometimes not aired because of Channel 4 Racing. Unfortunately though I ended up missing the final for this current series as that aired during the Wimbledon fortnight.

So why did I decide to try and watch all these episodes? Basically because I couldn't confront the idea of catching up on watching Big Brother. I stopped watching the episodes of BB I had recorded while Wimbledon was on as I just simply didn't have the time. However, after Wimbledon finished I really had no enthusiasm to watch this year's BB. The housemates are such a bunch of non-entities, losers and ugly types that I just can't be arsed to watch them. Especially as my favourite from the first week, that I did watch, was the first to be booted out. Sallie, the girl covered in tattoo's. I normally don't like girls with tattoo's. However, Sallie did have a really pretty face and was seemingly the only genuine housemate that was actually being herself.

Anyway, when I came to decide what I wanted to watch for this update the key thing that indicated to me was a nice bit of Countdown and sexy Rachel Riley. However, I had to limit the amount of the show I would watch as I would never get through them all else. So I just watched selected parts of each show where I knew I could get good images from.

I have to say one thing about Countdown though and that it really should could with some sort of health warning. Perhaps along the the lines of - Caution: Prolonged exposure to Rachel Riley may cause huge erections. This girl is so hot it should be almost illegal. She's as pretty as hell, pert boobs, a tidy round bottom and legs to die for. Plus she's as smart as a whip. Is it not unfair that she's got the lot?

There are so many nice images with this update. When I started watching these episodes I only intended on capturing images of Rachel. However, then Helen Skelton was in Dictionary Corner and I couldn't ignore her. Myleene Klass appeared too. However, she was on the week before Wimbledon when there was only one episode because of the horse racing and then I missed her other 4 episodes because they were during the Wimbledon fortnight.

The above said the bulk of the images are of Rachel. My favourite outfit she wore during these episodes was probably a tight grey dress. You can see those images on Pages 11 and 12. I would say about 90 to 95% of Rachel's images are her wearing a dress. The only two exceptions are worth noting as those too are nice highlights. On pages two and three she wore some very nice tight trousers that gave some very nice shots of her butt and crotch. Also on Page 12 there are some images of Rachel in a very tight skirt and top that I quite liked.

I have decided to create another RAR file for this update like I did with the last Rachel Riley image post. For the same reason as last time. There are just so many images that there is a danger they can get diluted. Too many images on too many pages that some really great shots get overlooked and the true stunning beauty of this girl goes unremarked. You can download that zipped up file in the Videos section. However, beware my advisory note above. This girl is smoking hot and should be viewed with caution as over exposure may cause serious side effects. You have be warned!

09.07.13: 266 HD images from Wimbledon. This update includes images from the ladies semi-finals and the final and the doubles finals.

This is the last update from this years Wimbledon then and what an interesting year it has been with so many big names going out early on, in the men's and women's draw. It was ironic that before the tournament started they said that Andy Murray was in the more difficult half of the draw and Novak Djokovic had a much easier route to the final. How much did that change over the first 3 days? Virtually every dangerous opponent Andy Murray could face on route to the final was either knocked out or withdrew through injury. Roger Federer - lost to him last year; Rafael Nadal - can never beat him on grass; Jo-Wilfried Tsonga - always a danger-man, particularly on grass; Marin Cilic - Murray usually wins against Cilic but always struggles to do so as Cilic is capable of blasting Murray off the court and winning easily in straight sets. But for some reason he then loses form or focus. Case in point at last years successful US Open triumph he played Cilic in the quarter finals and was a set and 5-1 down before he came back to win that set and the match. However, he did lose to Cilic in straight sets in the same competition in 2009; John Isner - giant American with a serve to match.

So the highest seed Murray saw before the final was No.20 (Mikhail Youzhny) and No.24 (Jerzy Janowicz). Plus unseeded Fernando Verdasco who is another capable of blasting Andy off the court as he did once in the 4th round of the Australian Open in 2009. However, despite a few scares Murray did make the final where he would face his nemesis Novak Djokovic who he had played in 3 out of his previous 6 grand slam finals - winning only once.

I think it must have been fate though that he was destined to win this time as the planets and stars seemed to be aligned. 77 years since the last male winner. Playing the game on the 7th day of the 7th month in his 7th grand slam final and suppressing Djokovic from winning his 7th grand slam title. The last British winner of a singles title happened in 1977 when Virginia Wade won. All the signs were pointing to a famous victory and the curse being lifted. That proved right too and I was over the moon. At last!

Being sports mad I have followed Andy's career quite closely and was convinced five or six years ago that the day he won a grand slam, and perhaps multiple slams, was an inevitability. Then 2 or 3 years ago I began to think that that day probably wouldn't come. He could beat good players but couldn't beat the great players on the biggest stage as his game was too passive. He relied on waiting for his opponent to make the first mistake and just outlasting them. However, the great players didn't make enough mistakes and would inevitably hit a winner before an unforced error. Or he would meet a player hitting a purple patch of unbelievable form that could again hit more winners than unforced errors. Which is why he would occasionally be beaten in an early round such as those 2 cases I mention in the second and third paragraphs above against Cilic and Verdasco in 2009.

However, he then made the best decision of his career to employ Ivan Lendl as his new coach. Ivan clearly spotted the weaknesses in his game and sought to rectify them. Such as playing rallies closer to the base line to be more aggressive, instead of five or six feet behind it, and to go for your shots more instead of waiting for your opponent to hit an unforced error. To stay in the moment more and not lose your cool on court as you lose focus and your ability to make correct decisions. Plus, perhaps the biggest key was experience. Ivan too lost his first 4 grand slam finals before eventually winning his fifth at Roland Garros in the 1984 French Open final. Coming from 2 sets behind to beat John McEnroe. Something which still clearly gets to McEnroe to this day as he always cringes slightly whenever Lendl's name is mentioned as he never won the French Open and this was the only time he ever made it to the final and to lose from 2 sets ahead to someone that had lost in all 4 of his previous slam finals must have hurt like hell.

That invaluable experience must have been priceless to Murray and gave him the belief that he could do the same too. Which he duly did in his fifth final at the US Open last year. I think the key thing Lendl has managed to achieve in Murray though is to bring him up to the level of the best players around him. Listen to all the great players of the past and they will tell you how when they first came on tour they would get their asses kicked by such and such. They then realised after playing them again and again and learning from their mistakes what they needed to do to improve and get better so they could compete against the best at the same level and perhaps surpass that eventually too. As a great sage once said 'it is a poor apprentice that doesn't eventually beat his master one day'.

Djokovic is a great example of this above datum. He was continuously outplayed by Federer and Nadal. However, he kept improving his game incrementally and now he is the world No.1. In an earlier era McEnroe was the same when he came up against Connors and Borg. This is just what Murray has had to do. Keep improving against the best until you can compete with them and perhaps become the best yourself. Could he have done this without Lendl? Who knows. He certainly didn't seem to be learning from his mistakes before Lendl though. However, you still have to credit Murray that he knew the right person to employ to correct his inefficiencies.

Sorry to go on so much about Murray when all you probably want to see is some images of cute girlies. I didn't plan to talk at length on this subject when I started this update. However, I'm so excited that we finally have a British winner at Wimbledon. I thought this day would never come and now it has I just can't stop thinking about it and reminiscing. It's just so amazing, I'm so chuffed.

So lets talk about the girlies then. I was so disappointed that Sabine Lisicki lost the ladies final. In fact I didn't even want to watch the match when I found out. I didn't see it live. I recorded it while I was updating the soap sites. However, by Monday I had calmed down in my disappointment and I was still so high from seeing Murray win that I did watch the match. It was a shocker wasn't it? Two or three times in the first set it looked like Sabine was holding back the tears. I think that's why she had a bathroom break after the conclusion of the first set so she could cry her heart out without anyone seeing her as her eyes looked so red and puffy when she came back out for the second set.

She wasn't that much better in that second set either and I think actually did cry on court after some double faults broke the camels back of her restraint to hold onto her emotions. It was so sad to watch her crumple under the pressure. It was only after the match was virtually all over at a set and 5-1, with the pressure virtually off, that she actually played a few decent games. However, it was too late by then. The damage had been done. Lets hope she can learn from this experience though and if she gets the chance in another grand slam final that she learns to deal with her emotions better.

Congrats to Marion Bartoli though. However, I do feel she almost won by default. She didn't really have to compete against too many top level players and her semi-final and final opponents seemed to buckle under the pressure of expectation and the event itself. You still have to credit her for putting them away though.

There are also some nice images from the ladies doubles final too. I particularly liked the girl from Chinese Taipei, Su-Wei Hsieh. She had really sexy legs and some of those very tight white shorts many of the girls wear now under their skirts. There are a few images from the mixed doubles final too of Kristina Mladenovic.

There are two images of the junior girls champ too, Belinda Bencic from Switzerland. I captured these couple of images as she seems like she could be a major talent in a few years. As well as winning Junior Wimbledon she also just won the junior French title too. So she must be a real hot prospect. So I thought it would be nice to have a couple of images of her from this year to look back at in future years to compare against what will probably be a stellar career in tennis and looking like a hot babe.

03.07.13: 320 HD images from Wimbledon days 7 and 8 and the 4th round plus the quarter-finals.

The quarter-final match between Na Li and Agnieszka Radwanska was perhaps the highlight from these two days. It was, in my opinion, the best match of the tournament so far on the ladies side. Particularly the first set. It was such an even contest and you really couldn't pick a winner and with the contrast in styles of the opponents it made for some very interesting and exciting tennis.

I was routing for Na Li to win this match so I was a little disappointed she didn't. I was also disappointed with Agnieszka's tactics when she lost the second set in immediately calling for the trainer to come onto court so she could have a medical time-out for an 'injury' that didn't seem that bothersome. Effectively robbing her opponent of the momentum she had just earned from winning 4 games in a row to win that second set and giving herself time to recompose for the final set. This isn't exactly cheating but it is certainly bending the rules in your favour. It worked too as she immediately broke serve at the start of the set, before a rain delay, and never looked back and went on to win the final set 6-2.

The above brings up an interesting point about how far you are willing to go to win. In this country we have the attitude that if you are going to win then you should win fairly with decency and honour. However, this attitude of 'fair play' is not necessarily universal and in other parts of the world the attitude is much more 'do what ever it takes to win'. My point in bringing this up, and is something I have often wondered about for years is, is this the reason why we don't tend to win team sports in this country too often? Such as the World Cup. We would rather play fairly and win on merit. While others are willing to play dirty and fight like dogs to win at all costs.

Case in point: Luis Saurez in the World Cup in South Africa playing for Uruguay. Such a blatant hand ball on the line to stop Ghana winning in extra time. Ghana subsequently missed their penalty kick and lost in a penalty shoot out too. Thus seeing Uruguay advance to the semi-finals. Suarez later on showed no contrition either and said he would do the same again should the situation arise. Could you have seen Gary Linekar do this? Or David Beckham? Or any England player? Suarez claimed it was 'instinct' that made him do it. Something you do without thinking. Almost part of your DNA.

It's curious isn't it? How our instincts in this country are telling us to play fairly and is what we naturally do without thinking. Yet in other parts of the world their first thought is what do I have to do win at any cost. I think this is what Agnieszka did in this match and I subsequently lost some respect for her for it.

There is another new name with this update that we are no doubt going to be seeing a lot of over the next decade or so and that is the 20 year old Sloane Stephens. Already in the top 20 and looking like she is heading right to the top of the sport. A cute American girl. Lost to Marion Bartoli in the quarter-final though.

By the way, I was pleased Sabine Lisicki beat Serena Williams in the fourth round. After my rant in the last update about how I don't like Serena. I do like Sabine though. She's such a jolly, happy type. Always smiling and looking like she really enjoys the thrill of the contest. I hope she wins the whole tournament now.

01.07.13: 258 HD images from Wimbledon days 5 and 6.

No doubt what the highlight has to be with this update as Laura Robson has over a third of the total images at 94 pics. She was in virtually the only female match to appear on the rain affected fifth day and she also featured in a long 3 set match on day six too. In fact I thought she was going out on Saturday when she was a set and 5-3 down and playing pretty average tennis. Then her opponent choked when serving for the match and Laura won 8 games on the trot to win the second set and take a commanding lead in the final set. I was so chuffed she won. It makes it much easier to watch hours and hours of tennis if you get the right result.

The match between Sabine Lisicki and Sam Stosur is perhaps the only other match of note.

There are also quite a number of 'Misc' images with update. 40 in total. 3 main reasons for this include: I noticed during the one match a girl in the royal box uncrossing her legs and showing her knickers. I've always been quite partial to a bit of upskirt action so I included a few images of this. Then on the Saturday there was quite a number of cute Olympian and Para-Olympian athletes in the royal box. The final reason was during the Gasquet v Tomic match I noticed a very pretty girl in the players box and had to include a few images of her too as she was so cute.

One thing I do have to mention is I am a bit resentful about having to include so many images of Serena Williams all the time. I don't like this girl and it upsets me that she's such a good player and features in BBC coverage so often. However, I include images of her as I know that not everyone shares my own prejudice towards this player and some probably quite like her.

From the very first time I ever saw Serena Williams and watched her play I didn't like her. At first it was just because of her physique. She's built like a tank and not like a real woman. Not like a bloke though but not like any other female athlete I have seen either. So straight off I thought she had an unfair advantage. But then how she uses that physical strength she gets from a body like that I didn't like either. She bullies players with how overly hard she hits each ball, whether it warrants that pace or not. The final nail in her coffin though, of my spite against her, is her personality. On and off the court I think her attitude is abysmal. She's dismissive, rude, bad tempered and arrogant. I've never disliked a tennis player more.

28.06.13: 304 HD images from Wimbledon days 3 and 4.

Highlights with this update include the very sexy Ana Ivanovic. I said with the last update that I thought Maria Kirilenko was perhaps the prettiest girl in all of tennis. The other girl vying for that title though would be Ana. She really does have super model looks.

Another very pretty girl is Caroline Wozniacki. Plus we also have Agnieszka Radwanska, who is blonde this year. She's always had quite fair hair but it's always been closer to brown than blonde. However, there is no doubt this year that her hair is blonde. Makes her look really pretty too. Another one of my favourites that appears with this update is Elena Vesnina. Plus more nice images of Sabine Lisicki.

There are also some very nice images of Na Li. Particularly when her skirt kept blowing about in the wind and she was showing her pert butt in those tight shorts/hotpants the girls all wear these days. There was also some nice shots of her bending over at the change of ends.

There is always one or two girls with most updates early on in the tournament that I've never seen before that I'm quite impressed with. Most notable in that category with this update is a cute Canadian girl called Eugenie Bouchard. A very pretty girl with a sexy body. She is still only a teenager and so is definitely one to keep an eye on over the next few years. Another one of the new teenage prodigies coming through, who is also very sexy, is French girl Caroline Garcia who played against Serena Williams.

Last thing of note worth pointing out is what a strange Championship we are getting this year with all the big seeds on the Men's and Women's side either pulling out through injury or getting knocked out in the very early rounds? I think we are going to get some very interesting quarter and semi finalists this year.

26.06.13: 363 HD images from Wimbledon.

We have images from the first two days of Wimbledon with this update from all the coverage on the BBC1 HD channel and BBC2 HD channel. Nothing from red button coverage as that wouldn't be in HD.

Highlights with this update include a couple of girls I haven't seen before that I was quite impressed with. First off was a pretty French girl who played Maria Sharapova called Kristina Mladenovic. Secondly was the girl who played against Serena Williams, which was Mandy Minella from Luxembourg. Both very cute blonde girls.

I was very pleased Laura Robson won. The only downside to this victory was she probably knocked out the prettiest girl in all of tennis, which is Maria Kirilenko. Still, at least I have quite a number of images of her from this year's Wimbledon and she wasn't knocked out on some outside court away from the cameras.

It was a shame Heather Watson was knocked out so early but then she has been off ill for 3 months with glandular fever and has only just started back so she probably wasn't 100 percent match fit or battle hardened.

Check back for regular updates from Wimbledon. They'll probably be coming every 2 or 3 days or so.

18.06.13: 299 images from Big Brother 14.

I have updated my Big Brother Babes site again with images from the latest series of Big Brother.

Check out all the images from the first 4 days plus read what I think of the latest batch of new housemates.

04.06.13: 165 HD images from The Jonathan Ross Show.

We have images from the last 7 shows in the current series with this update.

Highlights with this update include Zoe Saldana promoting the new Star Trek movie and Gemma Arterton talking about her latest film, yet another vampire flick. By the way, did anyone else think Gemma's skirt looked like a black bin liner?

The rest was a pretty mixed bag. Like why was Audrey Tautou on talking about her latest movie? A French film with English subtitles? How many people in this country are honestly going to see that? Surely they can get better guests on than this. We also saw some of the Made In Chelsea reality TV show stars and Saoirse Ronan again who I recently saw for the first time on Graham Norton.

28.05.13: 405 HD images from The Graham Norton Show.

We have images from about a dozen episodes with this update.

Highlight for this update was probably Rita Ora who looked really sexy in a short dress. Her legs looked amazing. Most notably when she was sat on the couch after having performed her song. Simply stunning.

Other notables included Taylor Swift who also performed a song too and looked sexy in a short dress. She had on some knee high boots too. Mila Kuniz was on too and looked hot. Though I would have preferred if she had wore a dress or short skirt.

One girl who's interview I enjoyed watching was Saoirse Ronan. I'd never heard of this girl before seeing her here but she is a young Irish actress that's been in a few movies but she had such a cute accent. That Irish brogue was adorable the way she said certain words. She's a pretty girl too.

The most recent episode with Will Smith was good to watch too. He did another rendition of his 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' rap again, like he did the last time he was on with Gary Barlow on the keyboard. This time he was on with his son Jaden. However, that was not the most notable thing about this performance. It was the fact that ex 'Fresh Prince' co-star Alfonso Ribeiro, aka Carlton Banks, came on to show that character's amazing dance moves. Geez, it was so funny. I forgot some of the shapes Carlton can throw. I laughed so hard. If you haven't seen it you really should check out the YouTube clip. It's hilarious.

22.05.13: 323 images from The British Soap Awards 2013 + The British Soap Awards 2013: The Party.

Most of these images are in HD from the ITV1 HD channel (the first time I have watched the main show in HD). However, because ITV2 HD is not on Freeview the images from The Party are still in standard definition. I have kept the same thumbnail size for all the images as I think the galleries look too weird with different size thumbnails in them. However, you will notice when you click some images they are 1024x576 instead of the larger format HD ones.

The images from Corrie, Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks will open at the relevant Tarty Doris soap site.

As for the Awards themselves. Well you would have to say it was a good year for Hollyoaks and a very poor year for Eastenders. Hollyoaks didn't get a single award last year but this time they picked up five. Though I was a little upset that Emmett J Scanlan didn't win more awards. He got an award for Best On-Screen Partnership with Kieron Richardson. However, I thought he should have won Best Villain or even Best Actor. However, both of those awards went to Corrie actors for the Kirsty and Tyrone domestic violence storyline. One of the best storylines in soap all year and it rightfully deserves it's accolades. However, I think Brendan Brady has been the best soap character over the last year and perhaps for the last few years. So he really deserved more recognition in my opinion.

So Natalie Gumede won 3 Awards in the end then. Best Villain, Best Dramatic Performance and Best Storyline. She did make a very convincing nutter. A brilliant character and a great actress. It's just a shame she had to leave the show but I guess her future was always going to be limited once her abuse of Tyrone started.

The one Award that really annoyed me was seeing Nigel Havers get best exit. Who cares about that muppet?

It was a very bad year for Eastenders. Apart from a Lifetime Achievement Award for Adam Woodyatt they didn't pick up anything. You can't even really count that Lifetime Award as a positive number for them either really as it was not based on how the soap has done over the last 12 months. So this may be the first time Eastenders has ever gotten a blank. Especially considering they normally always win Best Soap.

The final thing worthy of note was I was glad to see who made the top five in the Sexiest Female Award. Most notably Natalie Anderson from Emmerdale finally getting the recognition she deserves as the hottest girl in that show and one of the top five in all. A first for her. It has taken a long time for the public to finally recognise her talents. Something which I have been expounding upon for years now. Also Jacqueline Jossa was the only Eastenders girl in the top five. Meaning she rightfully gets recognised as the sexiest girl in that show, along with Jorgie Porter as the only Hollyoaks girl as the best looking in that show. Then Georgia May Foote and Michelle Keegan from Corrie round out the top five.

I finally agree with the voting public on who is hot in the soaps at the moment. I guess I probably am slightly ahead of the curve on these things though. I must watch all the soaps much more than most other people in the country so you would have to expect some sort of lag time between yourselves and me. Either that or I'm just a genius. Could be either one. Hmmm?

20.05.13: 179 HD images from Doctor Who.

So, as promised, we have images from the final 3 episodes of series 7. I thought after the first of these 3 episodes I might not have too many images to bring you with this update either. Jenna was looking distinctly average with her hair up all curly and she just wasn't doing it for me. However, then in the next episode she more than made up for this earlier lackluster performance in sex appeal. In episode 13, Nightmare In Silver, Jenna was wearing a very sexy dress and a tight jacket and looked so hot it was almost criminal. She looks so much prettier with hair straight too.

Jenna was also looking pretty hot in the season finale too. Though I was not over keen on the retrospective look of her supposedly helping the previous incarnations of the Doctor through out the ages.

The only other girl with a notable amount of new images is Catrin Stewart with 23.

Next stop: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary in November. Should be interesting.

13.05.13: 412 HD images from New Girl.

This is sort of a bonus update because when I first started watching this programme I didn't originally intend to include any images on this site. The other main reason is I don't have images from the start of this show and I will explain the reason why.

When this show was originally advertised as coming to British TV I thought it looked quite good and might be worth watching. However, it was airing on E4 and therefore if I wanted to watch and capture any images from the show I would have to watch it in Standard Definition as E4 don't have an HD channel on Freeview. Therefore I didn't record the E4 episodes. However, then towards the end of the first series, I noticed that Channel 4 were airing a late night repeat. So I started to record the show as I could then watch it in HD as Channel 4 obviously do have an HD channel on Freeview.

As I've mentioned though I didn't plan on including the images I captured from the show on this site. I was just happy to get some nice images of the very cute Zooey Deschanel for my own benefit. However, some of the images I was getting were so sexy I thought I had to include them on this site too so you can see them as well. Even though I don't have any pictures from most of the first series.

So I have images from the last 6 shows in the first series and the first 8 episodes of series 2.

I know I've sort of mentioned it already, but Zooey Deschanel is incredibly sexy and perhaps the only reason to watch this show. The 3 male room mates are blah and Jess's best friend Cece is sexy and pretty but not enough reason alone to tune in to this show. Zooey though is just so sweet and funny and looks absolutely stunning at times in this show. I've been a big fan of Zooey's for a number of years though and I have always enjoyed her in the many movies I've seen her in. 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey perhaps being my favourite.

I have just named all the images in the sequence I captured them in, rather than after each girl. I thought it was easier that way. I have only listed the names of the two main female cast members, Jess and Cece. However, there are numerous images of the many other females that have appeared in these episodes.

By the way I going to update the site with these images last week. However, the Bank Holiday sort of threw me. I was watching the World Snooker Final on the Monday and that lazy day malaise sort of lasted the rest of the week and I didn't have the energy to update this site then. My bad.

30.04.13: 319 HD images from Doctor Who. This update includes images from the Christmas Day episode and episodes 7 to 11 of series 7.

I was going to wait until the end of the series before updating the site with images from this show. However, I already had so many images by the end of episode 11 that I thought I would update the site now. I will almost certainly update the site again after the final 3 shows in this current series too.

Perhaps the biggest reason why I have so many images from these 6 episodes though is Jenna Louise Coleman, the new Doctor's assistant. She's just so wonderfully cute with a pretty face and a sexy little body. Very hot girlie. So I would say about 80% of the new images are of Jenna. I particularly liked the very cute red dress she wore in the most recent episode: Journey to the Center of the TARDIS.

My favourite episode of these 6 though was Hide. That was the ghost story episode set in the haunted house. This might be partly down to the fact that I fancied Jessica Raine so much who played Emma Grayling. A very pretty girl with amazingly sexy legs. However, I thought the episode had a really decent storyline too. It wasn't just a run of the mill ghost story but had a few interesting twists and some decent comic elements too with the minor feud between Clara and the TARDIS being particularly funny. Most notably when Clara said to the TARDIS 'you are a cow, I knew it' when the TARDIS chose Clara's image, from a list of billions, to represent itself because it surmised that most closely matched the criterion of someone Clara esteemed.

23.04.13: 268 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show. The final update from The Alan Titchmarsh Show for this series with the final 15 episodes.

As ever, most of the highlights revolve around the celebs with a more permanent role on the show rather than the numerous guests. Myleene Klass on a Tuesday and Liz McClarnon on a Thursday. Though another regular has some nice images with this update too and that is Nadia Sawalha. Most notably in a sexy green dress that shows off her legs and her cleavage.

Liz McClarnon was looking very sexy in a yellow dress and I think she must have been wearing stockings because I'm sure you can see her stocking tops in some images. Always worthy of note because it's something that is not supposed to be seen and that makes it more enticing doesn't it?

Once again though Myleene Klass has the most number of new images at 59. Her sexiest outfit was probably a polka dot dress she wore in the first of the 3 weeks.

The most notable guest in these 3 weeks was probably Julia Bradbury who looked pretty sexy in a short dress.

16.04.13: 333 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show. There are images from another 3 weeks worth of episodes with this update. Which means I still have another 3 weeks worth of shows still to watch. I may try and watch those next week.

I did miss recording one episode from Wednesday the 6th March and may have missed some more Liz McClarnon. Liz is normally on every Thursday. However, the previous week she was on on Wednesday and may have been that Wednesday I missed too as she wasn't on on Thursday. So perhaps her day has changed.

Highlight with this update has to again be Myleene Klass. In 3 different outfits for each Tuesday episode. The third outfit had to be the sexiest though where she had on a nice tight, short dress. Myleene has 73 images with this update.

It was nice to see Jonathan and Charlotte on this show again, though I was a bit disappointed they didn't perform a song this time. I have become such a fan of theirs since I saw them on this show the last time. I was aware who they were but had never heard them singing or seen their BGT performance. However, I was so impressed when they sang 'Il Mondo Nostro' on the show that I ended up watching the You Tube clips of them from BGT and now I'm hooked. I must have watched their audition performance 20 times now and it gets me emotional every time. I'm such a wimp. I even have their album and listen to it all the time. Even while I was preparing this update actually.

It was nice to see Joss Stone on the show too. However, she wasn't looking nearly as sexy as she did on the Jonathan Ross Show recently. Naomie Harris, from Skyfall, was quite pleasant to watch too.

10.04.13: 423 HD images from Waterloo Road. There are images with this update from the whole of the second term at Waterloo Road. Episodes 11 to 20 from series 8.

This show is getting very hard to watch. I advised when I last updated this site with images from Waterloo Road that the sex appeal has dropped dramatically since the school's move to Scotland and it hasn't really improved too much in the second term either.

The main new arrivals in the second term were the Barrry's. A bunch of Scouse scally's that are so rough they put sand paper to shame. If this family was supposed to be the plan to spice things up, and up the sex appeal, then in my eye's it has failed miserably. They're all obnoxious.

Lets break the Barry's down shall we. First off the matriarch of the family, Carol Barry, played by Zoe Lucker. Well Zoe Lucker has always played characters that are difficult to like. There's just something about this actress and the way she plays a role which is quite detestable. There is the oldest of the 3 kids, Barry Barry played by Carl Au. A kid so dumb they named him twice. I say kid but he actually looks too old to be in school. The eldest of the two girls, and supposedly the new sex bomb I guess, is Dynasty Barry played by Abby Mavers. I guess this girl could be sexy. However, she dresses like a hooker and has the most annoying voice in the world. I could seriously never tire of beating her with a snooker ball in a sock every time I heard her speak. Finally there is the youngest Barry child, Kacey, played by Brogan Ellis. A fairly pretty face I guess but virtually zero sex appeal on account of her dressing and looking more like a boy than a girl.

The Barry's? What a waste of space!

The only other notable newcomer came towards the end of this current term and that was Alisa Anderson who plays Zoe Foster. A quite cute looking Asian girl. A good addition to the show as she seems quite sweet.

I am so disappointed with this 8th series so far. These 10 episodes were seriously difficult to watch they were so bad. The annoying Barry's are everywhere and there's hardly any sex appeal at all anymore. For instance one of the only reasonably sexy girls from the first term in Scotland was Imogen Scott played by Kirstie Steele. Now that character has a hideous looking huge scar down the side of her neck from burns caused at the end of term 1. Then at the end of term 2 the best looking teacher, and incidentally the person with the most new images with this update, is binned off the show and that is Jaye Jacobs.

I don't know what other people are thinking of this series since it moved to Scotland but I think the quality has dropped dramatically. It really wouldn't surprise me that if the show doesn't improve after term 3 that it gets cancelled and there won't be a 9th series. I'd have to seriously consider whether I want to continue watching the show as it's just no fun to watch anymore.

02.04.13: 460 HD images from The Jonathan Ross Show.

This update includes images from the Christmas special onwards, up until last week's show. I think about 14 or 15 episodes all together.

There are some really nice images with this update. My personal favourites include Sienna Miller who appeared on the Christmas show and looked very sexy in a short dress; perhaps my favourite images for this update are of Joss Stone. Her legs looked amazing; Ke$ha looked quite cute in a pink number. Though it would have been nice to see a bit more skin from her; Alicia Keys looked really hot too in a very tight dress. I liked her very short, straight hair too; Rose Byrne was wearing a very similar tight dress on the same show as Alicia and looked equally as sexy; Sheridan Smith was also looking very hot as well in a tight top and skirt.

26.03.13: 230 HD images from Alan Carr: Chatty Man + Alan Carr's New Year Specstacular.

I was going to continue watching The Alan Titchmarsh Show for this update as I still have about 25 episodes I haven't seen yet. However, it's not the most enjoyable show to watch and I just couldn't motivate myself to sit through another 10 to 20 hours of dull television. So I decided to catch up on my backlog of Alan Carr: Chatty Man instead. This update also includes his New Year special too.

No doubt who is the highlight with this update and it is the gloriously sexy Saturdays. The only slight disappointment was that my favourite, Frankie Sandford, was regulated to a seat behind the sofa and so we didn't get to see her sexy legs when she was sat down. However, my second favourite, Molly, was on the front row and looking very cute. They also sang their latest tune at the end of the show.

19.03.13: 476 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show. There are images with this update from the first 20 shows of the current series that started in January.

Some may recall when I last updated this site with images from this show that I said I might not watch another series if it was aired. The reason being is there just wasn't that much sex appeal and not nearly as many celebrities on it as I thought there would be.

The biggest difference with this current series though is that every Tuesday Myleene Klass is on giving fashion advice and every Thursday Liz McClarnon is on to talk about the latest gadgets. Both of them have been looking really sexy at times and so, despite all the celebrities that have been on the show to talk about various different things they are promoting, most of the highlights revolve around those two girls who both have around a hundred images each. Though some of Liz's images are when she is with the other two Atomic Kitten girls and are named accordingly.

There are a few names listed here that may be new to you and certainly some girls I've never seen before. Such as Aisling Loftus and Zoe Tapper, who both appeared on the show separately, but are both from Mr Selfridge. There was also Laura Main who appeared along side Jenny Agutter who are both from Call The Midwife.

There are also over 100 images of 'Misc' girls as this show always has lots of minor celebs, journo's and members of the public on. So they have all been batch named for quickness.

I have decided to make a few videos of my favourite highlights from these 20 episodes. As you may expect from my comments above they mainly revolve around Liz McClarnon and Myleene Klass. The first video, which is probably my favourite, is of Liz in a very sexy tight mauve skirt. She looks so hot. Particularly the way she stands sometimes with her hips out to one side and resting most of her weight on the one leg. The second video is also of Liz. This time in a nice tight purple dress.

The third video is of Myleene Klass in a red dress. The most notable thing about this video is it is around Valentine's Day and she is giving fashion advice to men about what underwear to buy for their ladies. So the video includes lots of scantily clad girls in their under garments.

The final video features Liz McClarnon again but this time she is also with Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton as they are promoting their Atomic Kitten revival.

Those 4 videos can be downloaded in the videos section. I have done my trick with the Handbrake application again to reduce the size of the picture dimension from 1920x1080 to 1280x720 to reduce the size of the videos as they were too big really the way they were. For instance the Atomic Kitten one would have been 672mb's but is now only 226mb's. Still fairly big but the video is nearly 12 minutes long. Using Handbrakes' two pass encoding means though that there is negligible difference between the resultant video and the original.

11.03.13: 227 HD images from the Dancing On Ice Final.

I know I didn't record the semi-final of this show and I said the updates were getting a bit similar. However, I couldn't not watch the final.

As traditional the previous evictees from the earlier weeks made an appearance in the final. The only one to not turn up was Lauren Goodger. She is no great loss though. I wasn't keen on her when she was in the show anyway.

So Beth Tweddle won. Slightly surprising as Matt Lapinskas got 2 perfect 40's for his first two skates and I thought he performed the Bolero slightly better too. However, I can't be disappointed Beth won. She's one of our Olympic hero's from last year and was probably more endearing to the voting public than sweaty Matt. Did anyone notice how much Matt sweats by the way? Geez!

As I've not updated the site with any videos from Dancing On Ice 2013. I have decided to include my favourite performance from the whole series and it was week 5 when Beth Tweddle performed to the beautiful Clown by Emeli Sande. She did this same performance in the final too. However, it didn't have nearly the same impact as when she did it the first time. Simply stunning to watch. You can download that video in the Videos section.

06.03.13: 865 HD images of Rachel Riley on Countdown.

You may have noticed I haven't updated the site with images from the semi-final of Dancing On Ice and that is because I didn't record the show. The problem with Dancing On Ice and Strictly Come Dancing is the series' last so long that the updates start to get a bit too similar and I end up spending so much time watching and updating the site with images from the same programme that I don't have time to look at other shows.

The above is the reason why I have such a backlog of other shows to watch such as Countdown. For this update I had 8 weeks worth of shows to watch. 40 episodes in total. Do you know how difficult it is to sit and watch the same show back to back for 3 days? Even with the adorable Rachel Riley to watch that is hard work.

What made it slightly easier to endure was, by a pure coincidence, the 40 episodes I had to watch were the sum total of the special Champion of Champions 30th Anniversary Series. So it made it much easier to watch as some of the best contestants from the last 30 years duked it out to be crowned the all time champ.

Anyway, as you might understand then there is a wealth of new images as Rachel is always looking sexy every day in another cute little number. So I've decided if Countdown can do a special event then so can I. I have included 9 videos in the Videos section of some of what I think were Rachel's sexiest outfits from these 40 episodes.

Also, in an unprecedented event, I have zipped up all 865 images in a RAR folder and made that available for download in the Videos section too. I have never done that before on any of my sites. However, I understand that looking through 22 Gallery pages could be hard work and a lot of the images I have captured are going to go unappreciated as there is so much to chose from to look at or download to your computer to save. So I have included this zip file so you can view all 865 images in the best way possible and that is to see them in sequential order and then you can fully appreciate their quality and the sheer adorability of this amazingly sexy and pretty girl.

Just a few notes on the Videos themselves. My personal favourite is the 6th one of Rachel in the very sexy tight pink dress. I also like the very first one from the first episode of Rachel in a cute pinkesh/red dress. Video No.2 is also a highlight for me with Rachel in a very tight navy blue skirt. Finally, the very last video of Rachel in a very tight blue dress is also very sexy as well.

Right, is that Rachel Riley done now? Can I tick her off the list?

27.02.13: Great news today is that I've finally managed to sort out the problems with the forum. Yeah!!!!!! I say I have but I have had more than a little help from a fellow forum owner who I won't name as I'm sure he didn't want it to be known that he was assisting me but without his help I would never have been able to correct the problems it was having.

The forum had been having problems for years. The most basic problem was it was in a folder of my main TartyDoris.Com site and therefore on a Windows server. It was transferred to this location about 6 or 7 years ago from it's original home at because the forum had become irrevocably bugged and we needed to start anew. However, it meant moving the forum from a Linux server to a Windows server and this didn't best suit it. Forums because of their nature are best on Linux you see because of all code and databases. They just work better and more efficient on a Linux platform.

So the forum was always going to be less efficient where is was at Frequent time out issues and unresponsiveness. Then there was the frequent errors that the forum had. Code errors that would cause it to do all sorts of things it was not supposed to. The most severe of these code errors happened in the last couple of weeks when I was trying to correct a problem with certain sections of the forum not showing up when you click the 'Advanced Search' option. Basically you couldn't select certain sections in an Advanced search because they didn't appear in the options.

Anyway, to correct this above issue I was going to delete the rogue section and create a new one. Huge mistake. First off I couldn't create a new category as I would get an error message each time I tried to. Then when I tried moving any sections somewhere else they would never go where they were supposed to. I couldn't even move them back to where they originally were. The whole thing was a mess. I thought the forum was over and we would have to close. The errors seemed insurmountable as I didn't have a clue how to correct them or if it was even possible to.

Then in rode our gallant hero to save the day and say that things weren't all lost. Something can be done. The errors with the misplaced sections were corrected quite quickly when he discovered it was a known issue and there was a little program you could install and run that would correct it. However, once that issue was corrected I wanted to deal with the more serious matter of getting the forum back onto a Linux server again and back at it's original home at This was when the big headaches started to happen.

It should all have been as simple as installing a new copy of the PhpBB software at then updating/transferring the database with all the details from the current forum such as members, posts, threads etc. etc. However, things are never that simple are they? There was more trials than the Old Bailey and Badminton put together. Talk about pulling your hair out with frustration. We had obstacles to overcome at every turn and each time I didn't think we would find a solution. I'm not going to go into all the things we had to do as it would take far too long and is very complicated but trust me it was a nightmare.

Anyway, after nearly two weeks and jumping through more hoops than Lassie we finally have the forum installed and up to date at it's new, and original, home and back at All the same posts and threads are there and your membership details will remain exactly the same. All you have to do is update your Bookmarks/Favourites with the new details and I will update all my websites to point to the new address.

Lets hope this will mean the forum works much more efficiently from now on. Now that it is back on a Linux server and has it's own proper home/address and it's not just in a folder of my main site.

Finally I have to thank my helper/forum owner who wishes to remain nameless. He has put in countless hours to assist me and help keep my forum running. Without him the forum may of had to close altogether or at the very least we would of had to start anew with zero members, posts and threads. So I thank him so much for all his assistance. What a star!

26.02.13: 283 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 7 & 8.

Well there was no update from this show last week as I started my recording late and only managed to record the last 30 minutes or so. However, even more crucial why there was no update from this show or any other show last week was all my free time was spent trying to sort out the problems the forum is having.

The forum has had some major code errors for some time now and has desperately needed updating to correct all the errors. However, I always knew it would be a very time consuming procedure and not too easy either as working with 'phpbb' code and 'mysql' databases is like trying to learn a foreign language. Anyway, I spent the whole week trying different things to sort the forum out and by the end of the week the problems still remained. However, with the help of a friend I am still looking at potential solutions this week too. Stay tuned for news on that.

The above said, I have managed to find a bit of spare time to watch Dancing On Ice and update this site.

So this update includes the whole of week 8, with the main show and results show. The update also includes the only solo number I had recorded from week 7 of Samia Ghadie performing and the two group dances. Plus the week 7 skate off too. I guess I was lucky that Samia was on last in week 7 as it would have been a real shame to have missed that performance. She looked really cute in a sexy little pink number for her interpretation of Barbie Girl by Aqua.

Booted in week 7 was Keith Chegwin, which meant Olga Sharutenko left too and in week 8 Samia Ghadie got the chop. I'm not too disappointed Samia left this week. She made it to week 8 and the quarter finals and I got to see enough of her in that time to satiate my appetite. I would have been really disappointed if she had been evicted in the first or second round and we didn't have a chance to see her in lots more sexy different outfits.

14.02.13: I understand that some people are having problems downloading the videos on my sites because of a new policy set by RapidShare recently. Anyhow it has something to do with privileges on the folder that they are kept in in your RapidShare account. If that makes any sense. If you didn't have the correct privileges set then nobody could download the video files.

Anyway, I didn't have all the videos in a folder. They were just uploaded to my account. So I couldn't even set the privileges to ensure people can download the videos. So I have had to create a folder and dump all the video files in it so I can set the correct permissions.

The above said I don't know if the video links work anymore and if people can download them or not. I have tested them myself but for me they worked before anyway because they were my videos. So I wanted to ask you if you are having problems downloading the videos still or if they are working now?

You can contact me on as I don't think the Feedback page is working.

13.02.13: 286 HD images from The Graham Norton Show.

Highlight with this update is perhaps a surprising name but I thought Sarah Silverman looked really sexy in some denim shorts. Second after Sarah was probably Rosamund Pike in a very hot red dress.

Little Mix also feature in this update but I'm not a huge fan of theirs but I bet all you X-Factor fans love em hey?

11.02.13: 258 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 6.

Headline of the week this time was probably that Joe Pasquale was finally booted. He has been bringing the quality of the skating down from week 1 so it was about time he was kicked off the show. His prolonged stay did mean we got to see more of Vicky Ogden though and she is a very cute girlie so it will be sad to see her leave this week too.

Performance of the week was clearly Gareth Roberts, who started off the show, with a brilliant, moving piece.

06.02.13: 392 images from the third and final week of Celebrity Big Brother 2013 including the final.

04.02.13: 290 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 5.

So we were down to just two female celebrities left in the show this week, while all 6 male celebs still remained. The only surprising thing was that another girl was booted this week. When Samia Ghadie was joint bottom of the leaderboard I would have felt certain that she would end up in the skate off. However, the public saved her this time and I was really shocked.

Beth Tweddle did really well this week and rightly was top of the leaderboard with her performance and for me it was the best of the series so far from any couple. She also looked pretty hot too in a sexy navy blue number.

So Matt Lapinskas and Shayne Ward ended up in the skate off despite being 2nd and 4th on the leaderboard. They can hardly complain though with the way the ladies have been getting picked off every week that a couple of the male celebs end up in the skate-off. It was probably the wrong two blokes though. It probably should have been Keith Chegwin and the very dire Joe Pasquale. Keith didn't nearly hit the same heights for me this week as he did last time and Joe is just an awful skater and should have booted before now.

Anyway, despite Matt having a slight stumble he went through as he is clearly the better skater. He has only not been top of the leaderboard once and that was this week because Beth was so outstanding. A shame for Shayne to go out then after his best week and highest score. This does also mean we lose Maria Filippov and that is a shame as she is one of my favourite professionals. 

30.01.13: 392 images from Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

Another update from Celebrity Big Brother on my Big Brother Babes site. This update includes a very nice video of Lacey Banghard. A compilation video from 7 episodes of all of her best bits. It's pretty hot.

28.01.13: 335 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 4.

So the theme this week was a school disco. Initially all the celebs were dressed in school uniforms and I thought they were the outfits they would dance in too. However, towards the end of the opening intro they took off the outer layers of said attire to reveal what they would actually perform in.

Another woman was evicted this week. That is 4 weeks and 4 women booted. It's beginning to look like how the Big Brother house is each year with all the women voted out first and then just the men left. So it was Anthea Turner's neck on the chopping block this week. This isn't any big surprise. She was in the dance off in her first week and I think only avoided the same fate last week as she won her dance duel.

The thing that did really, really annoy me this week was with Keith Chegwin. I thought his dance was the best of the week. Not technically, as others may have had better skating technique, but it was a really lovely, moving performance. When asked to sum up the week, all the judges mentioned how well Keith did too and that his dance was one of the highlights. So I was really upset when he ended up in the skate off. I have no faith in the British public. He's not a pretty boy so doesn't get votes for that and not a big enough joke like Joe Pasquale and so even when he does perform above and beyond the rest he still ends up in the bottom two. It makes me sick!

23.01.13: 476 images from Celebrity Big Brother 2013.

This update is on my Big Brother Babes site. So when you click the link below you will be redirected to that site.

Some nice images with this update. Particularly of the very cute Lacey Banghard and Heidi Montag.

21.01.13: 335 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 3.

So this week the twist was the couples would face off together in duels with the two couples who came top in week 1 and week 2 facing each other and so on down the leaderboard. Both couples would be on the ice at the same time and would have joint and individual time to perform their routine. The winning couple would then be immune from the vote for this week and would automatically be through to next week's show.

Top of the highlights then would probably be when Samia Ghadie and her partner faced Luke Campbell and the very sexy Jenna Smith. With both girls in very sexy red numbers it was definitely a visual treat. Second in the highlights package would probably have been the duel between Beth Tweddle and Oona King as they both looked really sexy.

Booted this week was Oona King but that was not the dramatic story though in the results show as she nearly didn't get to skate her dance at all as her partner Mark Henretty slipped up on Oona's skates as they were skating out to perform and dislocated his shoulder when he fell over. It was quite upsetting to watch actually. Seeing the guy obviously in so much pain. However, after he had his shoulder popped back into place he came out moments later to perform the routine with Oona anyway. I've never actually dislocated a joint myself so I don't know what it would be like. However, I hear it can be one of the most painful things you can put your body through. A tremendous effort of bravery and fortitude then, to sum up the old adage that 'the show must go on'. It certainly had an effect on the other celebs and pros as many of them were in floods of tears, particularly Maria Filippov. They didn't get the sympathy vote from the judges though and were booted anyway.

16.01.13: 322 HD images from BBC3 comedy Some Girls.

Well this is another one of those bonus updates as when I recorded this show I didn't originally intend to include any of the images I captured on this site. However, there are some really nice pictures of some very cute girls. So I thought I would update the site with them.

This show is actually a BBC3 comedy but I recorded it when it was broadcast on the BBC HD channel so I could watch it in hi-def and get some HD images too. It's like 'The Inbetweeners' I guess about 4 school friends but with girls instead of boys as the lead characters. Schoolgirls are quite sexy though aren't they? Which is perhaps the main reason I recorded this series. The girls are all part of the school football team too.

The images with this update have all been batch named under the one heading. The main reason for that is that so many of the images have multiple girls in or all 4 main characters at the same time and so it was going to prove too difficult to name all the images individually as it then gets very arbitrary about who I name the image after. Plus it takes ages to do that too and I'm too lazy. So the images are all in the order in which I captured them. The only slight anomaly was that I mistakenly watched episode 4 before episode 3. So episode 4's images appear before episode 3's. But this does not make much difference I think.

Perhaps the best part of this show was Adelayo Adedayo who plays the lead character of the 4 girls called Viva. She's clearly the most gifted comedian of the bunch and probably the best actress and I really liked her character. Plus she's very pretty too. Alice Felgate who plays Amber is clearly the sexiest girl of the group and does wear some wonderful tight and short skirts. Though her character is so dumb that it really is a bit of a turn off. The other two main characters have serious issues with anger management. Holli, played by Natasha Jonas, being the main care provider for her siblings in her large family. She is most notable for having quite large boobs. Then there is Saz, played by Mandeep Dhillon, who struggles to get noticed among her siblings. Perhaps the weakest of the 4 main characters as she's not hugely pretty, doesn't dress very sexily and apart from anger issues is the least interesting.

The other girls I have listed include Anna, the girls football coach/teacher, played by Dolly Wells. A brash Kiwi that also happens to be the girlfriend of Viva's dad, which obviously does lead to some nice comic moments. The other two girls I have listed played a major part in episode five and were part of the 'Pretty Girl' group with Justine Michelle Cain playing the evil leader called Charlie and Sophie Colquhoun playing Ruby the put upon hench-girl who temporarily deserted to the 'Sweaties' (our main groups nickname as they were part of the football team) because she was being picked on by Charlie and Viva was supposed to look after her as she was the head of the anti-bullying campaign. Anyway, being a part of the 'Pretty' group, these latter two girls were obviously stunning.

I'm not sure if there will be a second series of this show or not. I certainly enjoyed it for the most part. Viva is very funny, as is Anna with her broad New Zealand accent and the other main characters each have their own qualities. So I think I would watch a second series. Should it be commissioned.

15.01.13: 322 HD images from Dancing On Ice week 2.

So the 6 couples that didn't dance in the first week got to compete in week 2. The highlight for the celebrities was probably Anthea Turner. She appears in two outfits in this update as she was also in the dance off and it was that latter outfit, and dance for that matter, that excelled. She was showing some nice cleavage in a cute little pink number.

The above said I think the highlight for me this week was a pleasant surprise with one of the new professional skaters and that is Jenna Smith who is partnered with Olympic gold medal winning boxer Luke Campbell. She's a very pretty girl and could fast become one of my favourites she's so cute.

Booted this week was Lauren Goodger. This is no great loss for me. I didn't particularly think Lauren was that sexy and as I have never watched TOWIE, I am not a fan of her from that show either.

One thing that I do have to point out is about Ashley Roberts and her judging skills. Much as it pains me to say but she's a bit pants. She says the same thing about each person and I got sick of hearing her say 'Week 1'. Namely 'You're doing ok, it's week one'. With every single couple this was her go to line. It appears she just doesn't have enough knowledge of skating or dancing to give a proper critique. I'm not sure she'll last to a second series if that continues.

14.01.13: 87 HD images from Panto!

Another update from the Christmas holiday period with images from the ITV show Panto! Which starred John Bishop.

The main reason for watching this show was the very sexy Sheridan Smith dressed as the principal boy 'Dick Whittington'. Pantomime's are funny like that aren't they? They have a girl playing the lead male role but sort of still dressed like a woman in a very short dress, tights and knee high boots. However, the outfit sort of looks masculine too like a Victorian/Edwardian dandy or fop as the dress often looks like a male waistcoat and the girl often wears a very masculine looking hat too. It's very androgynous.

The above said, Sheridan Smith did look very sexy. As born out with the fact that 79 out of the 87 images with this update are of her and the 8 images of the other girls are really quite average. Some of Sheridan's pics are very nice though.

Check back later in the week for more images from Dancing On Ice and a bonus update from a recent BBC3 comedy series.

11.01.13: 389 HD images from Countdown.

More images of Rachel Riley on Countdown. With a more wintery theme this time with her attire. Meaning she has quite thick tights on at times. Nice if you like that sort of thing. I personally think she looks better with bare legs.

10.01.13: 307 HD images from Dancing On Ice.

The first update from this years Dancing On Ice. They've had another major shake up in this show this year. Changing things with less contestants, new judges and professional skaters and changes to the skate off. Probably because the show was losing audience figures.

So two of the original judges have been brought back in with Karen Barber and Jason Gardiner rejoining the panel. Plus there is a completely new judge in Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts. The latter obviously recruited after her success and popularity in the jungle in I'm A Celebrity. I'm not quite sure why they got rid of Katerina Witt. She was pretty good and brought some gravitas to the judging panel as she was a world champion skater. I can see why Louie Spence was binned though. Far too gay and camp. The only judge to survive the cull was Robin Cousins.

A major change to the line-up of professional skaters too with 3 in and 5 out for the girls. In comes Jenna Smith, Olga Sharutenko & Robin Johnstone. The five out include Frankie Poultney, Alexandra Schauman, Brooke Castile, Nina Ulanova and Jodeyne Higgins. This does seem very strange to me that you would make so many changes to the line-up of professional skaters. The Pro's do become celebrities in their own rights and obviously develop a following. So to keep making so many changes every year means you lose a lot of the chemistry you felt for certain participants in previous years.

I mean you have to feel for Nina Ulanova who won the show last year with Matthew Wolfenden. How come she isn't back? I'm most upset that Jodeyne Higgins isn't in the line-up though. She has been my favourite pro for the last couple of years as she's so pretty and sexy too. Frankie Poultney is a surprise to not see back too. Though I am pleased to see Maria Filippov and Vicky Ogden as they were my 2nd and 3rd favourites.

So why the drop to 12 couples instead of last year's 15? Perhaps because the show is struggling for an audience they couldn't drag the series out any longer than the 10 scheduled weeks without the risk of losing more viewers.

As the for the celebrities this year then for the most part they are ok. There isn't anyone I'm really too annoyed to see, which makes a change, and there are one or two that I'm quite happy to see. I was happy to see former Baywatch babe and Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson but I bet the producers are a little bit miffed that their biggest name signing for this series has already been booted after week one. I think Pamela's ejection is partly the show's own fault though because they split the couples into two groups and had 6 perform this week and the other 6 couples will perform next week. That doesn't leave much room for error and is almost like a quarter final type line-up where anyone could go if they have a small slip up. Which Pamela did. She was third on the leaderboard after the 6 couples danced. However, she ended up in the skate off and had a couple of wobbles and that was it. She was evicted by the judges vote.

My favourite celeb this year though is Corrie babe Samia Ghadie. She's very cute. Olympic gymnast Beth Tweddle is good too. Anthea Turner is ok, though she is getting on a bit more now. I'm not that bothered about TOWIE star Lauren Goodger or Labour Party politician Oona King though.

The final change to this year's format is in the skate off. The couples no longer perform the same dance in the skate-off as they did in the main show. So they are wearing different outfits and perform a new number. This does make it slightly harder for me as I never used to capture images from the skate-off as it's basically the same as what I've already seen in the main show. So I'm going to have to pay much closer attention to that part of the results show in future. It does mean the chance for some more nice images though I guess. Like with Pamela Anderson this week. Even though she was booted after one week. It's almost like she lasted for two weeks as we have her in two different outfits and skating two different dances. Not sure this change is a great idea though. I don't think it will last.

09.01.13: 328 HD images from the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special.

You may be thinking if I'm updating the site with images from Strictly Come Dancing then where are the images from the recent final. Well I decided not to watch the final in the end after I found out Louis Smith won.

I didn't watch the quarter final and semi final either as I thought the updates from this show were getting a bit too similar but more importantly I was spending so much time watching this show that I didn't have time to watch other shows that I had a backlog of. However, I still planned on watching the final to see who would win and round off the series with some final images. I was just a little bit annoyed when I found out than Louis was victorious. He was an ok dancer and sometimes better than that but rarely topped the leaderboard through the series. However, I guess it was obvious from very early in the series he would probably win whether he was that good or not as the women seemed to go nuts for him. Personally I don't see the fascination. I just don't think he's that good looking. Perhaps it's just the big muscles or because he's one of our successful Olympians that the girls go crazy for him?

Anyway, I didn't think Louis was the best dancer in the series and probably shouldn't have won. Which is the reason I didn't watch the final. However, having not watched the final I will never know if he managed to pull off a performance worthy of the Glitterball trophy. Perhaps he raised his game and did deserve it?

The above said I thought I would still watch the Christmas special as there will be a whole list of new celebrities to view. What I was most pleased about though was to see Aliona Vilani for the professional dancers competing too. I really missed her in the recent series. She had to temporarily bow out before the series began with injury but never got a chance to compete after it had healed as her partner had already been booted. She is by far my favourite on this show at the moment and is fast becoming one of my favourite girls to watch on TV as she's just so sexy and cute. She was looking really, really hot in this show too, dancing with Fabrice Muamba, in a sexy little pink number and showing her knickers a lot. Gorgeous girlie.

Ola Jordan, another one of my favs, was also looking really sexy in a Christmas type outfit. Helen Skelton, of Blue Peter, was wearing a very nice white dress. There was also a number of miscellaneous celebs from previous years competing in a group dance at the end of the show. They included Chelsee Healey, Kelly Brook, Natasha Kaplinsky and Rachel Stevens. Those images have been batch named under the same heading as the professional dancers images.

07.01.13: 332 HD images from Top Of The Pops Christmas & Tops Of The Pops New Year's Eve.

Images today from the two festive editions of Top Of The Pops. From the usual Christmas day show and also a bonus show on New Year's Eve too.

It's a shame Top Of The Pops is no longer on on a regular basis as this has to be one of the best updates to this site for ages as there are so many cute girls listed and for the most part they're all looking really hot.

So how can you pick out any highlights from such a bumper treat of sexy girls? Well it was nice to see Carly Rae Jepsen. These were the first images I have captured of her and she was looking very pretty in a short skirt and knee high boots. Girls Aloud were looking pretty hot and appeared in both shows. Though I preferred the outfits they wore on the New Year's Eve episode as they were much sexier.

One girl that really surprised me was Gabrielle Aplin. Mainly because of her pretty face. It's almost criminal how cute she is. Stunning looking girlie. Another girl I've never heard of before was Arlissa and she looked pretty hot too.

Taylor Swift looked really sexy in some shorts, filmed at the BBC Teen Awards. Rita Ora appeared in both shows too and, like Girls Aloud, looked better on the New Year's Eve show. Tulisa was looking quite sexy too in a short dress.

Perhaps my personal highlight though was Ellie Goulding and the reason is I like her sexy legs so much. She was wearing something that just looked like a long shirt and it would ride up high when she lifted her arms and she looked really hot.

By the way. How annoying is that Sam And The Womp song? Its so catchy that it's infectious whether you want it to be or not. It gets stuck in your head and you can't shift it. The cure? Don't listen to it anymore.

19.12.12: 185 images from The All New Gadget Show.

This is one of the only shows I still watch these days that isn't in HD as it's on Five and Five don't have an HD channel on Freeview yet. So unfortunately all the images are standard definition only. However, I can't not watch this show anymore because I like it so much.

There are images with this update from the first 7 programmes in the latest series and the show has a new name and new format too. The show is now called 'The All New Gadget Show' and is more like the recent Gadget Show: World Tour series. With only Pollyanna Woodward and Jason Bradbury. Out are Ortis Deley, Jon Bentley & Suzi Perry. The show is also completely on the road too, with no scenes back in the studio anymore.

The above new format does mean we are missing out on a lot of the sex appeal from this show now. Suzi Perry was very hot, though she had been overshadowed since Pollyanna joined the show. Plus all the scenes in the studio was usually when many of the really sexy moments happened when the girls were dressed in sexy short skirts, dresses and shorts or a nice low cut top. So I really miss those parts of the show and Suzi.

So now we only have Pollyanna to look at and all but two of the images with this update are of her. Pollyanna is incredibly cute though so this isn't such a chore to endure.

I'm not quite sure why they changed the show to the current format as I quite liked it how it was. It must have been losing viewing figures perhaps. I think this must have been, and perhaps still is, one of the most successful shows on the channel all together. Which explains why there have been so many similar/copycat shows popping up on other channels too. Perhaps that is why they needed to refresh the format as they were losing viewers to their rivals? I don't know.

18.12.12: 225 HD images from The Graham Norton Show.

There are images from the last 8 episodes of this show with this update. Though as you might be able to tell, from the relatively short list below, it has hardly been a babe fest. With some episodes having no sexy female guest and maybe only a female musical performance, or vice versa. I might have expected from this number of episodes to have perhaps twice the number of girls listed.

Girls Aloud looked pretty hot though, as did Ke$ha and the always sexy Jessica Ennis.

12.12.12: 437 HD images from Alan Carr: Chatty Man.

There are images from about the last dozen episodes of Chatty Man with this update. I maybe could have updated the site sooner than this. However, with watching Strictly and It Takes Two every week I haven't really had the time to watch all my recordings from this show. That's why I've decided to give Strictly a break for a couple of weeks to give myself a chance to catch up with other stuff.

There are some really nice images with this update. Though the last 3 weeks of this show have been a waste of time virtually. All male guests every week. No female musical act either, apart from a guest appearance, for about half the song in last week's show, of Jessie J. She did look very hot though. Sexy legs and a very cute butt.

Almost too many highlights to point out then. However, perhaps my favourite images are of Tulisa in a sexy short dress. If you are into big boobs you should definitely check out the Nicki Minaj images too. Huge cleavage!

10.12.12: 235 HD images from The Jonathan Ross Show.

This show concluded it's current run a few weeks ago actually. However, because of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, this is the first time I've had the time to watch all my recordings and update this site with images from them.

I'm slightly annoyed really as the first episode I watched started about 10 minutes late, probably because The X-Factor was over-running, and I missed Ellie Goulding's performance of Anything Could Happen at the end of it. I know I have other recordings of her singing this song on other shows and I do still have images of her from her little montage at the beginning of the show, but I was still really peeved.

Taylor Swift was looking quite cute on that above mentioned episode too and her interview was cut slightly short too. However, I do still have plenty of nice images of her though. As well as all the other girls listed with this update.

05.12.12: 470 HD images from Fresh Meat season 2.

Another bonus update for you today because, like last week's Ellie Goulding update, I didn't originally intend to include images on this site from this show. I recorded the first series on my cable box and absolutely loved it. It was so funny because all the characters are so perfect because each of them is so eccentric in their own way and to just the right degree (not in an 'Airplane' spoof kind of way), but just quirky enough to be hilariously funny. The acting was top notch too and there was some very cute girls in the show that were definitely worth watching as well.

However, when I record the show on my cable box I cannot capture any images of the cute girls to keep for posterity and I also have to delete the show after a while too to make room for future recordings. So I can really only watch each episode once and if I ever fancied watching the series again I would have to download a copy off the internet.

So I recorded the second series on my computer so I can keep each episode in perpetuity and also so I can get some images of the girls in the show too. However, I still didn't plan on including said images on this site. However, there was just so many sexy moments of the cute girls in this series that I just had to update this site with them to show you too.

I thought the 3 main female characters from the first series were hot enough. My fav that season was probably Kimberley Nixon, but closely followed by Charlotte Richie. The second series saw a couple of additions to that trio in Sophie Wu and Jelka Van Houten and for me Sophie stole this series in terms of sexiest character. After each episode she was getting sexier and sexier in my eyes. By the end of the series she was giving me the right horn every time I saw her. Perhaps it was the short, straight hair. Regulars to my sites will know my penchant for girls with short, straight hair.

Jelka Van Houten on the other hand I didn't think I was going to like at first. She is a Dutch student and slightly older than the rest and not particularly attractive. However, she is so funny in a really deadpan way and just as eccentric as the rest of them. I was really routing she would stay by the end of the series when she was talking about moving back to Holland.

There was also a very sexy French girl in episode 7 called Clare Fettarappa that was absolutely adorable. Particularly the opening shot of her in some denim shorts on her tip toes.

I really didn't think this show could get any better than the first series. However, the second series was even better in my opinion. One of the best shows on TV at the moment. Absolutely brilliant.

04.12.12: 286 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The final update from this year's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! Well from the main show on the ITV1 HD channel that is. I haven't completely ruled out an update from the all the programmes I have recorded on ITV2. However, as I haven't watched any of those yet I just don't see where I'm going to find the time to watch 3 weeks worth of episodes. That's 21 hours of TV to watch. So it seems a pretty tall order with all my other commitments too.

I wasn't even sure I was going to watch this final week either when I learnt Helen Flanagan was booted at the start of the week. However, after having watched the first two weeks I wanted to see how the show concluded and there was still contestants on the show I was enjoying watching.

The sex appeal of the show did take a big hit after Helen left though. However, I do have a couple more videos which I thought still deserved to be uploaded for you to look at. The first is Helen Flanagan wearing a leopard print bra which makes her boobs look enormous. As Charlie said, it made them look about 4 sizes bigger. The second video includes Helen Flanagan and Ashley Roberts. This time dressed as sexy gnomes for a 'Dingo Dollar Challenge'. Those vids can be downloaded in the Videos section.

As for the winner then it was Charlie Brooks. I'm a little perplexed by this. Not that Charlie Brooks isn't lovely but I just don't get why she won? She was practically non existent in the first two weeks as other characters were taking the majority of the limelight. In the final week she was seen more but even then she didn't really do anything special to warrant being the winner other than having an adoring small child willing her to win. In a highlights reel of this year's show she would definitely only be a bit part player. Fellow finalist Ashley Roberts was a much bigger character. Showed more fight and gumption and was more deserving. Even David Haye or Eric Bristow were more entertaining.

However, for me this year will be remembered for one reason and that is Helen Flanagan and not just for her huge bikini collection but for her antics in camp and in the trials. 5 trials on the trot she faced and got no stars, until she finally got a full house on the sixth. Perhaps that record will never be broken. I personally think she should have been Queen Of The Jungle because she was the most entertaining and fun to watch, had the best story and showed the most fight to come back and kick ass after being down and out at one stage.

03.12.12: 290 HD images from week 9 of Strictly Come Dancing.

Another update from Strictly Come Dancing and I actually watched the main show this time. I nearly didn't though as I only just turned my computer on in time to record the show.

Perhaps the main talking point with this update is Louis Smith and his Charleston, which I loved by the way. Which is unusual as I haven't really liked too many of his dances in the past and I think he has been getting over-marked. They just haven't done it for me. Technically quite correct perhaps but no spark. I didn't watch last weeks show or see his performance but apparently from some of the coverage this week you could see that's what the judges had been discussing too. I'm just ahead of my time in having noticed this for weeks.

The reason for this lack of 'wow factor' in Louis's performances was unknown by me. However, in preparation for his dance this week he had some acting lessons from an acting coach and even though I was sceptical this would do any good, as he still seemed quite reserved and unwilling to commit during rehearsals, his performance on the night was excellent and he quite rightly got the best score of the night. So perhaps that missing 'spark' was just his inexperience, or unwillingness, to 'perform' or 'act' the part in his dance.

On the complete reverse of Louis you have Lisa Riley. I think she's being over-marked for some weeks now for the complete opposite. A lot of commitment and effort perhaps but technically quite weak. I notice she makes a lot of small errors such as poor posture or leg work. However, this doesn't even get mentioned by the judges. It's like the magician hiding the trick from you by distracting you with smoke and mirrors. She's all razzmatazz and little finesse, in my opinion.

Booted this week was Michael Vaughn. Which means we also lose Natalie Lowe. I think Michael has done brilliantly to last to week 9. Technically, on day 1 he was the worst dancer by some distance. He had two left feet. He improved a lot with the Ballroom dances. However, even though he improved with the Latin too it was always going to get him in the end as no matter how hard he tried, or trained, he was just not suited to that style.

29.11.12: 65 HD images from Ellie Goulding - iTunes Festival 2012.

A bonus for you today as I wasn't originally going to include any images from this programme on this site. I recorded the above listed show on Channel 4 HD a few weeks ago when I was looking through the Programme Guide in Windows Media Center and thought that this programme might be ok to watch as I quite like Ellie Goulding and some of her songs.

Anyway, I decided to watch the programme today and was going to just capture some images for my own benefit of Ellie looking sexy in some cute shorts. However, her legs looked so stunning that I had to create an update for her and show you too. I think she has the nicest legs I've seen in a very long time, perhaps ever. Absolutely gorgeous.

I have a video for you too of her singing Anything Could Happen. I fell in love with this song when I heard her sing it on Children In Need recently and I play it on my computer all the time at the moment when I'm pottering about doing other stuff and have it on in the background. It's a brilliant song but there are some super shots of Ellie's legs in it too.

I have uploaded a 1280x720 version video only because I think more people will download a smaller file than the original 1920x1080 version. It's only just over 70mb's, yet the original was over 220mb's. However, when I watch the 1280x720 version in PowerDVD I can hardly tell the difference between that and the 1920x1080 version despite it being less than a third of the size. A must see video for anyone that likes sexy legs.

28.11.12: 85 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing.

First off I have to explain why there are only 85 images with this update. Apparently I hadn't recorded the show on Saturday. I didn't even realise until this morning when I came to watch my 'recording' only to find out it wasn't there. I don't really know what happened. I was sure I set the programme to record so I checked the 'History' in Windows Media Center and expected to see something about a recording failure for this show. However, it wasn't even listed. So I am perplexed. Maybe I didn't set the recording properly. My other shows recorded ok on that day though (I'm A Celeb...), so it seems unlikely. Perhaps after I set it to record it cancelled itself some time later. I have seen that before and I have had to set a show to record again. It is a rare occurrence though and I haven't seen anything like that since I reformatted my hard drive to correct some errors with Windows Media Center a few weeks ago.

So I was going to just bin the idea of an update from this show for this week as I only had the results show recorded and even that I had started a few minutes late as I hadn't even turned my Media Center computer on for that day yet as I didn't need it up until that point. Then I thought, 'Well, there is the dance-off. There will be 2 performances there I could get images from'. I don't normally capture any images from the dance-off as it's the exact same dance from the Saturday in the same outfits so the images are predominantly going to be the same. However, if I haven't watched the Saturday show then it is the perfect opportunity to get some images from 2 couples.

So that's why we do still have 85 images from this Strictly for this week. However, there are only a few images from most of the couples that performed.

I was disappointed that I didn't have the main show recorded. However, I wasn't devastated as I knew this was the week that Victoria Pendleton left. She has been my favourite and I didn't really want to see her leave. It was no surprise that she did leave though and I was expecting it this week even before I read about it online. The fact is she had plateaued. She just wasn't improving anymore and the other couples were. I had been thinking for some weeks that she is just too timid and unwillingly to commit herself to the dance to get any better. Maybe for fear she will look silly. Which is usually the reason people are afraid of dancing I think. I don't know. Then when watching It Takes Two on Thursday, Victoria and Brendan had this exact conversation in the training room and Brendan was telling her the same things I had been thinking for weeks. Even using the same words such as 'timid' and 'commitment'. So I think even they knew their time was up even before the final curtain shut on their time in this year's show.

So Victoria has been booted. At least I do have some images of her last week though from the dance-off. Also in the dance-off was Michael Vaughn so there are some nice images of Natalie Lowe too. Talking of Michael, then we can say that he started off this series as an even worse dancer than Victoria, especially in the Latin dances. However, at least he is prepared to 'give it a go' as Len would say. That's perhaps why he is still in the competition now and Victoria isn't.

27.11.12: 200 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

Another update from It Takes Two. Highlight with this update is probably Zoe Ball wearing the same sexy sparkling blue dress she wore a couple of weeks ago.

By the way, I read that Helen Flanagan has been evicted from the jungle. I'm not happy. I'm not even sure I even want to watch the rest of I'm A Celeb... any more!!!

26.11.12: 305 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

First off I have to report that for some reason Windows Media Center only recorded Sunday's show on the ITV1 channel instead of the ITV1 HD channel. So unfortunately the images from that show aren't quite at the same standard as the rest. Fortunately however, this was not one of the days where there was lots of sexy bikini action.

The highlights with this update are the same as the last two updates from this show and that is Helen Flanagan and Ashley Roberts looking sexy and quite often wearing a skimpy bikini.

I have made a few more videos from the last few days of the show. However, as I have already included quite a number of vids from this show already I wasn't sure how popular any more would be as they are pretty similar to the previous ones. So I haven't included them on the site this time.

22.11.12: 333 HD images from week 7 of Strictly Come Dancing.

Well it was a special Strictly Come Dancing this week as the show came from the Wembley Arena. Which meant a lot more razzmatazz and big show numbers.

Highlights with this update included Denise Van Outen looking cute for her Charleston and getting the first 10's of the series so far; Dani Harmer was looking quite sexy in a pink dress; Kimberley Walsh was in a very short number. However, perhaps the biggest highlight was seeing another performance of Girls Aloud on the Results show.

I have included a video in the Videos section of Girls Aloud's performance.

Booted this week was Richard Arnold. Which means we also lose Erin Boag. This is pretty decent result in my opinion as I've never been a big Erin Boag fan and Richard was not one of my favs either.

21.11.12: 113 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

Another update from It Takes Two. Check back tomorrow for images from the main show.

20.11.12: 351 HD images from Children In Need.

I've only individually named the images of the musical acts with this update and the rest have been batch named under a 'Misc' heading.

The first of Girls Aloud's two musical performances was perhaps the highlight of the whole night. Their first appearance together for 3 years and wearing sexy orange dresses. Ellie Goulding looked quite good too and showed off some sexy legs. It was also nice to see the trailer for the upcoming Christmas Doctor Who and the adorable Jenna Louise Coleman.

The biggest surprise of the evening though was seeing Shona McGarty, of Eastenders, perform as a musical act and singing really well.

19.11.12: 166 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Another update from I'm A Celebrity then. I know I've only just updated the site with images from this show and perhaps I have other priorities which could come first. For instance I haven't watched Strictly yet, or It Takes Two. I even have about 6 hours of Children In Need recorded. However, I checked my internet home page today and saw that Helen Flanagan finally managed to do a Bush Tucker Trial and win her first star, and meals for the camp, and I just had to watch all the shows up to that point to see her do that.

I was really, really pleased to see Helen finally conquering some of her fears and nail the Trial and win a perfect 12 stars. It was quite emotional to watch actually. I then thought I would gauge some opinion about what others thought about her triumph. So I checked back to the 'Comments' section from the article I read on and I was so disappointed. I don't know why I continue to read user feedback on websites. Why is it so predominantly negative? Geez, it's a cynical world.

Most of the comments I was reading about Helen were that it was a fix, a set-up, she wasn't trying before and now she is, she's been hypnotised, it's all a ruse to win votes/the show. I really despair. Anybody with a ounce of intelligence would know that none of those arguments, or other such spurious claims, stand up to much scrutiny at all. I thought Helen did brilliantly. You could clearly see in some of her earlier trials the girl was petrified. She had actually won 4 stars in the one but they were discounted as she picked them up wrongly. The following day she was demoralised and flaked out completely. However, it's not beyond the realms of possibility to think she found some strength from somewhere and pushed through.

I take my hat off to Helen because some of the things she did to win those 12 stars I couldn't have done. My biggest fear is spiders. There is no way I could have stuck my head in a perspex container full of Huntsmen spiders and grabbed a star with my teeth. Or 10,000 cockroaches either. I've lived in Australia before and seen the size of some of those beauties and I can tell you I wouldn't want one of them on me. Let alone crawling all over my face.

Well done Helen. I'm so pleased for her that she managed to overcome her fears and prove to herself she can do it. This really could be a live changing moment as when you do overcome obstacles, that you previously thought impossible, it gives you an inner strength. I have some understanding from my Aussie days on that datum.

There are another couple of videos with this update too. The first is quite long but it's good though as it's the aftermath of Helen's trial she messed up in the swimming pool by picking the stars up wrongly. The other is much shorter and is another one of Helen Flanagan showing her huge cleavage.

I still haven't gotten around to watching I'm A Celeb from ITV2 yet. I'm just not sure when I'm going to be able to either, if at all. I'm going to try and watch Children In Need now, then I have Strictly and It Takes Two. By the time I've watched that I'm back to watching this weeks soaps again. I'm not sure I even have time to watch what I've already listed and update the sites too. There aren't enough hours in the week.

16.11.12: 273 HD images from I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The images with this update are only from the main show of I'm A Celeb on ITV1 HD. I know there is a spin-off show on ITV2 as well. However, that show is only broadcast in Standard Definition on Freeview and so the images would clash with these Hi-Def ones. I have recorded all the ITV2 editions of this show and might try and get around to watching some of them this weekend. There simply hasn't been enough hours in the week to watch them yet.

If I do watch the ITV2 shows as well I will update the site with them separately.

As for the line-up this year then I was very, very pleased to see Helen Flanagan. She's such a hottie and I've really missed seeing her on Corrie on a regular basis. Charlie Brooks of Eastenders is cool too. I wasn't quite sure who Ashley Roberts was at first until they mentioned she is a Pussycat Doll. Finally there is Nadine Dorries, a controversial MP, who is slightly older but still quite attractive. There are a couple of other women in the show too but they really don't register on the scale of Tarty Doris hotness, so don't get a mention in the line-up.

As for the highlights with this update then, OMG! Helen Flanagan's boobies!!!!! Geez, this girl has got a chest on her. Her breasts really need to be under lock and key and only let out under the strictest of licensing laws as they are just criminal in how sexy they are. The only disappointing point of the show so far is how much we have seen of Helen in a bikini. Apparently from the talk in the camp she's in a bikini all the time. Yet in the first few days the only time she's been seen on ITV1 HD showing her lovely cleavage in a bikini is when Ant & Dec announce who has been voted to do the next Bush Tucker Trial.

The above said those first two occasions when we did see Helen's cleavage at the Bush Tucker Trial vote announcement was still very special and definitely vid worthy. So I have included two videos in the Videos section of those announcements. In the second video there is a couple of extra scenes from the following days programme of the aftermath of Helen been nominated again with her still in the same bikini top.

There is a third video too and this was the one I was hanging out for. However, even this is touched with a hint of sadness. It's the classic girls in the shower scene that we see from this show most years and features Helen Flanagan and Ashley Roberts soaping themselves down. It's a bit short though at only 18 seconds long and disappointingly features more of Ashley than Helen. Its still quality though. It's just it could have been SO much better.

14.11.12: 289 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

Another update then from The Alan Titchmarsh Show which concluded it's current series last week.

I'm a little disappointed with this show actually. This is the first series I've watched and I started recording it because I thought there would be a lot of celebrities on it looking sexy. I was under the misapprehension that this was a talk show like The Jonathan Ross Show or The Graham Norton Show with celebrity interviews and musical guests. However, it really isn't. There is celebrity interviews and musical guests. However, they really aren't the mainstay of the show. It's more a collection of featurettes about issues in the news or popular culture or on topics like gardening or photography etc.

There is perhaps one celebrity interview per day. However, of those I would say you are lucky if one a week includes a sexy girl looking hot and the daily musical performance is rarely something in the charts but something much less mainstream like from opera or a musical or just some niche music genre.

The above is the reason why over half the images with the update have been batch named under the 'Misc' heading as they really aren't celebrities at all or are such minor celebs that they really don't warrant being named individually.

I'm really not sure if I will record the next series of this show if/and when it returns. I'm just not sure there'd be a great deal I was missing should I not watch it.

Highlights to look out for with this update include a couple of nice images of Amy Childs in a tight blue dress. She's a very sexy girl. I quite like Amy, even though she is a bit dumb. There was also some very nice images of Emma Bunton and Melanie Chisholm who appeared together and wore some sexy black dresses. I have batch named all their images as 'Emma_Mel' as there was so many of them where they both featured in the shot at the same time is was ridiculous to try and name them individually. Fiona Wade, of Emmerdale, was also looking very nice in a short black skirt. The final highlight of note was Gabby Logan in a sexy red dress.

13.11.12: 185 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two + 335 HD images from week 6 of Strictly Come Dancing.

Today we have two updates for the price of one as we have images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Take Two and images from the main show of Strictly on Saturday and Sunday.

Notable highlights with this update include Zoe Ball wearing a skirt or dress on 3 occasions this week! She normally wears trousers every day on It Takes Two so it was really nice to see her wearing a skirt on Monday and Tuesday and a sexy dress on Friday. There was also a few more images of Victoria Pendleton on It Takes Two wearing that sexy white dress from the previous week of the main show with some very nice close up shots of Victoria's legs.

Highlights from the main show included Dani Harmer in a purple dress and Denise Van Outen in a red dress for her 'Paso Doble'. For the pro's Erin Boag was looking quite sexy in a cute blue number for her 'Charleston' and there was a couple of very nice shots of Natalie Lowe's blue knickers in her dance. I really did notice the absence of Ola Jordan and Kristina Rihanoff this week though as the whole show felt a little less sexy without at least one of those two very hot girls in it.

Booted this week was Fern Britton. This was the best news. I'm glad she went this week as she is by far the least appealing, in my opinion. Even though Lisa Riley is very overweight, at least she is fun to watch. The main talking point however was who ended up in the dance-off with Fern. Fern and Artem were called pretty early as being in the bottom two. Then there was just two couples left with one being safe and the other in the dance-off. They were Michael and Natalie, who were bottom of the points leaderboard,  and Kimberley and Pasha who were second from the top! It was obvious who was going to be in the dance-off right? Natalie Lowe certainly thought so as betrayed by her body language. She did that very telling gesture where you tilt your head to one side, shrug your shoulders and lift your hands, palms up, to your waist in a knowing moment of resignation of her fate. She was just waiting for the axe to fall. Then Michael and Natalie's name was called and everyone was stunned. Look at Natalie's reaction on Page 7 in image ....Misc9080. She is shocked. Being bottom of the leaderboard she must have assumed she would be going home if placed in the dance-off. Now she is guaranteed a place in next weeks special show at Wembley Arena!

How did Kimberley Walsh end up in the bottom two though? The voting public must have assumed she would be safe. Either that or she's really unpopular, which seems unlikely as she's a lovely girl and comes across on the show really well. Clearly an aberration.

07.11.12: 237 HD images from Countdown.

06.11.12: 255 HD images from week 5 of Strictly Come Dancing.

Highlights this week included Victoria Pendleton looking very hot in a sexy white dress and showing off her lovely legs. Also looking pretty hot in a sexy red number was Kimberley Walsh. I have made some videos of these two performances. I said to myself that I probably wasn't going to include any more videos on this site from this show as the two I included last week went down like a lead balloon. However, I then thought about it and decided that if I was going to include a few videos from this year's Strictly then I really should have at least one of Kimberley and Victoria too. Then I have at least one each from the 4 sexy celebs that took part this year.

So I have included those two above mentioned videos in the Videos section. I particularly like the one of Victoria Pendleton as her legs looks so sexy and because she's such a hottie. This will probably be the only videos I include from this show for this year though, unless something remarkable happens. However, I think the videos I have included of Dani, Denise, Kimberley and Victoria are perhaps their sexiest performance up to this point in the season so far. Perhaps that is the way to go for future years? Just to include one video a season per celebrity. Hmmmm?

Dani Harmer should get a notable mention this week too as her outfit was quite sexy as well and she was showing her knickers an awful lot.

Booted this week was Colin Salmon, which means we also lose Kristina Rihanoff. I'm a little disappointed but then again any week that Fern Britton remains in the show and someone else leaves I'm going to be disappointed. I was really, really worried actually that Victoria might end up in the dance off. She had the 'Samba' this week and that is perhaps the hardest dance of all and is most noted for being the dance that gets people booted. 'The curse of the Samba' they call it. She was second from bottom on the leaderboard and I feared for her. I really don't want her leave just yet and so I was really anxious watching the results. Fortunately though she was saved. Whew!!!

05.11.12: 151 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

Another update from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two. You might be pleased to know that I've had no more recording failures since I re-formatted my hard drive a couple of weeks ago, following all the problems I was having with Windows Media Center. So we have the full five days worth of episodes included in this update.

31.10.12: 246 HD images from Waterloo Road.

This update includes images from episodes 6 to 10 of the current series. Though most of the images with this update came from episodes 7 and 8 where Georgia Henshaw was playing a major role and looked really sexy in a school uniform and Daniela Denby Ashe looked really hot in a pink suit. Episodes 6, 9 and 10 tended to emphasize the shortfall in talent in this show at the moment and didn't glean that many images at all.

As Georgia Henshaw gives me the right horn I made a video of her best bits from episode 7. Then when I found out that episode 8 was probably going to be her last in this show, as her character moves away to work on a cruise ship, I made a video from this episode too. Those two videos can be downloaded in the Videos section. The first of those two videos is definitely the best in my opinion. I have kept them at 1920x1080 to maintain the highest of qualities.

It's now the end of term at Waterloo Road and the show takes a hiatus till next year probably. I hope when it does return that some new sexy pupils arrive. Who's ever in charge of casting at the moment on this show needs to get some glasses and hire some cute looking girlies because, apart from Georgia Henshaw, most of the girls in this current series have been woefully average or even below average in terms of sex appeal and looks. We need a few more drop dead hotties!!!

30.10.12: 370 HD images from week 4 of Strictly Come Dancing.

A really decent week this time on Strictly Come Dancing with some very sexy performances as the couples dressed up for Halloween. Top of that list was probably Dani Harmer dressed as Thelma from Scooby Doo. She was showing her knickers a lot as she was twisting and turning. She's got quite chunky legs but still looked pretty hot. Also looking really hot for the celebrities was Denise Van Outen and showing off her sexy legs.

I have included videos in the Videos section for these above two mentioned dances. I haven't really included videos from this show before as there's just too many sexy performances normally on most weeks to decide which is vid worthy or not. So I haven't bothered to include any up to this point as I was just reduced to a state of indecision. However, as I'm trying to include more videos on my sites I thought I might as well include one or two from Strictly as well.

There was a couple of noteworthy outfits from the professional girlies this week too. Most notably Ola Jordan in a very sexy beige, sequined outfit and showing her bum cheeks quite often. Kristina Rihanoff looked pretty hot too in an all black number.

Booted this week was Sid Owen. I was a bit disappointed by this as I quite liked Sid. I was hoping Fern Britton would be evicted. She is the least attractive of all those in the show at the moment, in my opinion. She was second from bottom on the leaderboard and so I thought had a good chance of being in the dance off as, although Sid and Ola were bottom of the leaderboard, quite often the person who comes bottom is saved as they are deemed most in need of the votes by the public and the couple coming second bottom ends up in the dance-off. However, Fern avoided this fate and Sid and Ola were in the dance off and it was curtains from then as their points score was so much lower than every one else's it was obvious they would get the chop from the judges. This means we lose Ola Jordan which I'm really disappointed about as she's really hot.

29.10.12: 120 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

There are no images with this update from Tuesday's episode. The reason being is I had a lot of computer problems this week and many recordings were missed or started late.

In an effort to correct the problem of failed recordings on a Saturday it was suggested online that a small file related to Windows Media Center in the 'Tasks' folder of Windows, System32 should be deleted. This file would then re-install itself when Window Media Center restarted and the problem should be corrected. However, this only led to a slew more problems. Previously, only recordings on a Saturday were having problems. Now however, I was getting problems during the week too.

My afternoon recordings of Countdown and The Alan Titchmarsh Show were starting late. They started late on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The recordings for the rest of the day on Monday were ok though. However, a major problem occurred on Tuesday when for some reason the two above mentioned recordings didn't stop recording when they were scheduled to do so. I noticed this when I came to watch my episode of Emmerdale on Tuesday evening you see as it wasn't there. Nor was Hollyoaks or Eastenders or It Takes Two. I was furious. More recording failures! Then I checked to see if Countdown and The Alan Titchmarsh Show had recorded and they had but I noted they had started late again and the odd thing was they were a much, much larger file size than they should be. Both about 25gb's each. When they should only be about 2gb's each. This was because they were still recording about 8 and a half hours after they had started. For some reason they didn't stop when they should have.

The upshot being that I had recorded Hollyoaks and Emmerdale as they somewhere in the 17 hours or so of recordings from ITV1 and Channel 4 but was missing Eastenders and It Takes Two as my TV Tuner can only record two channels at a time. I could get the missing Eastenders from Friday nights omnibus. However, there is no repeat of It Takes Two. So this episode was lost.

This was not the end of the problems either. As briefly mentioned above, Countdown and The Alan Titchmarsh Show started late on Wednesday too. However, the biggest most catastrophic disaster happened on Thursday. I turned the computer on in the morning like normal. Windows Media Center started ok. However, every time I tried to open the Electronic Programme Guide to set my recordings for the day the computer would freeze up. This happened every time and I tried on at least half a dozen occasions to get the EPG to open properly. However it wouldn't. Windows Media Center would stop responding and the only solution was to reset the computer via the on/off switch as I couldn't get anything to work. Windows Media Center was now completely knackered! I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to no avail. I searched the internet for other solutions and nothing I tried worked.

In the end I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall my operating system again from scratch. I managed to get the operating system installed and the software for my TV Tuner. Then I configured Windows Media Center with my personal settings and waited ages while it scanned for channels. It just finished scanning in time for the start of It Takes Two on Thursday. In fact the show had probably started about 30 seconds earlier. I hadn't even installed my Anti-Virus software properly yet as I was so keen to not miss any more recordings.

So Thursday was a complete washout. Even after I had reinstalled my operating system I still had to spend most of the evening reinstalling essential programs and setting up my network connections again. The day was a complete nightmare!!! The only upside being that hopefully there should be no more recording errors from now on. Things have been 100% since. Anyway, that is why there are no images from Tuesday.

I have to be a damned computer engineer I do, as well as a website owner. It's a game innit?

24.10.12: 224 HD images from Blue Peter.

This is another one of those shows I haven't watched for years. Even though I'm quite partial to Helen Skelton. However, we have images from the last 9 episodes on the BBC One HD channel each Friday.

Helen Skelton is a very sexy girl and obviously most of the images with this update are of her as she is the only female presenter these days. My favourite outfit that she wore was a particularly sexy tight red dress. I have included a video of this in the Videos section. It's again quite long so I have reduced it to 1280x720 again like the video I posted on Monday.

23.10.12: 308 HD images from week 3 of Strictly Come Dancing.

I had another recording failure with this update. Since the Olympics, when I had a few recording errors, there have only been 3 occasions when Windows Media Center has failed to record a programme properly and every time that has been on a Saturday. Which is strange as I only usually record perhaps 2 or 3 things on a Saturday. Whereas during the week I might be recording a dozen things a day. Why then is Windows Media Center struggling to start recordings on time on a Saturday? I don't know. It's a big mystery.

The first time the above happened I was lucky as I just happened to check to see if Doctor Who had started recording on time. It hadn't. So I manually started the recording and only missed about 2 minutes of the programme. The second time I didn't bother checking at all and it failed to record Doctor Who and the preview show of Strictly and only recorded The Jonathan Ross Show on ITV1 instead of ITV1 HD. This time however, the recording did start but well over an hour late. The show was nearly 2 hours long but Windows Media Center had only recorded the last 40 minutes.

I was going to abandon this update for this week then as I only had less than half of the show recorded. However, before giving up I thought I would try and download a copy of the show from a BitTorrent site. The last time I tried this, with the preview show of Strictly, I could only find a few copies and the WinRar file was always password protected and I didn't want to go one of those 'Password' sites to obtain the password as they are full of viruses and spyware normally.

I downloaded a couple of copies of the show and the first was again password protected and so I binned it off straight away. The other one wasn't. However, every time I tried to 'unrar' or extract the contents I would get an error message at the end saying there was a section missing and the extraction would fail and no file would be produced. Despite the fact that it had already extracted 99% of it when the error message occurred. I assumed the missing part was probably some hidden code or some sort which could only be obtained from going to the website where the torrent was produced and signing up there as a member. As I didn't want to do this I tried unzipping the file with another program. I had more luck this time. The file still produced an error message at the 99% extraction point. However, despite this, the '99% file' was not deleted as a corrupt extraction this time and so was still on my computer. Result. The video played perfectly fine, as I thought it would do, as I didn't think the 'missing section' was a part of the video anyway as mentioned above.

It was a pretty reasonable copy too as I did try downloading the highest spec version I could find (usually the largest file size). However, despite this, you will still notice a difference between the images captured from this video, and from my own 40 minute recording from Windows Media Center, and from the Sunday results show, as the latter are clearly much sharper. Though all the images are still 1920x1080.

Highlight of the week this time was perhaps Kristina Rihanoff showing a lot of skin in a very sexy dress.

Booted this week was Jerry Hall. This is no great loss and I'm quite pleased about it actually as I didn't really like her that much anyway. She's getting on a bit and that Southern US accent is very annoying.

22.10.12: 217 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

Highlight with this update has to be Zoe Ball who finally decided to wear a dress on Friday's show, after almost two weeks of trouser wearing activity. She looked really hot in her sexy blue dress too. Nancy Dell'Olio was also on the show that day as well and was also looking pretty hot in a nice blue dress.

I decided to make a video of Zoe as I thought she looked that hot. I have again reduced the dimensions to 1280x720 to make the file more manageable. It is now only 133mb's in size whereas the original 1920x1080 version was over 500mb's in size. It really helps when I create the video that I do '2-pass encoding'. During the first pass then the input data is analysed and the data is stored in a log file and during the second pass, when the video is actually encoded, the data retrieved from the first pass is used to ensure the best encoding quality. This means you can use a much lower bitrate and achieve a greater quality. Hence you can reduce the size of the video by quite a bit. It's a very neat trick.

One thing I will say about the above video is, it definitely plays better when I view it using a software DVD player such as PowerDVD rather than Windows Media Player. There is a distinct difference in quality. So if you do have PowerDVD, or another software DVD player such as WinDVD, then I would definitely recommend using that to view the video as a priority. The picture and sound quality is much improved.

17.10.12: 283 HD images from Countdown.

Another update from Countdown. There are a few nice 'misc' images with this update of a few of the cute contestants. There was one Canadian girl called Tia, who became an 'octo-champ', who had very nice boobs.

16.10.12: 371 HD images from the 2nd week of Strictly Come Dancing.

The second week of Strictly Come Dancing then and the first week when all the couples danced on the same night and also the first dance-off and subsequent eviction.

Highlights with this update include: Dani Harmer was perhaps looking best for the celebs in a sexy red frock. For the professionals I think Karen Hauer looked pretty hot in a sexy black number. Erin Boag looked pretty sexy too, even if her and partner looked like they had nicked some curtains from a holiday caravan to make their costumes. Ola Jordan looked sexy in a cute pink number too.

Booted this week was Johnny Ball. This is a real shame as we lose two pro's as his temporary partner Iveta Lukosiute leaves and Aliona Vilani, who was supposed to be his permanent partner, until she got injured, leaves too. This is exactly as I foretold last week. That I suspected Johnny wouldn't last long enough in the competition until Aliona had recovered from her injury for her to become his regular partner again.

So we won't see Aliona Vilani for the whole series. Apart from perhaps the odd group dance towards the end. She was my favourite professional dancer too. She's just so sexy and pretty. I guess Ola Jordan will have to reclaim that role for this season. She had been my fav for a while until Aliona suddenly started to look so stunning. Darn it!

Scissor Sisters also feature in this update as they performed during the results show.

15.10.12: 173 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two.

This is another one of those shows that I have watched sporadically in the past. However, because it was on at the same time as Hollyoaks I couldn't record it. However, now that I can record more than show at a time on my Media Center based computer I can record it and Hollyoaks too.

I didn't actually realise I could record it on the BBC HD channel at first because when I was looking through the Electronic Programme Guide on Monday for things that may be worth recording I noticed It Takes Two on BBC2 and thought, 'Oh, I can start recording that this year'. So I set it to record on BBC2. However, on Tuesday I noticed it on the BBC HD channel as well. That does mean that the few images I captured on Monday are Standard Definition instead. I enlarged the SD images to the same size as the HD ones just for continuity. However, you will notice a clear difference in quality. I think there are only about 8 images though as I didn't capture many pics from that day.

I was thinking of updating this site with these images at the same time as images from the main show. However, I didn't have the time in the end. However, I should have those images ready by tomorrow. So check back then for those.

You can normally get some nice images from this show and they do look stunning in HD. I do quite like seeing cute girls being interviewed in short skirts and dresses though, especially with their legs crossed. Karen Hardy was looking very cute in a red dress. Another notable image you can look out for was of Darcey Bussell. When she walked on to be interviewed she did a little dance and her dress rode up a bit and she showed her knickers and bum cheeks. Very sexy. There was some nice images on Friday too of Karen Hauer rehearsing for her perfomance on Saturday.

I'm slightly disappointed with Zoe Ball though in this series so far. She has wore trousers everyday. I know she's not as young as she used to be but I think she would still look pretty hot in a nice skirt or dress occasionally. She did look quite sexy on Wednesday's show though when she was talking to Ian Waite.

09.10.12: 355 HD images from The Alan Titchmarsh Show.

This is one of those shows I've only started watching recently since I started recording programmes using Windows Media Center. As mentioned previously I am now able to record many more shows than I used to as Windows Media Center has such a good Electronic Programme Guide. I can just set all my recordings at the start of the day and know pretty much with certainty that they will record 99% of the time. I couldn't do this with my old set-up as I physically had to be there to start and stop recordings or I couldn't guarantee they would start at all as it was so temperamental and subject to error. This has meant I have a lot more programmes I can watch and get images and vids from for this site.

About a third of the images from this show I have batch named 'Misc'. There are so many minor celebs that appear on this show that come on to discuss the various topics of the day and non-celebs, who are specialists in their fields such as gardeners or photographers, that I just didn't know how to name all the images. So if I didn't think they deserved to be named individually I just named them 'Misc'. There were obviously exceptions either way. Such as Ellie Harrison, formerly of The One Show, who is only a minor celeb, or perhaps even a gardening specialist, but is very cute. On the other hand Karen Hardy and Lilia Kopylova from Strictly Come Dancing fame have been batch named as I am so used to doing the same with them on Strictly.

Perhaps one of the major exceptions to that above rule is Charlotte Jaconelli of Jonathan and Charlotte fame from Britain's Got Talent. Perhaps she could have been batch named too. She's not particularly stunning or that famous. However, after listening to her and Jonathan sing at the end of the one show I was so impressed. I'm not a big fan of BGT and don't watch it all so I never saw any of their shows in which they appeared. However, after watching them on The AT Show I had to You-Tube them and watch their 3 performances on BGT. They're pretty good aren't they? It was really funny watching their audition. Simon was so rude about them before they even started singing and the crowd were so under-whelmed. Then they started to sing and everyone went wild. There was people in the crowd in tears. It was amazing to watch. If you, like me, have never seen it then you should You-Tube them too. It's a really emotional clip.

Anyway, my favourite images with this update have to be of the very sexy Katie Melua. She's just such a pretty girl and I'm used to seeing her looking very attractive. However, you normally don't get to see her legs that often. So with this appearance she was wearing a nice sexy dress and showing her pins and she looked really hot. There was one 'Misc' girl too in a very sexy red dress called Lisa Comfort. Her images on Page 2. Geez it was a pretty red dress and she's got stunningly lovely legs. You should check out those images.

Some may recognise the name Summer Strallen too and wonder where they know it from. Well, she was in Hollyoaks for about 6 months at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008 as Summer Shaw. There is a very nice video of her on that site in a bikini actually. Anyway, she appeared twice during this update. In some of her images she is wearing a blonde wig and dancing as she is currently in a musical about dance and that is what she was promoting. She almost looks like a different girl in the blonde wig too with that 1920's Hollywood look. She did look very sexy in a tight navy-blue skirt though when she being interviewed in her civvies.

08.10.12: 365 HD images from Strictly Come Dancing.

So we have the first update from this year's Strictly Come Dancing. As briefly mentioned in an earlier update. This is the first update from this year's show as I missed the preview edition, where the couples were partnered up, as my recording failed and Windows Media Center didn't record the show at all. Which was a shame.

So what do we think of the line-up this year? Well a bit 'hit and miss' for me and perhaps more 'miss' than 'hit'. The girl I was looking forward to seeing the most was clearly Victoria Pendleton. Our very sexy gold medal winning Olympic cyclist. She's so hot and, arguably, the sexiest girl in the celebrity line-up. However, she didn't have a good first week. She seemed to forget half her routine and was rock bottom on the leaderboard after all the couples had danced. A big worry.

Fortunately, there was no elimination vote after the first week and so Victoria has a chance to redeem herself next week with a better performance. I'll tell you if she is booted first I will be very, very upset. She did look quite good though when she was dancing, so it isn't completely hopeless for her. The other point that has to be made is, it's not always a bad thing to start off slow. If there is one thing the voting public like on a talent show is 'the journey'. If you can survive the early weeks and show a steady improvement the audience will get behind you. So it's not always advisable to start too well as you have no where else to go. Look at Jason Donovan last year. He was top of the leaderboard every week in the first few shows but just fizzled out towards the end as others caught him and eventually overtook him. So, bottom of the leaderboard, to the top by Christmas and a Glitterball for Victoria, to go along with her Olympic gold medals? Perhaps.

Other 'hits' include the always sexy Denise Van Outen. She may be on the other end of the scale and start out too well to be considered a real contender for the crown. Another 'hit' would have to be Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud. However, of all the five girls from Girls Aloud she has been the one I have liked the least over the years so that is slightly disappointing. Dani Harmer is a borderline case. I don't know whether to call her a 'hit' or a 'miss'. I never really watched Tracy Beaker, as it is a bit below my age range really, so I don't know her that well. She is a bit short and slightly overweight too, so I'm not overly impressed. She's a wait and see girl really.

The other female celebs have to go firmly in the 'miss' category for me. Fern Britton - I've never been a fan of her and even after she lost all that weight she still does nothing for me; Jerry Hall - too old and one for an older generation than me; and finally Lisa Riley - too overweight. I've never liked big girls and don't find them attractive in the slightest.

As for the professional dancers then most of my favs from the last couple of seasons are back. However, my top pro recently has been Aliona Vilani. She was supposed to be partnered with Johnny Ball. However, she's only gone and busted her ankle while rehearsing for the show, the dopey mare, and has had to have a replacement come in for her. Apparently the replacement is supposed to be temporary and she will return. However, she is partnered with Johnny Ball and you have to wonder how long he will last. So it's possible we may not see her dance at all in this series. Which would be a real shame as she's so hot and so pretty.

Aliona's replacement then is Lithuanian-born dance champ Iveta Lukosiute. A cute girl but not as hot as Aliona. The other new face is Venezuelan-born Karen Hauer. Another cute girl, but we'll wait to pass judgment on her once we have seen her in a few more shows and different outfits. Flavia Cacace, Kristina Rihanoff and Ola Jordan are all on a par as my next favourites. All can look equally hot on their day. Natalie Lowe is cute but a little too tall and skinny for my liking, though very sexy still. My least fav is Erin Boag. She's nice enough but I've just never warmed to her that much really.

So who do we think will win? I know who I want to win and that is perhaps a better question at this stage and I hope it's sexy Victoria Pendleton. She's just so adorable and easy to like that I just hope she goes all the way.

03.10.12: 274 HD images from The Jonathan Ross Show.

So we have images from episode two to episode seven of the current series of The Jonathan Ross Show. I was fortunate actually because all my recordings failed on the Saturday two weeks ago for some reason. My Doctor Who recording and Strictly Come Dancing recording failed to record at all and The Jonathan Ross Show did record but only from the ITV1 channel and not the HD channel, so I wouldn't have been able to get any HD images. Fortunately though, this was the week that no cute girls featured on the show. The only female guest was Clare Balding and no one wants to see images of her on this site I would think.

The above is also the reason why I never included any images on this site from the first show in the new series of Strictly as my recording had failed and I had no show to watch. Fortunately I could download an HD copy of Doctor Who off the internet so I could still capture images from that show for this site along with the images I included on Monday this week. However, I couldn't find an HD copy of Strictly on the net. Not one that wasn't password protected that is.

So we have some really nice images with this update. Most notably the very cute Emma Watson. She has to be one of my favourite celebrities about at the moment. She's just so lovely. I was thinking about including a video of her on this site from her appearance. However, after I cut the video in VideoReDo the file was huge at nearly 600mb's. The video was 13 and a half minutes long though. I thought this video is way too big and not many people are really going to bother downloading it. Only the big Emma Watson fans.

So if you have read my Corrie Babes site this week you will know that I have cracked being able to make an MKV copy of my original Windows Media Center WTV file with the same quality as the original. However, I have still not be able to crack reducing the file size much by perhaps reducing the bitrate or dimensions of the video to make it much more user friendly for people to want to download.

So I thought I would do another internet search to see what others were saying was the best way to reduce the size of an HD video to make it more manageable without losing too much quality. The best answer I could find was a program called 'Handbrake'. So I tried Handbrake and it produced an MKV copy of the Emma Watson video I produced but it only reduced the file size by about 100mb's and I really wasn't happy with the result either. It was still 1920x1080 but the picture was breaking up like how my old WMV copies would. So I thought this was an immediate failure.

However, I thought I would try reducing the dimensions of the video to 1280x720 instead. Anytime I have tried this before, with other editing programs, in order to reduce the file size, it has been a complete wash-out with the picture quality becoming greatly reduced. However, I tried it with Handbrake and was really surprised with the results. It actually came out really well. Much better in fact than the 1920x1080 copy I had made. The imperfections in the picture quality had all but been erased and the now the file size had been reduced to just 175mb's from the original 600mb's. What a result!!!

I was so pleased with the video I decided to re-edit it from my original recording to include some of the Emma Watson scenes of her in the Green Room before her interview. This made the video another 2 minutes longer and now around 700mb's in size. After putting the video through Handbrake again it came out at a much more manageable 212mb's. The video is obviously only 1280x720 now instead of 1920x1080. However, it is less than third of the size of the original and still a quite decent quality. Therefore making it a much better prospect for a video on my sites.

So I have uploaded this video to the Videos section. I would be interested in your comments. As the Feedback page on this site seems to be bugged and I haven't been able to fix it you can contact me directly at The video is in MKV format as briefly mentioned above. If you have never played an MKV file before then I have included a couple of links on the Videos page to a codec pack that should assist you to play these files or to a free media player that pretty much plays anything you throw at it.

The above now leaves me with a dilemma. Do I now make all future videos 1280x720 and reduce the file size massively or keep the original 1920x1080 and have superior quality. Well, after thinking about this for about 3 or 4 hours now I have come to the conclusion that I can have both. Keep the better quality larger resolution for smaller videos. However, should the video be getting too big then use this program to reduce it's dimensions and subsequent file size. Best of both.

01.10.12: 194 HD images from Doctor Who.

So we have images from the first five episodes in series seven of Doctor Who running up to the departures of Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

It's a real shame Karen Gillan is leaving actually. I really liked her as a character and, along with Billie Piper, she has been one my favourite companions since Doctor Who returned. I wasn't so keen though on Arthur Darvill as Rory as I felt he spoilt the chemistry between Amy/Amelia and the Doctor. Part of what makes a good companion for the Doctor, in my opinion, is the 'will they, won't they' tension between the two of them. This chemistry at first was such a joy to watch and led to some great comic moments too. I really didn't understand why they wanted to ruin that by introducing a long term boyfriend/husband and break that wonderful tension. I think it would have been much better for the show had Rory not become a regular companion.

The above said we now have a new companion to look forward to and I'm pleased that they haven't made the same mistake of choosing an average looking girl or one with very little sex appeal like Catherine Tate. As I said, part the of enjoyment of the companion is the sexual tension between them and the Doctor so they have to be quite appealing. Plus it is some eye candy for the male audience.

So the new companion, who will be joining the Doctor in the forthcoming Christmas episode, is former Emmerdale and Waterloo Road actress Jenna Louise Coleman. A very cute girlie with very nice boobs and in typical Doctor Who fashion we already have the first twist before she begins her role as the companion because she has already appeared as a character in episode one of this series. With a different name and eventually revealed to have morphed into a Dalek. How that storyline will come to be resolved is something I am eagerly looking forward to.

I really enjoyed these five episodes of Doctor Who. There was some real crackers in this first part of series 7. There was a number of guest actresses that appeared in these episodes but most only appeared for a short time and only warranted an image or two so have been batch named under the 'Misc' heading. One guest actress that did feature more was Riann Steele who played Queen Nefertiti in episode two. She was very cute and showed some nice cleavage.

One final point is, I'm almost ready to update the site with some images from The Jonathan Ross Show including some very nice pics of the adorable Emma Watson. So check back later in the week for those.

26.09.12: 237 HD images from Countdown.

So we have another update from Countdown, or more accurately another update of images of Rachel Riley as she is the main reason I tune in to watch this show. She really is stunningly sexy.

Once again there are some very nice images with this update. My two favourite outfits she wore included a very tight black skirt and burgundy top towards the beginning of this update and towards the end of the update a very sexy beige dress that made her butt look sensational. I think her butt is her best asset. Though she has the lot really. She's a very lucky girl with very nice legs, cute boobs, a very pretty face and nice hair. Plus she's as smart as a whip. Doesn't seem fair really does it? When she has so many attributes and other girls out there are just dumb and ugly. Oh well.

This latter highlight, with Rachel in the beige dress, I have made a video of to include in the Videos section. It does not include every minute of Rachel from this episode as that would have been way too long and it would all get a bit too similar after a while as well. So it just includes a selection of scenes of Rachel doing the 'letters' and 'numbers' and generally look quite pretty and sexy.

25.09.12: 353 HD images from Waterloo Road.

We have images with this update from the first 5 episodes in the latest series of Waterloo Road. This is also the first time I have included images in HD from this show.

I was cursing my luck after the first two episodes as well that maybe I had gone HD too late as they were crap. Most of the sexy girls appeared to have left since Waterloo Road school moved to Scotland. However, I was expecting a whole load of new characters and more importantly some sexy new girls. However, in episode 1 the main new character was a female student who was pretty average looking called Paige Meade who plays Jade Fleming. Episode 2's main new character was a distinctly below average girl called Marlene Madenge who plays Lula Tsibi. Combine that with a very lackluster showing elsewhere too, in regards to new talent, and this latest series was looking pretty poor. So after these two episodes I was beginning to think that it may not be worth bothering recording the rest of the series as it's gone downhill so fast and there's no one in the show anymore worth watching.

The above said there was a chink of light at the end of episode 2. My favourite character from the last couple of seasons turned up for a few seconds. She is Georgia Henshaw and is so sexy it's almost not fair and looked absolutely stunning usually in a school uniform. However, she was only in civvies in this episode and it was not clear if she was just coming for a visit or to continue her schooling. Fortunately for us it turned out in episode 3 it was the latter of these two options. So things were starting to look a little better.

However, it was not until episode 4 when things really got into gear and the sex appeal started to ramp up finally. For example I captured around 50 more images from this one episode alone than I did from the first three episodes combined. Georgia Henshaw was back on form in a very short skirt; new regular, and always a big crush for me, Daniela Denby Ashe was looking very sexy in a tight skirt; and then the piece de resistance was a number of the students, and one very sexy parent, all dressed as cheerleaders. Brilliant episode.

Then in episode 5 we had another new girl arrive that was a student at a rival school but will be joining Waterloo Road from now on. She is Adiza Shardow, a very cute girlie.

I was beginning to think at first that the only new talent, student wise, from this series was going to be new Scottish pupil Kirstie Steele who plays Imogen Stewart. She was about the only new girl from the first few episodes of any note. Come episode 4 I was even beginning to change my opinion about 'average looking' Paige Meade from episode one too. As she was looking particularly fine and cute in a cheerleader outfit in that episode. I wasn't over keen on overweight Rebecca Craven though who plays Rhiannon Salt. Her character's a bit of a bully too which makes her even less likeable.

So, girls in cheerleader uniforms has to be vid worthy right? I would think so, so I have made a video of this scene. As I was making a video from this episode anyway, and as I'm rather partial to Daniela Denby Ashe, I made one of Daniela too in her very sexy tight skirt. Both videos can be downloaded in the Videos section. There is a part of the cheerleader scene that can be seen in both videos actually as that is when Daniela appeared in her tight skirt again.

There is one very curious phenomena that occurred when making these two videos. When I first cut the videos in VideoReDo and output them in the original WTV format. The cheerleader video was 141mb's in size and 2 mins and 33 secs long. The Daniela Denby Ashe video was a full 43 seconds longer at 3 mins and 16 seconds so you would have thought it was going to be a lot bigger in size. However, it turned out to be 3mb's smaller at 138mb's??? Then when I made the WMV copies the cheerleader video came out at 149mb's and the Daniela one was 183mb's. So the cheerleader one only increased by 8mb's in size from the original and yet the Daniela one increased in size by 45mb's. The main anomaly being then is how did that original WTV video of Daniela come out at only 138mb's??? The WTV video still plays perfectly normally. It's so odd!

The other curious thing about these two videos is they actually came out at a very nice quality indeed. When I recode the videos from the BBC HD channels into WMV format they usually come out at a slightly reduced quality from the original WTV format. Namely ghosting when there is movement on screen when the characters move. However, that hasn't really happened this time. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps the camera's used to film this show are higher quality or perhaps the bitrate the BBC broadcasts it in or the resolution. I don't know. Anyway, good news for you if you want to download these videos. They are super quality.

One final point is I'm nearly ready to upload a new update of Rachel Riley on Countdown. So check back tomorrow probably for those images. There are some rather nice ones. There should also be a new video too of Rachel looking particularly hot in a rather tight beige dress that she looked stunning in.

17.09.12: 189 HD images from Our Greatest Team: Athletes' Parade.

This programme was actually on the BBC and Channel 4. However, there are only images with this update from the BBC coverage. I did record both of them. I watched about 4 hours of the Parade on the Beeb. Then I was going to watch the 5 hours of Channel 4 coverage too (as the Channel 4 programme started much earlier than the BBC). However, I started watching the Channel 4 coverage and got just a few minutes in and realised it was going to be practically the same as what I had just watched on the BBC and really didn't want to watch another 5 hours of the same programme.

It was a good watch though. I enjoyed it. There was some cute girls performing at the end too. Also we had the very sexy Helen Skelton in a very sexy red dress. She actually provided one of the highlights of the whole day as her dress blew up and she showed her knickers. How embarrassing for her but a real treat for us.

I could have uploaded these images a few days ago actually as I've had them for a few days now. However, I've had a bit of a stressful week and didn't feel in the mood.

Don't forget if you are a big Jessica Ennis fan that there are 8 HD videos of her in the Videos section of her performing at the Olympics.

10.09.12: 120 images from Jessica Ennis: Golden Girl on BBC3.

We have images with this update from a one-off programme last night on BBC3 highlighting the last year of Jessica Ennis's preparation for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Unfortunately with the programme being on BBC3 the images are not in HD but there are still some very nice pics of the gorgeous Jessica. Particularly from her warm up competition in Gotzis. She wore a very sexy pink and red number then and looked very, very hot.

You may have wondered actually why I never included any videos of Jessica from the Olympics. Well I was going to but by the time I had sorted all the scenes from each event into numerous videos I realised that they were going to be far too big. They came to almost 3 gigabytes. So I just ummed and arrred over what to do with them. Then this morning when preparing this update I thought 'bugger it'. I'll make some 'wmv' copies of them anyway and sod the size. The people that really want them will download them no matter how big they are.

So I have spent most of the day now making wmv copies of my originals and uploading them all to RapidShare. There are 8 videos in total as there are two from the high jump because that competition was being aired all over the place. First on BBC HD then on BBC One HD then on BBC2. I don't have the BBC2 coverage as that would have been in SD rather than HD. That is why in the second of those two high jump videos there is an extra scene aired in the evening with a sound track added which shows the part of the competition that was only aired on BBC2. It's a bit out of sequence with the rest of the video but important as there was some very nice images to be had from that scene.

Some of the videos are rather long. Particularly the last one at nearly 13 minutes as that includes all the post competition celebrations. However, I wanted to include all that too as it's so memorable.

It's curious actually how my wmv copies from the various different HD channels on freeview all come out in different sizes. What I mean is that when I make a video from an HD recording on ITV the wmv copy is larger than the original. However, this time the wmv copies from the BBC came out smaller than the original and by quite some margin too. For instance my original of video 8 was 926mb's. However, the wmv copy is only 757mb's. This has made it slightly easier to upload the videos and will make it slightly easier for you to download them. As mentioned in other posts on my sites though. The wmv copy is never quite as good as the original. It's still a very high quality video. It's just the picture breaks up slightly more in these copies than the originals. Nothing really I can do about that though.

So you can download those 8 videos in the Video's section. It made me quite emotional watching them all again actually. I'm such a wuss!

05.09.12: 70 HD images from The Angelos Epithemiou Show.

There are only images from 5 of the 6 shows during this series. There are no images from the 5th show in the series as I think it was a night I was already recording 3 things and that is the most I can record at one time. 2 on the one computer and one on the other. I can't quite remember what the 3rd thing was but I was definitely recording 2 Olympics programmes at the time. I vaguely recall thinking I would record a repeat edition of the show later in the week but must have forgotten. I did check to see who I would have missed on that show and Cover Drive were the only guests featuring cute girls.

I was actually a bit disappointed with this show. There were a couple of funny moments but equally there were some very disappointing ones too. For instance, Angelos's sidekick Gupta is a complete tool. Not funny at all. The other really annoying thing was the fact that they were still trying to pull jokes off while the singing guest was performing. Even during the chorus in one example when the camera was Angelos and Gupta instead of Stooshe and putting the lead singer of the Scissor Sisters off so much he couldn't stop laughing during another. Bell-ends!!!

The above said, Amy Childs did look quite cute and the stalker-esque pursuit of Gabby Logan was mildly amusing.

29.08.12: 257 HD images from The Graham Norton Show.

I have included a few images with this update that may be similar to some that I posted with the last Graham Norton Show update. However, those were in standard definition. So as the final show of the series is always a compilation show of some of the best bits I decided to capture a few images in Hi Definition of the girls I had only previously captured images of in standard definition.

So some of the girls listed in this update have only about 5 to 10 images as they only appeared for a couple of minutes, or so, on the highlights programme and some have about 20 to 30 images as they appeared in a whole episode. Cheryl Cole has the most new images as she also performed her latest song too. Cheryl was looking particularly fine too in some very tight black and white leggings. She looked really hot.

Charlotte Church was wearing a very short skirt. I was waiting for the whole episode actually for her to cross her legs so we could get a really nice shot of her thighs. Didn't happen though, which was a bit disappointing.

28.08.12: 280 HD images from Countdown.

Some more images of the very sexy Rachel Riley on Countdown. Countdown is now currently in the middle of a one month break so it may be a while before I post any more new images from this show.

I also have plenty of images from The Graham Norton Show which I am nearly ready to post so check back tomorrow for those.

Plus I have also updated my site with images from Celebrity Big Brother so you should check that out too. There are a couple of very sexy models on the show this year that are definitely worth a look at. Plus I have posted a new video on that site too.

21.08.12: 127 HD images from Alan Carr's Summertime Specstacular 2 + 122 HD images from The Jonathan Ross Show.

Well I normally wouldn't do these two updates at the same time. However, as they both have an Olympic theme with a number of British Olympians on Alan Carr's Summertime Specstacular on Friday and Jessica Ennis on The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday I decided to update the site with both of them at the same time.

Other highlights to look out for, apart from our Olympians, include Tulisa and Paloma Faith looking sexy on Alan Carr and Kelly Brook and Rita Ora on Jonathan Ross.

13.08.12: 384 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day sixteen of competition + The Closing Ceremony.

So it's finally all over. It's a bit depressing actually. Watching GB do so well over the last 2 and a half weeks has been the best natural high in the world. Like a drug. However, when the drug wears off, because the Games are over, you have the come down and I'm totally bummed out now.

What a rollercoaster of emotions the Olympics can produce though. It's not just the athletes that go through it but the spectators too. I've cried more times in this last two weeks than I've got fingers and toes. Every time I see that slo-mo of Gemma Gibbons looking up to the sky and saying 'I love you mum', after winning her semi-final, sets me off again. I'm in bits now. I was watching the highlight shows with a permanent lump in my throat and a wet hanky. I'm going a need a few days to recover to balance out my emotions again as I'm either in the sky or on the floor. As Jade Jones would say 'it's crazy'.

This could have been Britain's finest hour, on a sporting front, in my lifetime. As I've never witnessed us winning the world cup there is not a lot else that compares really. We have won the rugby world cup. However, only a dozen or so nations even play that sport with much conviction. Same for the twenty/20 world cup in cricket. The next closest is European Cup/Champions League wins. However, not all those are strictly British victories with half the team or more these days being foreign. We can be truly proud of what we have achieved during these Games. The likes of which we may not see again for generation's (a 'generation' is classically thought of as 25 years in case you didn't know).

So what has been my highlight? I know many would say Mo Farah and his double Olympic gold medals. However, for me it is Jessica Ennis without a doubt. The way I look at it is we have had a brilliant Olympics. Better than we could have ever hoped for. In terms of medals and magical moments. However, if Jessica hadn't won that gold I would have always looked back on it with a tinge of sadness that 'our' girl didn't do it. That we did well but Jessica failed. But she did do it and I was so pleased that I was just bursting with pride for her. She had the weight and expectation of the world on her shoulders and she took it all and delivered under the most amazing pressure. The only issue being is that she may have delivered too well. In the final event, the 800m's, she would literally of had to pull up lame to not win the overall event. She could have fallen over and got back up and still won gold she was that far ahead. So perhaps in that respect it was an anti-climax for some. However, not for me. I just have even more respect for her that she not only won but she did so with room to spare because she performed so well and I love her for that.

Mo Farah's double gold is up there though. With Mo we didn't know he would win. We hoped and dreamed and kept our fingers crossed and that drama of, will he or won't he, going into the last lap was incredible. So the jubilation when he crossed the line in first place was palpable.

Having watched more of the female events though many of my personal highlights have been watching how well our ladies have performed. Nicola Adams in the boxing was brilliant; Jade Jones in the taekwondo was breathtaking; Gemma Gibbons in the Judo was emotional; all our female rowers and cyclists were just joyful. An amazing performance by our female Olympians.

The main tinge of sadness I have with these Games is Victoria Pendleton. I know sometimes the gold doesn't always go to who it's expected to and if they are British then that is upsetting. Equally though we sometimes get gold when we expected nothing, so things even out. However, in Victoria's case the fates conspired against her. She needed to be more than just the best in her sport. She needed fortune to smile on her too. Alas it didn't. Disqualified from contesting the gold medal match in the women's team sprint and also from the first bout of 3 in the individual sprint. The latter of those two being very harsh justice in deed in my opinion. She could have been sitting on 3 gold medals in the end and instead has 1 gold and 1 silver. As mentioned in an earlier update she could have been the belle of the Games for GB being the only competitor to win 3 gold medals. She would have been a certainty for a 'Dame' hood too. However, she'll just be remembered for being a part of a great team, instead of one of it's cavaliers. Very upsetting to think about even now.

I'm going to really miss watching the Olympics every day. I already feel a bit lost.

As for this update then we only have 2 sports listed on the final day. Though it looks like more as they compete in 5 very different events in the modern pentathlon including fencing, swimming, equestrian, running and shooting. There are also some nice images from the rhythmic gymnastics. Sonali Shah was again looking very sexy too.

This update also includes images from the closing ceremony. Highlight there for me was Jessie J. She looked really sexy. Very nice legs and butt. It was nice to see the Spice Girls too but Jessie was stunning.

By the way, I've uploaded over 7,000 HD images over the period of the Games on this website. Aren't you lucky? I'm knackered now though.

12.08.12: 315 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day fifteen of competition.

Images from the penultimate day of competition and 3 more gold medals. Haven't we done well in this Olympics? As of writing we have 29 gold medals in total, which is the number it will probably remain on. What a magnificent achievement!!! Beyond even what I expected. I was just hoping we could get more than Beijing's 19. So as soon as we passed that total the pressure was off for me and the rest was just gravy I could enjoy.

Third in the medal table too! Also a magnificent achievement. However, I didn't think it was in the bag quite as early as some. I read that Steve Redgrave was saying about a week ago that third was virtually guaranteed and how brilliant that was. I think at the time there was still about 6 full days of competition to go and GB were on about 19 to 20 gold medals or so and Russia were on about 5 (though they did have lots more silvers and bronzes). However, I remember Beijing and how the Russians came really strong at the end. It looked like GB would get third then too as we were a long way ahead of Russia up until the last couple of days. Then they overtook us and ended on 23 golds compared to our 19.

So for Steve Redgrave to say it was in the bag with nearly a week to go was well premature in my opinion. It is easily conceivable that from that point on that GB might have only gotten another 2 or 3 or even 4 golds and finished on 23. Russia at the time of writing have 24. Partly down to 6 golds on Saturday and 3 on Sunday I believe. So would have overtaken us by 1. Just look at how we started the Olympics. It took until day 5 before we got our first gold medal. So a drought at the end was easily possible too.

You just have to look at how Russia have faired in the athletics. This Olympics they got 8 golds compared to GB's 4. In Beijing I think we only got 1 gold in athletics and if Russia got about the same then there was the difference between 3rd and 4th at those Games.

I think GB have done really well over the second week to maintain the gold rush and stay ahead of Russia. Particularly after the cycling finished and there was still 5 days to go I was thinking where is the next gold coming from. However, we got golds in showjumping and two in dressage, plus 3 in boxing, 1 from the kayak sprint and an amazing win in the taekwondo for Jade Jones. Then there was Mo Farah getting his second gold on the track. One of the great highlights of the Games winning back to back medals on each Saturday.

We certainly can't complain with getting third in the medal table with 29 gold medals and 64 medals in total. A very, very successful Games. I mean we were only 9 gold behind China in second place. I think that's amazing. We were never ever going to get near the USA on 45. Not unless we were to get a lot, lot better in the pool. They give so many medals out for swimming (34 gold in total compared to just 10 in the velodrome for instance). Take away America's medals in the pool though and GB and America would be tied on 29 golds as they got 16 gold medals in swimming. Amazing stat huh? Still, each country has their strengths. Look at the cycling for us, archery for the Koreans and diving for the Chinese. I'm over the moon at our medal count.

Highlights with this update include some nice images from the volleyball as the medals matches took place. I love the tight shorts the volleyball players wear. They're so sexy. I have to point out Sonali Shah again on BBC HD in the morning. Wearing another sexy dress. Thank god for the nice weather over those couple of days as she's been looking really hot.

11.08.12: 431 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day fourteen of competition.

As I briefly mentioned in yesterday's update I had a few recording failures in the morning on day fourteen of the Games. I'm not sure I missed too much though as the schedule of events at that time didn't seem too special.

As mentioned I had narrowed the problem down to a memory issue and I thought I had ordered some new memory only for it to not arrive this morning. So I went back to the website I bought it from only to discover an error with my order and it didn't go through properly. So now I will have to wait until next week at the earliest before I get some new memory. Which means that the problems I was having with recording failures may still persist for the last two days of the Games. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they don't.

Highlights with this update include a number of our Olympic athletes on the breakfast show and early morning Olympic shows. There are also a number of images from the hockey as the medal matches took place. Synchronised swimming and waterpolo also make their debut with images.

10.08.12: 537 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day thirteen of competition.

So I didn't have any recording failures on day thirteen. Yeah! However, it has been a hollow victory as I must of had a dozen failures this morning already of day 14 action. The only silver lining is I think I have managed to isolate the problem. It is a memory issue.

You see I record the 2 BBC HD channels on my media center computer in the bedroom. This computer only has one 2gb memory stick in it. I haven't ever bought more than this as all the computer is used for is recording TV programmes and I didn't think it needed anymore than that. However, perhaps since having gone HD and also having a dual tuner TV card that can record more than one channel at a time this data is no longer applicable.

So when recording 2 HD TV programmes about half of the memory is in use (about 1gb). The problem arises though when I start watching some of those recordings via my network cable on my main computer in the frontroom. The memory use shoots up and at times gets completely stuck at a full 2gb. The computer freezes up and hence all the recordings start to fail at this point.

The curious thing is though why the memory usage goes up to full sometimes and not others. The computer has been constantly recording 2 HD channels for 15 hours a day for nearly 2 weeks. During most of that time I have also been watching those recordings via the network cable. So how come I had no problems in the first week of the Olympics and the problem has become so acute now? Perhaps the memory has overheated and broke somehow from over use. I don't know.

Anyway, to try and rectify the problem I have ordered 6 more gigabyte's of memory which should hopefully arrive on Saturday. This will put me up to 8gb's of memory on that computer and hopefully the problem should be resolved for the last couple of days of the Olympics and for future recordings too.

Day Thirteen was a great day though. 3 more big G's for GB!!! The day was touted early on as ladies day and so it proved. All the medals on this day were won by women. The individual section of the team dressage that was set to music was the only part of that competition I actually enjoyed. The early rounds without music were really dull. However, the freestyle dressage set to music is much more enjoyable. Gold and bronze there. Yeah!

Nicola Adams won the first ever women's boxing gold in Olympic history and wow what a fight. I don't think I have enjoyed a boxing contest so much for years. If you didn't manage to watch the whole fight uninterrupted then you really missed out. Nicola was the underdog going into the contest having lost to her Chinese opponent in the last two world championships but having narrowly beaten her early this year by one point. So trailed by 2 bouts to 1. However, in this contest, from the first bell, she absolutely dominated. The second round was awesome. In the first 30 seconds there was one exchange between the two boxers and Nicola must have clocked her about half a dozen times. Then later in the round she had her on the canvas. How she only won that round by 3 points is a mystery because there was a few more telling blows too. In the end she won by 16 points to 7. Absolutely superb. Hats off to the girl. She really stepped it up and won that medal like a champion.

Then there was Jade Jones in the taekwondo. What a thrilling ride to gold that was. I watched every contest and she was brilliant and what a nice sweet girl she is too.

Other highlights with this update include more images from the diving. If you have seen my other updates you will know that the diving images have been some of the best from the whole Games. My favourite this time was a very cute Italian girl called Noemi Batki. A very sexy girl. There are also some images of Victoria Pendleton on the breakfast show and Jessica Ennis on Olympics Tonight.

The final highlight I have to point out is how sexy Sonali Shah looked on BBC HD early in the day. She was wearing a very, very sexy short dress and looked really hot. There are quite a number of images of her scattered about this update but they start on the bottom of Page 5.

09.08.12: 255 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day twelve of competition.

I had another couple of recording failures on day twelve. This is getting to be a bit of a worry now. Both of my evening recordings failed at about 7.35pm. So I missed the evening session of the athletics on BBC One HD and the Brits hockey failure against the Argies on BBC HD. I really don't know what's causing these recording failures and it's very upsetting. The thing is that when the recording fails Windows Media Center doesn't look any different. It still shows that the programme is recording ok. However, it might have stopped about an hour or two earlier. The only way you can tell is to check the size of the file to see how big it is or to play the recording to see how long it is.

I don't know what to do to try and rectify the problem with these recording failures because I don't know what's causing it. Whether it's a hardware issue because the computer can't cope with recording 2 HD channels for 16 hours a day or a software problem with Windows Media Center. I did put it down to the computer being on 24/7 for nearly two weeks. So I have turned off the computer again overnight and now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get any more failures today.

So we have the fewest number of images from any day of the Olympics so far. Partly down to the recording failures but also because a lot of the sports are concluded now like the gymnastics and the cycling etc. There are a few more nice images from the hockey though including the very cute Dutch girls again. There are also some nice images from the concluding matches in the beach volleyball.

We didn't get a single medal on day twelve either so it wasn't the best day of the Games for Team GB. Hopefully day thirteen will be lucky for us.

08.08.12: 327 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day eleven of competition.

I had another recording failure on day eleven unfortunately. I think the fact that my computer has been on 24/7 for nearly two weeks now has been too much for it. Because the Olympics coverage starts quite early and finishes quite late I have had to keep the computer on overnight to continue recording while I sleep. Anyway, I've noticed for a couple of days that my recordings were becoming a lot more choppy because either the processor can't handle the numbers or more likely the memory and cache are completely chock full and struggling to process new information.

So I lost my afternoon recording on BBC HD. Quite a loss too. There are only 3 recordings a day on BBC HD. Two 5 hour ones and then a 4 hour one. So it was the afternoon 5 hour one that didn't record properly. Funny thing is though is it looked like it was recording ok. I checked the computer about 4pm and it seemed to be recording ok. However, when I came to watch the 2-7pm recording there was something very definitely wrong. It still showed the length of the recording was 5 hours. However, instead of the file being about 20gb in size it was only 512kb. So effectively it didn't even start. Very upsetting to lose 5 hours of coverage. I'm not quite sure of everything I missed but I know the floor routine of the women's gymnastics would have been there. I did get the bar routine earlier in the day. However, the floor is possibly the best for getting nice images from. So a little bit annoying to not be able to see that.

Anyway, I did decide to turn the computer off last night and turn it back on again early this morning to give it a rest for a few hours. So hopefully we shouldn't have any more recording failures in the last 5 days of the Games.

Highlights with this update include more images from the last day of cycling in the velodrome including another gold for Laura Trott. I was very, very disappointed Victoria Pendleton didn't win gold though. For the second time in this Olympics she had to suffer being relegated for a so called infringement. This time in the first of three contests in the women's sprint final against Anna Mears of Australia. However, I think she was so harshly treated and I'm so annoyed. What happened is that Anna Mears bumped Victoria which caused her to lose some balance and she veered left and then right and slightly out of the sprinters lane. This was deemed a foul by Victoria?????? However, it was only because she was knocked and I can't believe that wasn't taken into consideration. I was absolutely fuming. It should have been Mears that was DQ'ed for bumping Victoria and putting her off her stroke!!!!!!

Victoria ended up losing the 2nd of the 3 match series too. However, but for that DQ in the first race I think she would have won 2-0 because the whole psychology of the 2nd race would have been different had Victoria been 1 up instead of 1 down and with Anna knowing that Victoria had a faster time in the preliminary sprint times too. Victoria would have had all the confidence and Anna would have been almost resigned to her fate.

It's so upsetting. Victoria could have been the belle of this Olympics and been the only British competitor to win 3 golds but for 2 very harsh DQ's. After Chris Hoy got a knighthood for 3 golds in Beijing we would certainly be looking at Dame Victoria Pendleton come the next honours list. However, she finishes this Olympics with 1 gold and 1 silver and doesn't even top the cyclists medal table as 3 other Brits got 2 golds. The only way I can come to terms with it is it just wasn't meant to be. Like fate. Some things are just destined it seems. Like the way Man City won the Premier League and Chelsea the Champions League. It just seemed like those things were pre-planned in destiny somehow. Sadly, it seems, Victoria was never meant to be the queen of the London Games and the biggest winner but just another one in the pack. Still a great Games. Just not the accolades at the end for her that she could of had.

Very, very nice for Laura Trott to win a second gold though. She is so nice and sweet and pretty and I was really, really pleased for her. There are some very nice images of her holding up the Union Flag after her triumph. I should also point out the very cute Australian girl who came third and is the same age as Laura, Annette Edmondson. A very pretty girl. You should check out her images too.

07.08.12: 415 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day ten of competition.

I missed a couple of hours of recording on day ten as my recordings mysteriously ended at around 2pm and didn't start again until a couple minutes after 3pm. I don't know what happened. I think Windows Media Center must have crashed. However, it's curious then why the recordings started again at about 3pm as I didn't notice a problem until about 4pm. I did note that when watching the recordings just before they stopped that the picture got very choppy. So that must have been what caused the crash. I know there have been a few thunderstorms about so perhaps the signal got really weak and caused some reception difficulties that Media Center couldn't handle. So I lost about an hour on both BBC One HD and BBC HD. I think I only missed some sailing on BBC One HD but may have missed some gymnastics on BBC HD. As that was what was first on when the recordings recommenced.

Highlights with this update include a lot more images from the athletics. Some of the nicest images actually came from the hockey this time with GB taking on the Netherlands. How come Dutch girls are so pretty? What's the deal there? I spent a few days in Holland, in Amsterdam, a few years ago and I was struck just how physically stunning some Dutch girls are. They must have a great gene pool in Holland to produce so many cute girls.

By the way, how great are we doing now in the medals table? Day eleven could well see us overall our astonishing figure of 19 golds at Beijing. Can we maintain third in the medal table through to the end? Russia came with a very late spurt at Beijing to knock us down to fourth. However, I don't think they are doing quite as well and we are doing better. They would have to have an astonishing last few days and we'd have to have a stinker for them to catch us I think. What a great Olympics! It should be the best medal haul since London hosted the Games in 1908 when only around 20 nations took part. Now there are over 200 nations.

06.08.12: 335 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day nine of competition.

This update starts off with some nice images of Jessica Ennis on the breakfast show. Plus some images of our successful cyclists on the same show. Then on the first morning programme on BBC One HD we had all our successful Olympic rowers on the sofa.

Other highlights with this update included a number of images from the last day of the tennis including Laura Robson and Victoria Azarenka in the mixed doubles final.

05.08.12: 629 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day eight of competition.

What an amazing day eight at the Olympics!!!! 6 gold medals including gold for the poster girl of the Games, Jessica Ennis, in the heptathlon. Surely this will go down in the annals of British sporting history as one of it's greatest days ever. More gold medals on one day at the Olympics for more than 100 years and the first time we've ever gotten 3 gold medals on the same day in the showpiece athletics competition. If you are not smiling after a day like this then you're obviously not British. Rule Britannia!!!

The day started off great with 2 golds and a silver to conclude the rowing events. Then another expected gold medal in the cycling. The most amazing events though occurred in the Olympics Stadium with 3 golds in a hour in the athletics including the 10,000m's and the long jump.

The day though surely has to belong to Jessica Ennis. All the pressure she must have been under as the face of the Games. The whole world looking at her in expectation. A nation willing her to win and she stepped up to the mark like a trooper and performed brilliantly. I'm so pleased she won. She will be a British sporting legend now for the rest of her life. A giant of Olympic history. Well done Jessie!!! You did us proud.

Today's image of the day see's Jessica holding up the British flag after her victory. Image number .....527. I have left the 'TartyDoris.Com' logo off this picture in case you wanted to print the image and post it on your wall. Perhaps to inspire you to sporting greatness in 2016 in Rio. That image is on Page 14.

What more can we expect after a day like that? Does it get any better than that? I don't know but I'm looking forward to finding out.

04.08.12: 628 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day seven of competition.

No doubt what the highlight is from day seven of the Olympics and that is the start of the athletics in the Olympic Stadium and the start of Jessica Ennis's run at the gold medal in the heptathlon. Before the Games started this was the one medal I was hoping for the most. I don't think I am alone in that wish either. So the anxiety while watching Jessica perform has been palpable. When she does well it's like such a rush. My emotions are all over the place.

I knew the Games would have their highs and lows. However, I didn't realise I would get quite so passionate about them. Watching 30 hours of HD coverage a day will do that to you though. I am literally watching Olympics from when from I get up to when I go to bed 17 hours later. The only time I'm not is when updating this site.

The anxiety is worse though because it's a home Games and you want our athletes to do well and almost expect them to. Expectation though is the killer. For athletes and spectators. When you expect and it doesn't happen the lows are murder. That's why the unexpected medal can be such a high. Like Gemma Gibbons in the judo.

This update is littered with images of Jessica Ennis. Clearly the sexiest girl at the London Olympics 2012. I can't just point you where her images start. Two main reasons for that is that she is competing in four events through-out the day and because I watched my recordings from BBC One HD first and then I watched all my recordings from BBC HD and got a load more of her too. So her images start on Page 1 and go right through to Page 16.

Jessica had a brilliant day one and got two personal bests. However, her first two events on day 2 have cost her in the past with the long jump costing her the world indoor title and the javelin costing her the world championships. However, as of writing this I have been checking the live texts from the Olympics and she has done really well in those two and they are saying she virtually has it in the bag. I'm so happy I've shed a little tear or two already and I haven't even watched it yet.

These Olympics are going to kill me. At the very least I think I'll have square eyes by the end of it. Still over a week to go. Geez!!!!! Have I got the strength?

03.08.12: 418 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day six of competition.

The gold rush continued on day six of the Olympics for GB with 3 more golds. In fact gold and silver in the canoe slalom for GB. How cool? We also got gold in the shooting.

Plus the men's team sprint in the cycling. One thing I found curious about that though was when they were interviewing the winning 3 cyclists and they turned the mike to Philip Hindes I thought 'wait a minute, he's German'. He certainly had a very strong German accent. Apparently though he has dual nationality with his father being British and marrying a German woman he met while stationed in Germany in the army. You could clearly tell from that accent that Philip was brought up in Germany though. However, who can blame him for joining the British cycling team after their success in recent years. Did make me laugh though to hear his strong German accent while riding for a British team. I wonder how the Germans feel about that?

However, it wasn't all smiles on day six. The sad news was our women's team sprint cyclists were disqualified from taking their place in the final for an illegal takeover. What a shame for Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish. I was so upset when it happened. Denied a guaranteed silver or gold. However, how lucky were the Germans? They'll clearly burn in hell because they must have done a deal with the devil to secure their gold medal. Denied a shot at gold or silver by coming third. Then being promoted to second after GB are DQ'ed. Then losing the final and being promoted again after China were DQ'ed. You would say if the other teams were gaining an advantage from illegal takeovers then maybe they were quickest anyway? However, in legal races GB and China ran they both beat the world record. Germany in no way deserved that gold and I don't know how they could feel any satisfaction winning when they were clearly only third best. The highs and lows of the Olympics are so tough sometimes. My emotions are up and down like a yo-yo.

One of the other highlights of the day was Gemma Gibbons very brave fights to the silver medal in the judo. That was thrilling to watch. Particularly her extra time win against the current world champion in the semi-final. There are a number of images scattered through-out this update of her.

Around half the images with this update though come from the women's individual event in the gymnastics which saw two Brits competing in Rebecca Tunney and Hannah Whelan.

Day 7 should be something to look forward to as the athletics starts and we can look forward to seeing the very, very sexy Jessica Ennis in the heptathlon on the first two days. There are a few images with this update on Page 9 and 10 of Jessica as the BBC did a little piece on her.

02.08.12: 302 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day five of competition.

The gold rush finally began on day five of the Olympics with gold medals in rowing and cycling. So there are a number of images with this update of our successful rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning. We also had success in the cycling with Bradley Wiggins winning the time trial. However, we wasn't quite so lucky in the women's cycling time trial. There are a number of images from that competition though.

Other highlights with this update include some more images from the beach volleyball. Another curious highlight you wouldn't normally expect came in the archery with the very cute British girl Amy Oliver competing. She beat the world no.1 in her first round. Then unfortunately lost in the second round.

01.08.12: 594 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day four of competition.

On day four we have a lot more images from the women's gymnastics as it was their team final on this day. We have more different nations featured this time than just the four we had with the last update as there was 8 teams in the final. The one problem I have we capturing images from the gymnastics though is that some of the competitors, particularly the Chinese, are so small they look like children. They have to be at least 16 in the year of competition so some may still be 15 but will be 16 before the end of 2012. That is why there is not as many images of the Chinese girls as I just didn't feel comfortable capturing images of them.

The Chinese gymnasts may be small and I think all of them were probably under 5ft tall, only weighing about 5 or 6 stone and looking about 13. However, there was one gymnast in the Romania team that was absolutely tiny. You can see her in image ...071 and even looks small compared to the diminutive Chinese. She only performed one discipline, which was the floor, and she must only be just over 4ft tall and weighing about the same amount as a bag of sugar. There was no way I was capturing any images of her. She looked about 9 years old. I'm glad the Olympics brought in the rule that you have to be at least 16 in the year of competition to compete as previous Olympics you did see much younger competitors. However, I would be looking at some birth records for this girl to make sure she is old as she says she is.

The other main highlight with this update is some more very nice images from the diving. This time the 10m synchronised diving. Once again the British girls were absolutely gorgeous and you would have to say were the pick of the competitors for sex appeal. The one British girl was slightly prettier than the other but both of them had really lovely bodies. There are around 100 images from the diving and they start on Page 10.

There is also some more images from the volleyball as BBC HD showed the conclusion to the Britain vs Algeria match which actually didn't finish until nearly one in the morning. There are more nice images of Zara Phillips from the 3 day eventing. Plus images from 2 hockey matches. The Britain vs South Korea match but also the Netherlands vs Japan match too.

There hasn't been too much coverage on the HD channels from the tennis so far. However, there are a few images from the Laura Robson vs Maria Sharapova match. None though from the Heather Watson vs Maria Kirilenko match though apart from a brief 5 second clip from one of the highlight shows. That would have been a great match to watch as both of those girls are really hot.

Highlights from day five could hopefully see Britain win it's first gold. Keeping my fingers crossed.

31.07.12: 412 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day three of competition.

On day three we finally got some decent coverage on the HD channels of the Beach Volleyball. With a match during the daytime in the sunshine with 4 cute girls in bikini's. It included two Swiss girls and 2 Chinese girls and as mentioned all 4 were pretty hot and looked really sexy. So that was probably the highlight from day three. There are over 130 images from that match and those pictures start on Page 3.

Other highlights included more volleyball but this time the indoor variety with 6 players per team as opposed to 2. The British team were playing Algeria and actually the Brit girls were really sexy. They wear these very tight, figure hugging, blue shorts that are extremely sexy. Those images start on Page 8.

Curiously one of the other highlights was from weightlifting. Now that normally wouldn't be the case you would think but we had one British weightlifter competing called Zoe Smith who is a very cute looking girl. So there are a number of images scattered through out this update of her.

There was quite a lot of equestrian action on day three with the cross country section of the 3 day eventing. That doesn't really produce great images but there are a few of the very pretty Zara Phillips.

There is more action from the women's gymnastics on day 4 so that will probably dominate tomorrow's update.

30.07.12: 548 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 day two of competition.

As expected we have a lot more images from day two at the Olympics than we did from day one. Partly down to the fact that we have around 200 images from the gymnastics. We have images of the British girls, plus the Americans, French and Canadians who were also in Britain's quartet competing at the same time. Needless to say that most of these images are really hot. Cute girls in leotards stretching and contorting their bodies. What more could you ask for? Those images start on Page 7.

Arguably though the images of the day were from the women's synchronised diving. Gosh, some of the girls in this competition are almost too sexy for words and looked so hot. In particular the Ukrainian girls. The one who was diving closest to the camera all the time had a butt that was beyond perfect. There was one very cute Australian girl that I liked too and the young blonde British girl was pretty hot as well. There are around 130 images from that competition and they start on Page 3.

Other notable highlights included a number of images from the women's road race in the cycling. Congratulations to Lizzie Armitstead who won a silver medal. There was also some nice images from the women's hockey. I was quite impressed with the British hockey team. They were really pretty and sexy. British teams, I have found, can sometimes be stacking on a few more pounds in weight than some of the other countries. However, the hockey team all looked cute and slim with very nice looking bodies. Those images start on Page 13.

There is also more images from the swimming. Gabby Logan also features in another cute dress on Page 14.

29.07.12: 384 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 first day of competition.

So I had a real dilemma with this update and how to name all these images. Obviously it would be ridiculous to try and name all the competitors individually. Then I thought about naming them by sport. Then what about all the various presenters and athletes working for the BBC presenting and commentating? I just couldn't decide what to do for the best. I obviously want to make it as easy for you to view the images but I also have massive time constraints too. It's not easy to try and watch more than 30 hours of coverage per day and also update this site too. In the end I decided it would be easiest if I just named the images by the day. So they are in the same order as I captured them while watching the two BBC HD channels.

I will include a run down of what events/sports are included in that days images. So you do have an idea of the images you will be viewing. Plus I will also make note of various highlights you can look out for.

Perhaps the highlight for me from Day One was Caroline Wozniacki in the tennis. At Wimbledon the competitors are only allowed to wear white. So it has been nice in the tennis coverage so far to see the girls in different colours. Caroline was looking particularly sexy in a cute red dress and occasionally showing some nice white shorts underneath. You will notice that those images are in two different places in this update. The anomaly being that I watched all the programmes on the BBC HD Channel and saw the end of the match. Then I watched my recordings from BBC One HD and watched more coverage but from the middle of the match. That is why there are some images on Page 6 then more later on the bottom of Page 7 and the top of Page 8.

Slightly disappointing is the swimming events. I thought this would have produced better images than it did. Cute girls in swimming attire is bound to be a winner right? However, the tight swimsuits the majority of the girls wear are not that flattering and don't produce great images. The girls are in the water most of the time too so you don't get too many images from there. There are some nice pictures. Just not the stellar ones I was expecting.

The badminton can produce some nice images. We have quite a few pics on Page 2 and 3 from that sport. The handball was pretty good too. The basketball was slightly disappointing as many of the girls in that coverage were quite average looking and giants in some cases. More images from the ladies football too. Then finally at the end of the day, on one of the review shows, we had some images from beach volleyball. Slightly disappointing is that from this Olympics the girls don't have to wear bikini's. They can still do but can also wear shorts and long sleeved tops. So those images include a mix of the two. The Americans were wearing bikini's and the Aussies were wearing long leggings and tops.

One of the events I was looking forward to the most was the women's gymnastics. There was no coverage from that on the first day as only the men were competing. However, on Day 2 it is the women's turn. So check back tomorrow for what is bound to be a day packed full of sexy images.

By the way you might be interested in knowing that all my recordings from Day One of The Games came to around 120 gigabytes. Meaning that if I wanted to keep all my recordings from The Olympics over the 17 days I would need well over 2,000 gigabytes, or 2 terabytes, of space. Serious huh?

28.07.12: 94 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony.

This update also includes images from the 2 preview shows at 1pm and 5pm hosted by Sophie Raworth, the Countdown show at 7pm and some images from this mornings Olympics Breakfast show.

Check back again tomorrow for images from the first day of actual competition.

27.07.12: 86 HD images from the London Olympics 2012 and the Women's Football competition which started on Wednesday.

This is the first update to this site from the London Olympics 2012 and as the Women's football started early then that is what we have first. This update includes images from GBR's opener against New Zealand, plus most of the other games that took place on the Wednesday. Plus a few images of Gabby Logan who was presenting the show.

All the images I will be getting from this year's Olympics will be from the two HD channels on the BBC. I am going to record all the programmes from these two channels and try and watch as much of them as possible and if possible update this site every day with the latest images and perhaps videos too. I'm not even sure how doable this is though as both channels are airing about 15 hours of coverage a day. Even if I don't watch any of the events where there are no sexy women then 30 hours of TV is still a lot to get through per day.

I might even have to put off watching the soaps for a couple of weeks just to have enough time during the day to watch all this and then update the site with hundreds and hundreds of new images. I would still record all the soaps on my other computer and perhaps watch them all after the Olympics is over and do a big catch up. We'll have to see how manic it might potentially be as I just don't know if what I am planning yet is even possible to do.

So check back regularly to see all the best HD images from the Games and all the sexy fit young athletes.

Come On Great Britain!!!!!!

26.07.12: 218 HD images from Dancing On Ice Goes Gold.

This show was a one off special edition of Dancing On Ice full of ex-Olympian athletes to commemorate the upcoming start of the London Olympics. I have batch named all the images under the same title. So the pictures are in the same order as they were captured while watching the show. I figured they're all sports people. Whether they are athletes, rowers, gymnasts etc. or their ice dance partners. So it just seemed appropriate, and a lot easier, to batch name them all.

This is also the first time we have HD images from Dancing On Ice and they do look much better than the usual SD ones I have included on this site over the last few years.

24.07.12: 257 HD images from Countdown.

This is the first time I've watched Countdown for years and since Rachel Riley has been the Letters and Numbers girl. I have gotten a few images of Rachel before from the odd episode or two. However, I have never published any of them to this site.

One of the main reasons why there hasn't been so many images on this site over the last couple of years from daytime TV programmes is I just wasn't there to record the programmes or quite often didn't have the time to watch more programmes if I had recorded them. You see with my old set up I had to physically be there to start and stop recordings as the last TV card I had in my computer was so prone to errors that I if wasn't I couldn't guarantee the programme would record at all. However, with my current set up now it is completely different. I can set all my recordings at the start of the day in Windows Media Center knowing that it is virtually 100% guaranteed that they will record as I wanted. I don't have to be near the computer at all.

The above has meant that I can potentially record many more shows than I have done in the past and hence have more material to watch and get images from for this site. So Countdown was one of those shows I could start recording as it certainly would be nice to have HD images of the very sexy Rachel Riley.

So this update includes images from the last two and a half weeks of Countdown. Starting after Wimbledon finished.

I'm not sure if I will continue recording Countdown in perpetuity. The problem being that if I did then perhaps I would have so images from this show that every other update from this site would be another Countdown one and the images would start to get a bit dull and repetitive. Rachel Riley in a cute dress again and again and again. Nice, but you can have too much of a good thing. Perhaps I will have periods when I record the show and periods when I don't. Like one month in every season for instance. Like in summer she'll wear more flowery frocks and in winter more tights with her dresses or trousers. I don't know. I'll wait and see how it goes.

Anyway, enjoy the lovely HD images of Rachel Riley. She really is quite special.

23.07.12: 208 HD images from the latest series of Primeval.

Images from all 6 episodes in the fifth season of Primeval which just concluded it's current run on Saturday on ITV and the first time we have images from this show in HD. How nice to see all the cute girls in such crystal clear clarity.

Hannah Spearitt is obviously a very sexy girl and was the main reason I started watching this show in the first place. However, perhaps the most sex appeal from the last couple of seasons is coming from the very sexy controller called Jess played by Ruth Kearney. She tends to wear the more girlie attire whereas Hannah is more your Lara Croft type character and usually wielding a gun.

Ruth Bradley also reappeared for a few episodes in this series too. The new girl was Janice Byrne who played April Leonard. However, she died in the last episode so won't be seen in the next series.

16.07.12: 136 HD images from T4 On The Beach.

You may be thinking that 136 images doesn't sound like too many from a nearly 4 hour programme full of girls. Well you'd be right and there is a reason why there isn't more images and I will explain. You see I normally do all my recording on the bedroom computer. That is sort of my dedicated media server. It can record 2 programmes at once and the TV reception in that room is much better than in the frontroom so I always get a strong picture. However, on this Sunday I had some essential maintenance work to do on that computer which I couldn't avoid and therefore it was offline all day.

Therefore I had to risk recording this show on the frontroom computer. However, as mentioned the TV reception in the frontroom can be very hit and miss and on this day it was more miss than hit. I tried for ages to get a stronger signal with the aerial but it was no good. The best I could get was a very jumpy image. However, there was nothing else I could do. I was just keeping my fingers crossed that the picture wouldn't break up too badly when I came to watch it later to get some images.

So I finally watched my recording this week (the earliest possible time I could really with all the Wimbledon coverage) and as suspected some of the programme was unwatchable and producing no viewable image at all. Then at other times the picture was relatively ok. It was just pot luck when the picture would be ok or not.

This is the reason why there are not as many images with this update as there could have been and why some of the names listed below have only a few images and others have much more. I wondered a few times actually while watching the programme if I should continue as I thought if I couldn't get images of all those who were involved then it would be a pretty poor update. However, I thought a few images are still better than nothing.

As briefly mentioned with the previous update I have now sorted the aerial problem so I get a stronger signal on the frontroom computer by linking to the same aerial in the bedroom via a long extension cable.

The above said we still have some nice images with this update. Rita Ora looked very sexy in a white and blue jumpsuit. She has the most new images. Tulisa was looking pretty hot in some denim shorts. Corrie babes Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson looked very hot too. The final mention goes to Marina from Marina And The Diamonds who looked very sexy in a pink dress.

10.07.12: 359 HD images from Wimbledon including the final.

This is the last update from this year's Wimbledon and this update includes images from the quarter final's, semi final's and the final of the ladies singles championship. I'm missing images from one quarter final as because of all the wet weather on the Tuesday the Azarenka vs Paszek quarter final was reassigned to the Center Court from No.1 court but didn't get on until really late and was only on the BBC HD Channel for about 15 minutes. I was already recording 2 things on the bedroom computer as there was an extra long Emmerdale that day, plus Eastenders. So I did try recording the last half an hour of Wimbledon on the frontroom computer. However, my Freeview reception on the frontroom computer can be poor at times and particularly trying to pick up the HD channels. A problem I have subsequently sorted by ingeniously linking the frontroom computer to the same aerial and booster in the bedroom via a very long aerial extension cable. I can now get really good HD reception on both computers.

The point being is that my recording of those last 30 minutes of Wimbledon in HD on Tuesday was unwatchable because the picture was breaking up so badly. It was no great loss missing the Azarenka vs Paszek match though. I still managed to get more pictures of Azarenka from her semi-final encounter and I had gotten lots of nice images of Paszek from one of her earlier matches in the tournament anyway.

You may also wonder why there are no images from any doubles matches which started to be shown from about Thursday onwards. To be honest with you I just didn't have the heart or energy to watch any more Wimbledon by this stage. I had been watching virtually 10 hours of Wimbledon a day for nearly 2 weeks and I was knackered and exhausted. This is why I just couldn't bring myself to watch a further minute, other than the singles event. I was getting square eyes. The one day I actually thought there must be something wrong with me as my eyesight started to go all funny. I had to have a lie down for an hour or two and when I got up again it seemed ok again. Scared me a bit though.

Notable inclusions with this update include one girl I found to be very hot indeed. Some may recall me saying with the last update that I thought Ana Ivanovic was possibly the sexiest girl in tennis. However, I think I may have found a contender to her throne. Someone equally as pretty with a body just as cute. She is Maria Kirilenko the Russian. Somebody I have seen about before but didn't realise just how cute she really is. She's lovely.

Also worth mentioning with this update is another German girlie in Angelique Kerber. I very similar girl to her compatriot Sabine Lisicki actually. Both blonde with long hair, about the same height and very similar build with those strong looking legs.

It was also nice to see in Victoria Azarenka's semi-final that she wasn't wearing those daft white leggings this time and actually had some rather nice turquoise hotpants under her short tennis dress.

With the most new images with this update are Agnieszka Radwanska and Serena Williams as they both got to the final so featured in 3 matches each. Serena won the final which I wasn't too happy about as I don't really like her too much. There's just something about the way she almost bullies opponents off the court with her power that I find distasteful like she is cheating or something.

Very disappointed Andy Murray couldn't go one step further on Sunday too. Lets hope it's not another 74 years before we have another men's finalist.

04.07.12: 251 HD images from Wimbledon days 6 and 8. Obviously no images from day 7 as that is the middle Sunday with no play.

Some more very nice images with this update. Most notably Ana Ivanovic. She possibly is the sexiest girl on the tennis circuit. Her body is so amazing and she's so pretty too.

Other notables include a couple of very sexy German girls. One of my favourites from the last couple of years, Sabine Lisicki, and someone that not all of you may have heard of yet but who is very sexy indeed is Julia Goerges. Julia is actually known as the German Ana Ivanovic because the two are so similar. Both gorgeous and play a very similar game. Appropriate then that they met in this year's third round to fight it out to see who's best. Ana won by a nose.

There are also quite a number of images of Serena Williams as she was involved in a couple of marathon matches.

Another real cute girl is Victoria Azarenka and I have few images of her with this update too. However, why is she wearing the white leggings? Not a fan of them.

02.07.12: 231 HD images from Wimbledon days 4 and 5.

We're getting a slight case of seeing the same players over again on the two HD channels. That is why there is slightly less images with this update than from the first two.

Highlight is probably some more nice images of Tsvetana Pironkova. Agnieszka Radwanska was also looking pretty good when she beat Heather Watson.

29.06.12: Another 343 HD images from Wimbledon up to the end of day 3.

Some more really nice images from this year's Wimbledon and some big hitters with this update. Most notably some very nice images of Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniacki. There are also some more images of Heather Watson and Maria Sharapova. Plus one of my favourites from the last couple of years and that is Tsvetana Pironkova.

One girl I have to point out though is somebody you may not have heard of before but you really should check out her images and that is a very cute 21 year Dutch girl called Arantxa Rus. Very pretty girlie with a lovely body. She's got very nice legs but that is nothing new in Tennis circles but what is more unusual is how nice her boobs are and most notably her very sexy pokies. Definitely a girl to keep an eye on over the next few years. She's a good player too, as she used to be the junior No.1 and beat No.5 seed Sam Stosur in the match she played in with this update, so should feature a lot in the future.

Another girl with nice boobs and lots of images with this update is Tamira Paszek.

Now to a bit of administrative news. I have deleted about 2 years worth of images from the site. This page used to have images going back to the beginning of 2009. However, now the oldest images on this page are from the beginning of 2011. I have to do this every so often otherwise the site gets too big and I get error messages all the time and problems with uploading updates.

26.06.12: 415 HD images from the first day and a half of Wimbledon.

So all the images from this year's Wimbledon are going to be from the 2 BBC HD channels. Aren't you lucky? What I've normally done in the past in peruse the 3 BBC channels showing the tennis (it used to be 4 as the beeb did have 2 red button channels but now it only has 1) to find any women's matches going on and capture images from those. However, now I have gone HD I am instead recording each Wimbledon programme and watching them later. I won't watch any red button coverage as those images would be standard definition and would look pretty poor compared to the HD ones.

That means 10 hours of HD recordings from Wimbledon each day. A 4 hour and a 2 hour programme on BBC HD and another 4 hour programme on BBC One HD. The major advantage to watching the tennis from a recording and capturing images instead of watching it live is you can pause the action to get the best possible images. Or even rewind slightly if you have missed something. So better images and more of them normally too.

Hopefully we'll still get a decent variety of matches on these two main HD channels and it won't just be the same players on each day as they are the big seeds. Sometimes you had to go the red button channels, in past years, just to see some of the lower seeds play.

I'm not quite sure at the moment if I have bitten off more than I can chew as already after just watching the first day and one of the two 4 hour programmes from the second day I already have 415 images. This is why I have updated the site already as if I'd left it for too much longer then this update would be getting too big too quickly. So expect more updates from Wimbledon over the next two weeks.

19.06.12: 111 HD images from Alan Carr's Summertime Spectacular.

I was hoping this show was going to be better than it was. It was still ok but not quite the babe fest I was hoping it would be. The main reason I even recorded the show was because I heard The Saturdays were going to be on and as I haven't gotten any images of them yet in HD I was looking forward to seeing how much cuter they look in hi-definition. They did look hot by the way.

The cast of Made In Chelsea were sort of on the show too but only really in the audience. I thought of naming their images separately from the 'Misc' images but as I don't watch Made In Chelsea I sometimes wondered, when the camera panned to the audience, whether this was a Made In Chelsea girl or just some random audience member so I named them 'Misc' as well. There were some particular cute audience members actually. Most notably one girl with short hair and a sexy blue dress. You may know my penchant for girls with short hair by now.

I would have tried to make a video of The Saturdays but as they didn't perform a song and were scattered through out most of the two hour show I thought it would be too difficult. As mentioned recently on my Corrie Babes site my current computer hardware is really struggling when it comes to editing HD video. I have ordered, off the internet, some new hardware. However, to try and save some money I went for the free delivery option with any item I could and the new processor is taking ages to arrive. I have everything else ready to go and it's bugging me something chronic that I'm having to wait so long for this last item to rebuild my new system with some kick ass higher specs.

The last point I wanted to make is you may be aware that Big Brother has started again this year. So I have been updating my site again. I have so far updated the site twice with nearly 800 images of the female housemates. So check it out at the above underlined link.

11.06.12: 167 HD images from The Diamond Jubilee Concert held last Bank Holiday Monday.

No doubt who has to be the highlight with this update and that is Kylie Minogue as her legs looked very sexy indeed. Though Cheryl Cole and Jessie J were also looking pretty hot too.

05.06.12: 532 images from Alan Carr: Chatty Man including 205 in HD.

This is another update where we have SD images and HD images. 327 standard size images and 205 hi-def images.

There are too many highlights to point out favourites this time. However, one curiosa is we have two singers listed with this update that performed with a broken leg and with one of those boots on. Rebecca Ferguson and Jessie J.

The other slight curiosa is that it's been so long since I last updated the site with images from this show that The Saturdays feature twice. Once for a musical performance and once for an interview.

29.05.12: 211 images from The Gadget Show: World Tour.

Unfortunately none of these images are in HD as this show is aired on channel Five and as yet Five is the only major network station to not have an HD channel on Freeview. I don't expect things to change too soon either. Not for at least another year or more as from my preliminary research on the internet Five are saying they cannot afford it. This is a real shame. It certainly would be nice to see the Aussie soaps in HD. Particularly Home and Away with all the bikini scenes we get in that show.

Most of the images with this update are of Pollyanna Woodward as she was the only female presenter for this particular series. There are half a dozen or so images of some Japanese girls dressed in school uniforms then the rest are of Pollyanna. This isn't such a bad thing as Polly is a very sexy girl.

22.05.12: 230 images from The Graham Norton Show including 94 in HD.

You will notice with this update that the list of girls is split in two. The reason is for the last 3 episodes I have been watching the show in HD with my new Hi-Def Freeview equipment. So I've been capturing hi-definition images. However, as there was no girls on the most recent show last Friday, this is the reason why there are only two girls listed with HD images.

The HD images are 1920x1080 as opposed to the SD ones which are the normal 1024x576. I have also increased the size of the thumbnail images to 240 pixels in width from the normal 180 pixels width. This is the other main reason for separating the images as the galleries look weird if you have two different thumbnail sizes.

Clearly the new HD images are a much higher quality image capture as you will see when you look at the pictures. Jessie J was looking pretty hot but wearing trousers. However, Kristen Stewart is wearing a lovely short yellow skirt and showing her legs. She looks really hot.

I hope you like the new HD images. I will endeavour in the future to try and watch shows in HD, if that alternative is available, so we have more high quality HD images on this site in the future.

15.05.12: 213 images from Hustle. This will be the last update from Hustle as the series has now concluded for good. This update is not all from the last series but also from the series before that too. The problem with this show the last couple of seasons was it was on at the same time as Celebrity Big Brother so the early shows in the season I couldn't record as I was recording something else.

Anyway, as with most updates from Hustle the majority of images are of Kelly Adams. This is probably a good thing though as she's such a sexy girl. Her personal highlight was probably some very sexy blue gym attire and most notably some little blue shorts. Very hot.

For the very last show in the series we also saw the return of previous regular Jaime Murray. A very hot girl but pales against the beauty of Kelly Adams.

I'm going to miss this show for one reason and that is just because Kelly Adams is so hot she's almost borderline illegal. This show was such a good canvas for showing off how cute she is. The perfect opportunities for her to get dressed up in various sexy outfits for her next caper.

07.05.12: We have images today from The British Soap Awards 2012 and the after show party on ITV2.

All the miscellaneous celebs giving awards have been batch named and can be seen in the first two galleries below. The rest of the images from the 4 other soaps will open at the corresponding website.

01.05.12: 200 images from Waterloo Road. This update includes images from the last 4 episodes in the current series.

Highlight with this update has to again be Georgia Henshaw who I think could be the sexiest girl who has ever appeared on this show. She is just so hot and looks so sexy in a school uniform.

Other notable highlights include the very sexy Roxanne Pallett, formerly of Emmerdale, in one episode. Though I think the producers are stretching the age thing a little too far now as Roxanne is 30 this year and supposedly playing a teenager? Come on. The other notable guest appearance is the equally sexy Daniela Denby Ashe, formerly of Eastenders and My Family, as the school benefactor in charge of moving the school to Scotland.

I have to mention what a ridiculous storyline this whole moving to Scotland is. I know that the BBC have decided to film Waterloo Road in Scotland instead, probably because it is cheaper to do so. However to incorporate this move into the storyline like that have done is a farce. Some of the teachers moving to Scotland to teach at a new school is viable but then they were on about moving the whole student body and putting them up in housing. How dumb! That's families with jobs and siblings moving to Scotland???? It just isn't real at all.

I think they would have been much better off with one of two other possible solutions. Either completely ignore the fact they are now in Scotland and pretend nothing has changed. Like when they change an actor or actress in a soap. You know it's different but have to suspend disbelief for the sake of the show. Or a whole new student body with some of the teachers that did decide to move. This latter solution is at least more believable.

I guess only a few will make the move anyway and there will be lots of new characters in the next season. That at least should be exciting.

03.04.12: 330 images from Waterloo Road. This update includes images from the first 6 episodes in this current run.

Highlights with this update include lots of nice images of Georgia Henshaw and Darcy Isa, who have the most number of new images, and were both looking really sexy in school uniforms. On the teacher side of things, Jaye Jacobs has quite a number of nice images too. My fav pics of Jaye are of her in a tight beige top as it makes her tits look very pretty.

There are no images with this update of Rebecca Ryan. I assume she must have left. This is a shame as she was a really sexy girl and always looked very hot in a school uniform.

The annoying thing about these last few episodes was in the third episode I watched. Where two teachers were having a teach-off to decide who would join the staff at Waterloo Road. The candidates were Heather Peace who played ex-military person Nicki Boston and Amelia Curtis who played Vanessa Cooper. Some may remember Amelia from a series a few years ago called Love Soup where she featured in quite a number of episodes. She was most notable in that series for being naked a lot or just in her underwear. Anyway, she is a really pretty girl and I was definitely routing for her to get the job and I was getting really excited at the prospect of a cute new teacher on the staff. Only the stupid ba**ards gave the job to the other one. I can tell you I was pi**ed off on Monday after watching that episode and was in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

I mean Heather Peace is no munter so is always welcome. It's just that Amelia looked like she could have been a really good character. Very personable but she's just so pretty too. Gutted! Stupid producers casting the wrong person.

27.03.12: 170 images from the 6th series of Skins. As promised last week we have the final update from this year's Skins with images from episodes 8, 9 and 10.

No doubt what has to be the highlight with this update and that was Dakoka Blue Richards in episode 9 making the breakfast in some very sexy little yellow knickers. OMG! This girl has got a pert bottom. Woah! I have included a video of these scenes in the Videos section. A must see vid in my opinion.

So this is probably it for this current cast of Skins. Judging that they normally get 2 years and then the cast is completely changed for a fresh batch. So what did we think of this current lot? Well for me personally I think it has been the weakest of the 3 line-ups so far for the reasons I will outline below.

Not enough women for a start and the women that were in the show have not been brilliant (except one). Freya Mavor is cute but a really difficult person to like. She can be really frosty, bitter and a bit stuck up. You can just imagine her in an American high school as the head cheerleader and being a right bitch. Laya Lewis has been ok in her two episodes in each series. However, outside of those two she has been very average. Same with Jessica Sula. Sort of ok at times in series 5. However they killed her off at the start of this current season. Something I still don't understand now. They already had a small female cast as it was. Why did they kill off one of the only 4 girls in the show?

The one exception to the female cast was Dakota Blue Richards who I have thoroughly enjoyed in both years. She was an interesting, mixed up character and particularly in this second season has been the stand out sex appeal too. For instance with this update she has 96 new images. Well over half of all the new pics. Jessica Sula only managed 104 images in both seasons and even Laya Lewis only gleaned 140 images.

Dakoka has been the stand out character as a whole actually because even the boys in these two seasons have been quite average. Alo has sort of grown on me a bit but Rich is a complete tool. Matty and Nick are sort of ok but are having to bolster a weak line-up and get lost in the mediocrity. New character Alex was sort of ok too. However, you didn't have that really stand out male character like in seasons 3 and 4 with Cook (possibly my favourite character from all 6 seasons) or seasons 1 and 2 with Tony.

So here's hoping that for seasons 7 and 8, if there will another cast change and two more years, that we get a slightly better cast. More cute girls, more interesting boys and some better stand-out characters as this show is too good to end because the casting was wrong.

26.03.12: 266 images from the final of Dancing On Ice.

So Matthew Wolfenden won the final! When I found this out on Sunday night I nearly didn't watch my recording today to get some images for this update. However, I'm glad I did in the end because I really enjoyed it.

So was this the right result? Reluctantly, after my rant about harsh scoring last week for Jorgie, I would have to say yes. The reasons I will outline below.

All three couples did two dances before one was eliminated for the final dance off to the classic Bolero. A longer self choreographed number and then their favourite dance from the series. Of these first 6 dances Matthew's 'Singing In The Rain' number was a clear highlight above the rest. He did a lot of skating on his own showing off his obvious skating skills and the parts with his partner and the other skaters assisting, plus the lifts were quite outstanding.

Jorgie's choreographed number was good too. However, for me, and as pointed out by Katerina Witt, there wasn't enough skating in it. Lots of lifts and dancing, with some of the dancing off the ice. However, I would like to have seen a bit more skating. This is why I'm glad you don't have the high wire caper anymore for the final like in previous years. Too much happening off the ice.

As for Chico's choreographed number. Well he made a big mistake and dropped his partner during their biggest lift.

So Matthew and Jorgie got to skate Bolero. Even then though I have to admit that I liked Matthew's more. I just thought it had more content and it felt like the better performance with the movement and the dancing and the tricks.

So well done to Matthew Wolfenden. A worthy winner. I still feel sorry for Jorgie Porter. She definitely deserved to get down to the last two and who knows if she had been on any other show in previous years she would probably have won it. She was that good. Such a bubbly, likeable and funny person too. Infectious!!!

20.03.12: Another 196 images from the 6th series of Skins. Images with this update from episodes 5, 6 & 7. Images from episodes 8, 9 & 10 will be next week after the current series concludes.

There are three distinct highlights with this update. There are lots of nice images of Freya Mavor, as her character's episode was No.5. She was looking pretty hot in various sexy outfits and semi-dressed in one or two sex scenes.

The second highlight worthy of note was lots of nice images of Dakota Blue Richards in episode 6 which was Nick's episode. Dakota was also seen in various states of undress too for the odd sex scene or just because her clothes had gotten wet in the rain.

The third and final highlight came in episode 7, which was Alo's episode. He got together with a very cute girl called Poppy Champion played by Holly Earl. She was incredibly pretty and her personal highlight was a little dance number, and subsequent sex scene, she did with Alo to the song Hello by Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette in just her knickers and bra. Very sexy. I have included a video of this in the Videos section. I also included the scene where she does a handstand and shows her knickers.

Don't feel too guilty, if you download the above video, when you hear, in the talking bit in the short sex scene after the dancing part, when Poppy says she is only 14......almost. This freaked me out at first too because when I first saw this girl in this episode I was like 'Woah, how cute is she?' Then during the episode to hear she was only supposed to be 13 I was like 'Oh sh*t. Yeah, come to think of it she does look really young.' Not being very tall isn't always the best judge but the day's of the week underwear should have given a clue. Anyway, I did a quick search in IMDb and it turns out Holly's nearly 20. The hypocrisy is still ringing in my ears though. A girl that is 19 but playing a character who is 13, and looking the part too, but was initially looking and playing a character perhaps 18+. Geez, what a minefield. There is so much that could be discussed there that is a much bigger topic than for this mere website. A good vid though, funny too.

19.03.12: 151 images from the semi-final of Dancing On Ice.

This week all the couples performed a usual routine but also the celebrities performed a 1 minute skills test on their own.

This later skills test led to some irregularities in the scoring in my opinion and a bias towards Matthew that has been evident for a long time now. Jorgie clearly performed certain skills to a higher standard than the other 3 yet Matthew is still getting the highest score. It's pi**ing me off. I'm obviously missing something. Perhaps he does do some things better than Jorgie. I don't know. It's not obvious to me. However, Jorgie clearly does some things better than him. So how come Jorgie is not getting credit for that? With Matthew's marks being higher on a consistent basis? This skills test just showed up how obvious the bias is. I'm not happy!

The above has just annoyed me really and now I'm not overly looking forward to the final anymore because I'm sure the voting public will be getting influenced by the judges gushing praise of Matthew and it's going to make for an unfair contest I think. Like in trials where jury members are told not to read newspapers or watch the news for fear they will be influenced by opinions on the case.

14.03.12: 271 images from The Graham Norton Show. There are images from the last 13 shows with this update.

12.03.12: 163 images from the quarter-final week of Dancing On Ice.

This week it was props week and it was a controversial week too as Jorgie Porter ended up bottom of the leader board. Wrongly in my opinion. Her performance was deemed less technically demanding than the others as she only had one prop and some of the others had several. However, that was not her fault and she still did a great job with the one prop she did have. Fortunately the voting public agreed with me as she was saved from the skate off.

I'll say one thing that if Jorgie had been booted this week I probably wouldn't have even watched this weeks show and certainly wouldn't have bothered to watch the rest of the series because if one person deserves to get to the final then it is Jorgie.

Booted this week in the end then was Chemmy Alcott. This probably isn't a bad thing as she was never really my cup of tea. Too big bottomed for my liking.

05.03.12: 227 images from the 9th week of Dancing On Ice.

This week all the couples performed their usual solo performance but they also performed a group dance too with the girls against the boys. The girls coming out on top and having their scores doubled.

Booted this week was Andy Whyment. Which means we also lose Vicky Ogden. This is a shame as I quite liked Andy and Vicky is a really sexy girl. However, I suppose they had gone as far as they could really based on Andy's skating skills.

28.02.12: 451 images from The Gadget Show.

I know this update is a bit delayed as the latest series of The Gadget Show finished around Christmas time. So I should have been updating the site with these images around January. However, then Celebrity Big Brother was on and I was spending all my spare time watching that show and updating my Big Brother Babes site so I didn't have the time to update this site. The last few weeks have been slightly easier but I had other commitments which I couldn't get out of during the times I would normally commit to updating this site. Anyway, that's the reason for the delay.

The above said I think my Gadget Show updates are always a highlight as Pollyanna Woodward and Suzi Perry always look hot on this show and wear some really sexy clothes sometimes. Also notable with this update are 3 of the Hollyoaks girls who were recruited in for a car washing test. Anna Shaffer was looking particularly sexy in a tight dress.

Pollyanna has slightly more images than Suzi with this update but then again I think she is the sexier of the two and I do tend to favour calling the images after Polly when both are in the same shot and look equally hot. Both girls have lots of nice images though.

27.02.12: 189 images from the 8th week of Dancing On Ice.

Booted this week was Sam Nixon. Which means we also lose Alexandra Schauman. I was hoping Chemmy would be booted this week as I like her the least of the remaining couples.

22.02.12: 181 images from the 6th series of Skins. We have images from the first 4 episodes with this update. It was supposed to be the first 5 episodes but my recording on Monday failed about half way through. Now I have to wait until Sunday evening to record the only repeat episode of the week. In previous years there used to be a late night repeat about 1am on Mondays but they aren't doing that this year. I don't know why.

Over half the images with this update are of Dakota Blue Richards. There are two, or perhaps, three reasons why this is the case. Firstly, I think she is the hottest and prettiest girl in the show so I tend to favour getting more images of her. Secondly, she has already had her episode. Episode 4 was about Franky and all but 2 images from that episode were of Dakota. Thirdly because Jessica Sula has been killed off after the first episode. So there are obviously going to be less images of her throughout the rest of this season.

I'm not quite sure why Jessica's character was killed off so early in the 6th year of the show. If they were going to kill her why didn't they do it at the end of the year? Or even during, or after, her episode? This only leaves 3 main female characters then which is woefully short really. In fact in episode 3 they brought in a new male character. Plus throughout the 4 episodes, and especially episode 4, there was the guy Franky was seeing too. So there just seems to be a big imbalance between the number of male characters and the number of female characters. So killing off one of your only 4 girls seems odd to me. I don't really get it. Whether another female character or two will appear in the second half of this season or not I don't know. I hope so.

Lots of nice images of Dakota Blue Richards with this update then. Including in a bikini in episode one and various states of undress in episode four. Freya Mavor was also looking pretty hot in a bikini in episode one.

20.02.12: 246 images from the 7th week of Dancing On Ice.

This week the theme was skating skills with couples having to do three required elements. Plus there was a major twist in the skate-off. Three would face the skate-off not two and two would be evicted but also the celebrities would skate on their own and were required to include 23 separate skills in the one minute performance.

As briefly mentioned last week this put Heidi Range in the direct line of fire as her skating skills were probably the weakest of anyone left in the competition plus the fact that she is terrible when skating on her own. This proved to be the case as she ended up in in the bottom 3 and although she did her best in the skate-off with a fairly clean performance it was never going to be good enough because she was just too slow over the ice and lacking much technical skill.

The other skater booted this week was Sebastien Foucan. This would have been a surprise if you did not see the skate-off as he was one of the stronger skaters in the competition. However, he completely messed up his routine. He had a bit of a stumble in the middle and went completely to pot and forgot his next skill. This led to a cascade effect where he was then not sufficiently able to rejoin his routine at any point and remember what he had to do next. So he only actually performed about half of the required elements as for the second half of his routine he was just skating around in a circle without purpose. A real shame for him as would have clearly been the best of the 3 had he performed all of his required elements. Leaving with Sebastien then is Brianne Delcourt.

So hats off to Chemmy Alcott who survived the skate-off to go through to next week. Well done to her too as she had a bit of a stumble early on too, like Sebastien. However, she did not let it affect her as badly and she performed the rest of her routine almost flawlessly to her skill level and deserved to be the one saved. Perhaps that was her previous competition experience in downhill skiing that gave her the edge when the pressure was on?

As for the girls this week then it was a mixed week really with a lot of shorts being worn. Perhaps that was because of the skills week and the girls wanting a bit more freedom of movement. Perhaps Heidi Range was looking sexiest this week in her red shorts and cropped red top and showing a lot of midriff.

Finally, this was perhaps the one week where I agreed with Matthew Wolfenden being top of the leaderboard. I think in the past he has been scored slightly higher than he deserved. However, this week he was very good and some of the lifts and tricks he did were very impressive. Jorgie Porter was still pretty decent too though but Matthew was outstanding this week.

13.02.12: 263 images from the 6th week of Dancing On Ice.

This week the theme was love, with Valentine's Day only just around the corner. This did mean that we had some much more conventional ice-dance outfits from most of the couples. The one exception being Jennifer Ellison who was wearing an all in one seethrough red number.

So it was a pretty decent week for all the girls who were all looking pretty sexy really. Once again I have to point out how brilliant Jorgie Porter was. Her performance was magnificent and deserved the highest score of the series so far.

Booted this week was Rosemary Conley. This was the perfect result. As I started to watch the show this week and saw all the couples introduced and how hot everyone was looking I was really pleased. Then Rosemary came on and I thought she is the one major weak point left and if she went this week then we only have hotties left. So it worked out brilliantly.

A double eviction next week so we are definitely going to be losing some talent. I fear it will probably be Heidi's last week as the theme is skills and skating on your own and Heidi is weak on both. Particularly the latter of those two.

06.02.12: 243 images from the 5th week of Dancing On Ice. Images this week are from ITV1+1 as my recording from ITV1 failed after about 20 minutes. Fortunately I noticed just about the same time as the ITV1+1 showing was about to start. So I watched the whole show from that recording instead.

This week there was a pop theme to the tunes and costumes and it didn't necessarily always work. There were quite a few disappointing outfits. Most notably Jennifer Ellison who who practically zero sex appeal in her black trouser number.

Clearly the sexiest outfit and girl was yet again Jorgie Porter dressed as a school girl for her Britney Spears tribute to 'Baby One More Time'.

Booted this week was Charlene Tilton. This was probably the best result as she was the least sexy contestant still in the show.

30.01.12: 254 images from the fourth week of Dancing On Ice. This week the twist was that we had duel head to head competitions with two couples competing on the ice at the same time with the judges deciding who was best. The winning couple gained immunity from the vote and the losing couple then faced the vote. The coupling was decided based on the closeness on the leader for the previous week. So best against best and worst against worst.

The clear highlight of the show then being the competition between the two outstanding contestants in this years show so far and that was Jorgie Porter and Matthew Wolfenden. Or Hollyoaks vs Emmerdale. If ever there was a case where both deserved victory then this was it. They were both brilliant and it was a hard call to decide who was best. Of which Matthew got the nod by 2 to 1. This did really annoy me though as I thought Jorgie was best but then again I am biased aren't I?

The only other decision I didn't agree with was Rosemary Conley winning over Andy Whyment. Fortunately Andy didn't end up in the skate-off though as he's a nice chap isn't he? Plus his partner, Vicky Ogden, is a right hottie.

The two in the skate-off were Charlene Tilton and Corey Feldman. This was probably the right result based on the 6 couples facing the vote and the clear loser in this skate-off was always going to be Corey Feldman as he skates like he's messed his pants. Leaving with Corey then is Brooke Castile. A slight shame as she looked really sexy in this show in a nice pink number.

23.01.12: 255 images from the third week of Dancing On Ice. This was the first time all the couples in the show competed at the same time and it was Movies Week with all the couples performing a routine with a blockbuster film theme.

I started my recording late again this week. I only missed one performance though so the images of Chico and Jodeyne Higgins are of a reduced quality as they were from Catch Up TV recorded onto a DVD. I also forgot to record the results show so there are no images from that this week either.

Highlight with this update has to be the very sexy Jorgie Porter. Dressed as a secretary for a tribute to the classic '9 to 5'. As well as looking really sexy Jorgie was the outstanding performer on the night too in my opinion. She got the same score as Emmerdale's Matthew Wolfenden but for me her routine was much better and the difficulty level was much higher too. For instance Jorgie was the one performing most of the difficult maneuvers instead of Matthew assisting his partner to do the tricky moves.

Also worthy of mentioning this week was Sugababe Heidi Range who looked very sexy in an all gold number for her James Bond themed number.

Booted this week was kids TV presenter Mark Rhodes which means that Frankie Poultney leaves too. This is no great surprise as he was a terrible skater.

16.01.12: 243 images from the second week of the new series of Dancing On Ice.

This week we have the other 8 couples that didn't perform in the first week and it was a predominantly male celebrity night. There were 3 female celebs. However, of these 3 females, two of them are pensioners. Eastenders actress Laila Morse, who I didn't capture any images of as she doesn't register on the scale of Tarty Doris hotness, and Rosemary Conley the fitness/diet expert. I have included a few images of Rosemary though. She is 65 but being a diet/fitness expert she has kept her body in much better condition than most women of her age. Still not my cup of tea obviously but I can see how some might find her attractive.

So the only female celeb knocking the sex appeal out the park this week was Jennifer Ellison and apparently she wasn't even originally scheduled to perform this week but in the first week with most of the other girls. However, her partner picked up an injury and needed an extra week to recover. Jennifer was looking very hot in a sexy red number.

So the bulk of this update is concentrating on the 5 pro dancers that we saw. 4 of whom have appeared in previous years and 1 newbie. The one newbie is American Brooke Castile. Fairly attractive I guess but I'm not bowled over by her. My favourite returning pro is Jodeyne Higgins. A very cute Canadian girl with a lovely body. Though I'm slightly disappointed with how long her hair seems to be this year. It is very long. Alexandra Schauman, Brianne Delcourt and Nina Ulanova are all about on a par for me. I don't dislike them but they're not my favourites.

Also featured in this update is the very sexy Pixie Lott who performed her latest single at the start of the main show.

Laila Morse was booted this week in the skate off. This is the perfect result. I wasn't even capturing any images of her anyway. So we don't lose any cute girls for next weeks show which sees all the 13 couples remaining compete against each other for the first time.

10.01.12: 182 images from the first week of the new series of Dancing On Ice.

I had a bit of nightmare with this first week because my recording of this show crashed after about 15 minutes and I didn't even realise until about 15 minutes from the end of the 2 hour show. I record most things on my bedroom computer you see and couldn't tell that the picture had frozen and the recording had stopped. So I quickly closed the TV application down and reopened it again and tuned to ITV1+1 to record the show from about 45 minutes in. This did mean that I still had about 30 minutes missing. So I got that from Catch-Up TV recorded on to a DVD. However, the image quality isn't great from those DVD recordings off Catch-Up TV and the pics aren't brilliant. However, it was that or nothing and as one of the two couples I missed during that half an hour was Heidi Range I thought it was still better to have average quality images than nothing at all.

I also then forgot to record the results show as I was in the middle of a long phone call and it just slipped my mind. I couldn't even record the +1 show either as I was then recording Big Brother on Five. So the few images I have from the results show are from Catch-Up TV too.

Lets just hope the above isn't a sign of things to come as I can't be doing with this sort of capering every week.

As for the new series then I was highly delighted to hear that the gorgeous Jorgie Porter from Hollyoaks was to be a contestant. The sexiest girl in Hollyoaks, in my opinion, in a show packed full of nice totty. Also a very nice addition is Sugababe Heidi Range. Though we nearly lost her in the first week as she ended up in the dance-off. One other celeb who I'm really looking forward to seeing on a regular basis is Jennifer Ellison. She didn't appear this first week as the couples were split into two groups with the first 7 performing this week and the last 8 performing next week. So Jennifer is in the 2nd group.

Not all the celebs are hits though. Charlene Tilton, formerly of Dallas, is a bit old and chunky now. Chemmy Alcott, the professional skier, is a bit of miss too as she's just got big thighs and a big bottom. Not my thing.

As for the Pro's then we only saw 3 this week and one of those has been booted already. Maria Filippov who was partnered with former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere were the couple to leave this first week. I'm really disappointed to see Maria leave as, along with Jodeyne Higgins, are my favourite pro's. Stupid public should have booted Charlene Tilton. She was the least sexy from this first week.

Frankie Poultney is back and still being called just by her first name, which is really annoying. Plus there was a new face. Vicky Ogden. I wasn't overly impressed with Vicky at first as her hairstyle and the black outfit she wore for her dance with Corrie star Andy Whyment didn't impress me that much. However, in her VT before they danced her hair looked different and she was wearing a sexy white and green outfit and she looked really cute. Especially in image 'Dancing_On_Ice4877' where she is pulling a little face. She looks very pretty in this image. So this girl has potential. Whether she fulfills that potential or not though is a different matter but I'll look forward to seeing if she can.

Final notes include a new female presenter taking over from Holly Willoughby and that is Christine Bleakley. This is ok I guess. Holly has been pregnant for the last two seasons anyway and hasn't produced very nice images for that reason and Christine is a very cute girlie. Also, a new female judge is former European, World and Olympic figure skating champion Katerina Witt. A real hottie in her day. However, she is a few years older now though.

20.12.11: 302 images today from the final of Strictly Come Dancing 2011 and what a final it was. The standard of the couples in this final must have been the highest in the shows history. All 3 were outstanding and worthy finalists and there wasn't actually much between them. That said I still think we had the right result with Jason coming third, Chelsee second and Harry first.

As for the highlights on this show, and the series for that fact, then we have to mention Aliona Vilani again. Little did I realise when I mentioned in the first week that I thought Aliona would be my favourite just how true that would turn out to be. She has been the clear winner for sexiest girl in this series for me with only Holly Valance challenging her for that title. All the others have had good weeks and bad weeks but Aliona and Holly have consistently looked the sexiest. As I've mentioned before though. Aliona is just so pretty. Add to that the amazing body and some of the outfits she has wore to show it off and we have a deadly sexual cocktail worth drinking in. How fitting then that she should win the final with her partner Harry? Crowned champions of dancing and probably for sex appeal too as I'm sure the ladies would agree that Harry is pretty fit.

There are a few other images this week of all the other couples from this series, celebs and pro's, that performed in a group dance on the results show. However, as there was only one or two images of each then I decided to group name them under the 'misc' heading along with the pro's.

There was also some nice images of Jessie J who performed her excellent song 'Price Tag' on the results show.

So that's it for this year's Strictly Come Dancing. What a great year. Some excellent couples, really sexy moments, exciting shows and a worthy winner. What more could you ask for? Brilliant.

13.12.11: So as promised last week we have part 2 of our Waterloo Road update and 335 new images from the remaining 4 episodes I still had to watch. That's a pretty decent haul of pics from just 4 shows.

Once again Georgia Henshaw has to be the highlight as she just looks so good in her school uniform. It's just so short and tight and she's just so pretty. A very sexy girl. I wanted to make a video of Georgia in her school uniform so I had something to better remember her from in these last few shows and thought the scene in the first of the 4 episodes I watched was pretty decent when she was talking to Ronan outside. However, after I had already demuxed the file for that episode I decided to include a couple more scenes from that show too of her looking equally as good. Then when I watched the last of the 4 episodes there were half a dozen more scenes of her looking really sexy too so I thought I'm going to have to include those as well. So the vid in the end, after initially only going to be one scene, turned into about a dozen scenes and five and a half minutes. It is a nice video though, in my opinion. As I mentioned I mainly had to make the video for myself really but in case any of you might like it too I have included a DivX copy in the Videos section.

Other notable highlights with this update include Abi Hardingham, who only appeared in one episode, and played a rather geeky girl called Andi McDonnell. I thought she looked cute though but the geek look is quite trendy lately isn't it? There was also some more nice images of Rebecca Ryan and the two new teachers Jaye Jacobs and Sarah Hadland.

12.12.11: 293 images today from the semi-final of Strictly Come Dancing.

So we have quite a decent haul of new images from the semi-final week of Strictly but then all the couples did do two dances and we had some really sexy outfits. Starting off the night was Aliona Vilani in a very short little sailor-girl outfit. Very hot. Holly Valance looked sexy in her two outfits. A tight red dress to start and then some shorts and a tight top.

It helps though that because each couple were doing two dances then one is a ballroom type number with usually a long dress and one is a Latin number with a skimpy frock. That's why all five couples were highlights at some point this week. The above two girls I mentioned were just my personal favs.

Two couples were booted this week and we lost Alex Jones and Holly Valance. This again was probably the right result. I don't get it! As I mentioned before. 'When did the British public become so sane?' Virtually every single week in this series the right couple has departed at the right time. Even this week. Though it is a shame to lose Alex and Holly. You would have to say the other 3 couples are better dancers. If this sort or sanity prevailed in all shows open to a public vote then I might watch more of them. However, they don't. It has to be said again that the British public loves a loser too much.

So who do we want to win the final? Well for me there is only one real contender as they are clearly better than the rest and that is Harry Judd with his partner Aliona Vilani and before you say anything. I'm not saying he should win because Aliona has been the clear winner for sexiest girl in this current series but because he is a phenomenal dancer. For me his two dances in the semi final were the best dances in the entire series. Despite the fact he only got 39 out of 40 for both of them as Craig would only give him 9 on both occasions and there were two maximum 40's in the semi. One from Chelsee and one from Jason. I just think Harry looks like a pro when he dances. He has the right shape, size and physique for a dancer too and just looks the part and has consistently been the best dancer for weeks now. I just hope the British publics good judgement can last one more week.

06.12.11: 255 images today from Waterloo Road. This latest Waterloo Road update will happen in two parts as I've only actually watched half of the programmes I have recorded so far from this current run. However, as I had 255 images already from those shows I did watch I thought I could justify updating the site with what I already have. I did miss a couple of shows at the start of this part of the series (as it wasn't officially a new series when it recommenced in September but the continuation of the 7th series). I missed those episodes because I would just forget the show was on. Mainly because I would get distracted by ITV putting an extra long Emmerdale on or an extra Corrie on on Wednesday and then would either miss recording the first half an hour of Waterloo Road or just completely forget it was on all together. Damn you ITV! I would eventually just turn over at 7.30pm regardless and record any extra Corrie/Emmerdale on Weds on ITV1+1.

So I still have 4 more episodes to watch from this current series yet and I will try and watch them some time this week and update the site next week with images from those shows.

There are some really nice images with this update though and a few new faces. Most notable of the new faces, as she is the clear highlight with this update with a huge 93 new images and some top quality pics, is Georgia Henshaw who plays a new pupil called Madi Diamond. Daughter of the one of the new teachers as well. Some may recognize her face but not recall where they have seen her before as I did. Well she was in one series of Skins. Not the most recent series with the third new set of cast members but in the last series with the second set of cast members. She was only in a couple of episodes and was a bit of a love interest for JJ, the awkward curly haired chap. Anyway, if you still can't remember then scroll down this page about half way to the update dated 23.03.10 and she is on the first page of images for that day. She is a very pretty girl and has looked really, really sexy since joining Waterloo Road in some very cute outfits. Most notably her tight and very short school uniform. She might actually be new fav in this show now she looks so hot. Though Rebecca Ryan is still pretty tasty too.

Two new teachers to talk about as well include former Holby City actress Jaye Jacobs who plays Sian Diamond and Sarah Hadland who plays Linda Radleigh. Both nice additions to the show I think as they can both look quite sexy at times.

05.12.11: 171 images today from the tenth week of Strictly Come Dancing and it was movie week this time with each couple dancing to a famous soundtrack from a big hit film.

Highlight of the week this time was probably Chelsee Healey dressed as Princess Fiona from Shrek and in a sexy green dress. Fortunately she was the human Fiona and not the ogre.

Booted this week was Robbie Savage which means we also lose Ola Jordan. This was probably the right result too. What has gone on with this series? Have the British public suddenly become sane? The right person seems to be going each week instead of some of the insanity we have had in previous years. I for one didn't like Robbie and Ola's dance this week. They were both dressed in black suits as a tribute to Reservoir Dogs but to be honest it made them both look like blokes and it looked weird when they were dancing. I didn't like it at all and obviously the voting public didn't either as he was evicted from the show.

Semi-final week next week and apparently there will be a double eviction. This I don't really get. Why couldn't you have 4 couples in the final? They usually do 3 dances. You could have a vote after each one with just the final two for the last dance of the series.

28.11.11: 293 images today from the ninth week of Strictly Come Dancing.

Highlights this week include Ola Jordan in a nice skimpy little number and Chelsee Healey in a tight dress and showing her knickers a lot. Holly Valance can also be included in the highlights but almost as an after-thought as many of her best images in her red dress came on Sunday's results show during the 'Len's Lens' bit with the judges. There was some lovely slo-mo images of Holly doing some leg kicks and showing off her sexy pins.

All the couples also did a second group dance called a swing-a-thon. This also led to some nice highlights with Alex Jones looking particularly sexy in a short blue dress and more very nice slo-mo pics of her blue knickers. This is also when we saw some of Aliona Vilani's best images when she was showing her pink knickers under her cute pink dress.

Booted this week was Anita Dobson. This is the best result I think. She was the least sexy of those left in the show, in my opinion, and hence was the perfect person to leave this week.

22.11.11: 276 images today from the eighth week of Strictly Come Dancing and it was Wembley week in front of 6,500 people.

What a spectacular week then for Strictly with the Wembley crowd of over 6,000 people watching. This meant for more dramatic big stage performances and a crackling atmosphere for a great show. With Robbie Savage and Ola Jordan starting proceedings with a great performance which the judges just didn't like but I thought played to a big crowd perfectly. So I wasn't surprised he was saved from the bottom two despite getting one of the lower scores.

Highlight of the week has to be Aliona Vilani again in a very sexy and skimpy red number. I mean she looked good at the start of the dance but then halfway through Harry unwrapped a binding around her waist to reveal even more skin. Very hot! That's 3 weeks running she has been the stand out girlie on show. I don't think it's me just being biased but she has consistently been the hottest in the show this year. You would think with Aliona being the highlight of the week 3 weeks running that she was up against munters. However, she isn't. We still have the 3 best looking celebs that started the series still in it and some of the best looking pro's too with the exception of Katya Virshilas. It's just that Aliona has consistently wore the sexiest outfits and with what a pretty girl she is and that cute body it's a deadly combination in my opinion.

I mean Holly Valance has had some good weeks looking really sexy but also some pretty average ones too. The same with Alex Jones and Chelsee Healey. In fact many of the celebs this week looked better in the group dance on Sunday's results show, in 60's style mini-dresses and skirts, than they did in their main performance on Saturday. Alex, Anita and Holly all looking better on Sunday. Chelsee Healey looked sexy on both occasions and was a definite contender for highlight of the week.

I suppose the pro's have always tended to wear slightly skimpier outfits so I guess it's no surprise that a pro is on top of the babe leaderboard so often. They're usually pretty fit too, being professional dancers, which means they have great bodies. I'm pleased it's Aliona at the top so often though as I was just struck at the start of this current series just how pretty she is so I'm just happy to see her wearing the sexy outfits too and looking so hot.

Booted this week was Russell Grant which means we also lose Flavia Cacace. This is a good result I think. Russell has stuck around for long enough to entertain those people that like the lovable loser who can't dance but hasn't stuck around for too long that he has knocked out a big gun who potentially could have reached the final and more deserved to stay in the show. I think the voting has been much better in this show this year. With the right couple usually going at about the right time. You haven't always been able to say that about this show in past years and it's one of the things that annoys me about it the most. So I pleased that's happened.

14.11.11: 315 images today from the seventh week of Strictly Come Dancing.

A pretty decent week this time for the girls in Strictly as we have the most images for a month, since week 3, and there were a lot more contestants left in the show then.

Highlight of the week has to be Aliona Vilani again as she was looking very sexy doing an Argentine Tango with Harry Judd. I said at the start of this series she was probably going to be my favourite professional dancer and so it has proved as she is consistently looking the hottest in the sexiest outfits of all the pro's. One point on Harry and Aliona's dance, which I loved by the way and thought was clearly the best of the night. Is why is Len so obsessed with mediocrity? It annoys the hell out of me. He marks down great dances like this one in only giving an 8 when two other judges gave it a 10 and then marks up poor performances which really should get lower marks. He's got such a narrow range of scoring and he is supposed to be the head judge. Somebody the other judges should be looking to as a lead. Not bloody likely though otherwise all the couples would be getting the exact same marks despite the quality of the performance. He's not a great judge in my opinion.

There was a few other highlights too. Most notably Alex Jones in a sort of cheerleader outfit. Holly Valance in a sexy pink number and even Anita Dobson was looking pretty decent this week in another Argentine Tango. If you can ignore the wrinkly face then she actually has quite nice legs. Ola Jordan, for the pro's, was once again wearing a low backed dress and showing what lovely skin she has. It's a sort of trademark look for Ola is the low-backed dress. She wears them all the time.

Guest appearance in the results show came from Christina Perri who performed her brilliant single 'Jar Of Hearts'.

Booted this week was Audley Harrison which means we also lose Natalie Lowe. This was no surprise as this was Audley's 4th time in the bottom two and he was clearly the worst dancer on the night in his Latin routine.

07.11.11: 257 images today from the sixth week of Strictly Come Dancing.

Highlight of the week this time has to be Aliona Vilani who was looking very sexy in a little blue number. Geez, that girl is hot. Other notables include Chelsee Healey in a short outfit and Ola Jordan showing a nice bit of skin in her low-backed dress. I have to say that Holly Valance had a poor week and dressed more like a man. Not very impressed at all.

Booted this week was Lulu. This is no great loss I think. Unless you like 60+ year old women?

31.10.11: 276 images today from the fifth week of Strictly Come Dancing.

Hard to pick out who the highlight was from the fifth week as no one really stood out a great deal further than the rest. Nancy Dell'Olio looked ok in a white outfit; Holly Valance looked sexy in a black number; and Chelsee Healey was looking very busty.

Booted this week was Nancy Dell'Olio. This was probably fair as she has been bottom of the leaderboard every week.

24.10.11: 298 images today from the fourth week of Strictly Come Dancing. Once again I forgot to start my recording on time this week and missed the first 15 minutes again. Fortunately I only missed one dance but, like last week, I do have some images from a DVD I used to record the show on Catch-Up TV.

It was a more average week this time for the show. In terms of dances and sex appeal. The quality of the dances was not nearly the same as last week which reflected in the scoring with many more couples getting in the 20's this week instead of the 30's last week. There was also considerably less standing ovations this week too.

As for the sex appeal then that too was pretty average. Last week we had to wait for the last two dances for the best of the night. This week it was the last but one dance and saw Ola Jordan in a very short little number and showing her legs.

Booted this week was Rory Bremner which means we lose Erin Boag too. This isn't the worst result as she is my least favourite professional dancer. However, if I could have chosen who to evict I would have gotten rid of Anita or Nancy as my first choice then closely followed by Lulu. These 3 are just too old or unattractive in my opinion.

17.10.11: 360 images today from the third week of Strictly Come Dancing. Some of the images this week are from Catch-Up TV as I forgot to start my recording on time and missed the first 15 minutes. So I had to watch part of the show from a DVD I used to record the part I missed on Catch-Up TV. Typical that Holly Valance had to be up first to dance as she was the only one I missed. So her images are not quite the same quality as the rest.

I was going to say this week that the dances were of a very high quality but the sex appeal wasn't quite as high but then the last two couples turned things around with some really sexy outfits. With the one celeb dancer and one pro dancer being the two highlights of the night. The celeb, in the penultimate dance of the night, was Chelsee Healey and she was showing off some very nice legs in a short little orange number. The pro, in the final dance of the night, was Aliona Vilani with her partner Harry Judd and she was looking very sexy in a short pink outfit and showing her knickers a bit.

Booted this week was Dan Lobb which means we lose Katya Virshilas. This is a bit disappointing as I really like Katya and thought she was really sexy. She was the highlight last week and had great potential to look really hot on most occasions as she's got such a lovely body. Also in the bottom two was Nancy Dell'Olio. I wish she had gone instead. She has been bottom of the leaderboard all 3 weeks but you know how we like to vote for losers in this country.

10.10.11: 355 images today from the second week of Strictly Come Dancing.

Holly Valance was probably the best of the celebrities again this week. This time in a sexy blue number and showing her knickers quite often.

Sexiest for the professional dancers this week was probably Katya Virshilas in a little pink number and also showing her underwear a lot. She is partnered with former tennis pro, and now tennis commentator, Dan Lobb. In fact there is also a couple of nice images of Katya in some tight little shorts for a tennis session she had with her partner that we saw during their 'training'.

Booted this week was Edwina Currie. This is the perfect result. She is one person I am not including images of and so is no loss at all. So we'll have a full line-up next week too. Marvelous.

One little thing I have to point out about last weeks comments is that I wrote Harry Judd is the drummer with Busted. Of course I meant McFly. My bad.

04.10.11: 413 images today from the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. Which includes the Launch Show 3 weeks ago where all the celebrities got paired up with their professional partners and the 2 episodes last weekend on Friday and Saturday which saw the show start proper and the couples perform their first dance.

So what do we make of the line-up this year? Well clearly the main talent with the celebrities is the very sexy Holly Valance, formerly of Neighbours. She didn't disappoint in the first week either and looked very sexy in a hot little gold number. Very nice legs and showing a hint of bum at times. Totally awesome. Alex Jones, from The One Show, is pretty decent too and I'm liking her a lot.

Chelsee Healey is ok though I am a little disappointed with her as I think she may have indulged in a little cosmetic surgery and I don't think it looks that great. Namely she looks to have had her lips done and now she looks like a 'lip fish biddy' or 'trouty mouth'. Also, I don't remember her boobs being that big in Waterloo Road either so I suspect she may have had them done too. No wonder she says she's single. I really don't understand already attractive girls getting cosmetic enhancements when they don't need it. Especially lips as it rarely looks good and often makes the girl look really un-attractive and has the opposite effect to the one they were after.

Nancy Dell'Olio I'm not that bothered about and then there are the 3 older women. Lulu, Anita Dobson and Edwina Currie. I then have to decide if I'm going to include images of all 3. Well Anita Dobson, formerly of Eastenders, is 62 and, I have to say, do I really want a 62 year old on this site? Is there any call for images of a 62 year old? Then there is Lulu. Actually about 5 or 6 months older than Anita Dobson and also 62. Perhaps some may like to see images of her. She's fairly attractive and still has an ok body. Though I suspect she must had some work done too. So I thought if I'm going to include images of Lulu then I should include a few of Anita Dobson. Then there is Edwina Currie who is a couple of years older still at 64. However, in this last case, I thought this was stretching the point a little too far as who really is going to want to see pics of Edwina on this site? Not very sexy. Not very attractive. Old. No!

As for the professional dancers then there is a good line-up of really sexy girls. I think the pro's on this show are definitely better than Dancing On Ice lately. I've not been overly impressed with the girls on Dancing On Ice the last couple of years. My fav for about the last two years has been Ola Jordan as she just has the most amazing looking body. However, I'm leaning towards Aliona Vilani this year. In case you don't watch the show (and as all the pro's are batch named 'Misc') she is the red haired girl partnered with the McFly drummer Harry Judd. Aliona is just so pretty that I suspect she will be my fav this year as she is the girl I'm most excited about seeing each week in another sexy outfit. She isn't just a pretty face either. She does have a very tidy body too. Very cute girlie.

All the pro's are hot though and the only one I would say I'm not completely liking is Erin Boag or Miss Whiplash as she is sometimes known as. I've just never found her that attractive and she just doesn't do anything for me. Flavia is cute, Katya is very sexy, Kristina the same, Natalie has that tall slender physique of a model, Ola, we've already mentioned, has a body to die for. We need the pro's because if Holly Valance and Alex Jones were to depart early this show would lose a lot of it's sex appeal. I don't think Holly and Alex will depart early as they both seem quite competent. Though that has never been a guarantee of success on this show in the past. The voting public's penchant for losers I'm talking about.

No evictions in the first week so all the couples are still in it till this coming weekend when the first celeb will be voted off.

03.10.11: 184 images from the second half of season 6 of Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential. Episodes 8-13.

Obviously about 80 percent of the images are going to be of Karen Gillan as she is the only girl who appears in every episode.

As for the quality of the second half of series 6 then it was a bit hit and miss for me. 'Let's Kill Hitler' was ok but 'Night Terrors' with the boy in the flats and the 'monsters' in his cupboard bored me to tears. The season finale 'The Wedding Of River Song' was ok though and I really enjoyed this episode. Though I wasn't wholly satisfied with the explanation on why the Doctor didn't die at Lake Silencio.

08.09.11: Well this update should have happened about 2 weeks ago. Why didn't it you ask. Well my Big Brother Babes site was broke and I've spent the last two weeks contacting my host to get the thing repaired. I'm so annoyed that it took them so long.

The point is I didn't want to update this site with images from the spin off show 'Bit On The Side' without being able to refer to the images from the main show on

However, I am so far behind in watching all the episodes I have recorded of the main show and the spin off show. In fact with Celebrity Big Brother ending tonight I don't even think I'll have time to watch the after show programmes of 'Bit On The Side' for another update on this site. Because I'll be so busy trying to catch up on watching the main show, plus my other commitments with the soaps.

Anyway, be sure to check out for images from Celebrity Big Brother. There is only images from the first week or so because as mentioned I have spent so much time trying to fix the site and contacting my host that I have fallen so far behind in watching all the programmes. There is also a couple of new videos to view on that site too.

10.08.11: 337 new mages today from The Graham Norton Show. Some of the images with this update are from the compilation show at the end of the series. So there aren't so many images of some of the girls from that edition as opposed to shows which I watched in their entirety.

The highlights with this update include Cameron Diaz, Emily Blunt, Jessie J, Nicole Scherzinger & The Saturdays who were all looking very sexy.

02.08.11: Images today from Alan Carr: Chatty Man. There are images from about a dozen episodes with this update. Though the last 3 weeks has been a bit of a washout as there is only a few images of those silly cows from Loose Women.

There are some nice images with this update though. My personal favs include Billie Piper, Jennifer Lopez in two different outfits and Elle McPherson in a very short skirt.

The images of Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan from Being Human are batch named under Lenora's name as I couldn't work out what else to do with them. There are quite a few 'Misc' images too including girls from 'The Only Way Is Essex' and 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding'.

26.07.11: Images today from Waterloo Road. This update includes images from about a dozen episodes. I was supposed to bring you this update about a month ago as I had started watching my recordings of this show the week before Wimbledon. However, as soon as the tennis started all my free time disappeared and was devoted to getting images from there and producing those updates. Then after Wimbledon there was T4 On The Beach and then I updated this site with Paul O'Grady Show images as that was an easier update. Still, at least when I have updated the site now it is after the show has concluded it's current run so it includes all the images from the latest series.

Lots of nice images with this update too including my current favs Darcy Isa and Rebecca Ryan. Closely behind those two are Ayesha Gwilt and Linzey Cocker who have some nice images too.

New faces with this update include, on the student side, twins Hope and Mille Katana who play Shona and Rhona Mansfield. They have been batch named under the one heading as A.) I don't know which is which and B.) they usually always appear on screen together and it would be too difficult to name the images after one or the other. Also new is Katie McGlynn who plays Scout. A quite cute girl but she did look a little rough the first couple of weeks. New on the teacher side is Poppy Jhakra who plays Eleanor Chaudry. She's not in the same league as Karen David though, the teacher who left at the end of the last series. Which is a shame.

Quite a few guest actresses appeared in this current series and funnily most of them were ex soap actresses. From Coronation Street we had Debra Stephenson and Tupele Dorgu, from Hollyoaks Dominique Jackson and Gemma Atkinson and finally from Eastenders Tracy-Ann Oberman.

19.07.11: Another update from Paul O'Grady Live.

The most images with this update is of Lady GaGa as she had a whole show dedicated to her alone so has over 100 images. Other highlights include some nice images of Lisa Maxwell and Myleene Klass.

12.07.11: 255 images from T4 On The Beach.

I thought this year's T4 On The Beach was going to be a bit disappointing. The show certainly started out a bit slow with a few iffy performances and not too many sexy girls. I particularly was not looking forward to seeing Cher Lloyd of X-Factor fame. As you may probably be aware I don't watch X-Factor myself and don't really like the show. However, I was forced into watching a couple of episodes last year while family were visiting and saw Cher Lloyd on the show and didn't like her at all. It's probably fair to say that I hated her in fact as everything about her just wound me up. Urgh!

In fact I was even considering not getting any images of Cher Lloyd at all from this programme I disliked her that much. As well as that I heard that her latest release was pretty poorly received. On YouTube anyway where it got many, many more dislikes than likes. Which made the prospect of seeing her even less palatable. However, in the end it wasn't too bad. She was interviewed by T4 presenter Georgie Okell and I didn't feel like bringing up my lunch while she was on screen and actually her song wasn't that bad either. Well, not as bad as I thought it would be. So I have included images of her and I have to say that she didn't look as bad as I thought she was going to.

So Cher certainly was not the worst performer as there were a couple of stinkers in my opinion, from the girls that is. Nicola Roberts song, which was on pretty early and contributed to my feelings of woe about this year's line-up, was awful. Whoever thought it was a good idea to promote her in a solo role needs to re-think their career choices. Also stinking the place out was the Sugababes, unfortunately. Their song was pretty dire too. Though the girls looked pretty sexy in white outfits.

However, there were some good performances and a few more sexy girls in the second half of the show. Alexis Jordan looked pretty hot. However, I was disappointed that the only song she performed was Hush Hush and not the very catchy Good Girl. New girl band Parade looked quite hot. Plus some of the Corrie girls were looking pretty sexy. Namely Michelle Keegan, Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent.

However, performance of the day was from N-Dubz. Mainly because Tulisa was looking very, very hot in a short sexy dress. She's a very sexy girl and stole the show in my opinion.

05.07.11: 526 images today from the second week of Wimbledon.

Well I managed to get some images from the second week of Caroline Wozniacki, before she was knocked out on Monday in the 4th round. It was also nice to see Tsvetana Pironkova in the second week again too, and beating Venus Williams for the second year running, as she is a very pretty girl. I also enjoyed getting images of Victoria Azarenka as she also is a very pretty girl.

One other girl of note was Tamira Paszek. Check out her images because she is one of the few girls in tennis at the moment with a decent size pair of boobs. Very sexy.

There are a few images from ladies doubles, but not too many. Most notably the very cute Elena Vesnina. Plus Agnieszka Radwanska, Daniela Hantuchova, Sam Stosur, Sania Mirza & Sorana Cirstea.

Perhaps the girl of the tournament for me though is Sabine Lisicki, the sexy German. To think I wanted her to lose to Na Li in the second round. Only for one reason though. Not because I didn't want the sexier girl to go through. Sabine being much hotter than Na Li. But because I thought Na Li had a better chance to knock out the Williams sisters. I'm sick of the Williams' winning Wimbledon. I don't particularly like them that much. Venus would be bearable if it were not for her sister Serena who I dislike with a passion. So she is guilty by association. Serena just winds me up and I was so pleased when Marion Bartoli knocked her out and then within a couple of hours Venus was knocked out too as mentioned previously by Tsvetana Pironkova. Which meant we weren't going to get a Williams winner or even finalist.

In the end though, with the Williams sisters being knocked out by other competitors, I was glad Sabine Lisicki did win that 2nd round encounter and got all the way to the semi-final, eventually losing to Maria Sharapova. She even got to the final of the women's doubles too but lost that match. She was just so bubbly and happy to be playing and winning again after her long injury saw her out for 5 months and she certainly brought a lot of cheer to the Championships this year. Plus the fact that she's very hot too with a sexy body and pretty face. Made her my fav this year.

So no Williams sister in the final and Maria Sharapova back on form and there instead. What a relief not to have watch Venus or Serena win it. I was pleased Petra Kvitova won though. She was clearly the better player with the bigger strokes.

26.06.11: Images today from the first week of Wimbledon.

It's getting harder to get nice images from Wimbledon lately. As mentioned last year the BBC has only one red button channel these days on Freeview instead of the two that it used to have. So it's getting more difficult to find a ladies match that either doesn't have a British woman in, as they tend to take priority, or a Williams sister. Also the BBC tends to favour the mens matches as well. Which means a lot of the really hot tennis girls I miss. Especially if they are knocked out early. The British girls tend to crop up one channel or another if they are playing but are not the hottest in the game. Though I do quite like Heather Watson and she does have a few images with this update.

There are a few nice images of the German Sabine Lisicki. This is probably more by accident than design too though. As her ranking has dropped because of injury which meant she was playing a big seed in round 2 in Na Li and so the match was on Centre Court. It proved to be a really, really good contest too in which Sabine came from match points down to win 8-6 in the third.

The other really great match was the 31 year old Venus Williams against the 40 year old Kimiko Date-Krumm. Which Venus won 8-6 in the third. The first set in this match was probably the best set of women's tennis I've ever seen. Some of the shots were out of this world and the drama was palpable. Kimiko eventually won that set on her 8th set point.

One good thing is I did manage to get some images this year of Ana Ivanovic. She has been missing in action the last couple of years from these updates as her form has dropped so much. She made it into the third round this year and the last 20 minutes or so of her match was on the freeview red button straight after the motor-cycling had finished. So I was lucky to see that. Especially as she went on to lose that match so this was my only opportunity to get some pics of her. She is a very hot girl though and is one of the prettiest with the nicest body in the whole of tennis.

I've yet to get any images so far, apart from one, of Caroline Wozniacki. However, she is still in the competition so I may get some from the second week.

Other noteworthy inclusions with this update include the very sexy Daniela Hantuchova. Including some very nice pics of her bending over and showing her red shorts under her dress. Also, the ever sexy Maria Sharapova who knocked out British sensation Laura Robson in the second round. Despite a few very scary moments for her where it looked like Laura would win the first set.

13.06.11: Another update from The Gadget Show which concluded it's current series last week. All but two images with this update are of Pollyanna Woodward and Suzi Perry.

I have to say I'm really liking Pollyanna Woodward lately. She is such a sexy girl. As we have seen with previous updates she has amazing legs. She is pretty as a picture and as you will see with this update she has amazing boobs too. Is there anything this girl can't do?

So as briefly mentioned above the highlight with this update has to be the amazing boobs of Pollyanna.  Seen in all their splendid glory in a bikini top during a 'Top 5' solar powered gadgets. I have included a video of these scenes in the Videos section.

Suzi Perry is almost an after thought these days on The Gadget Show as Pollyanna is looking so good. Suzi Perry is still a fox though. It's just she just pails in Polly's shadow.

07.06.11: Images today from the first half of season 6 of Doctor Who running up to the mid-season break/cliffhanger and from Doctor Who Confidential on BBC3.

What can you say about season 6 so far other than brilliant. Some absolutely great episodes and some a bit so-so. However, Matt Smith is doing a great job as the 11th Doctor and Karen Gillan is still a brilliant companion. Rory I couldn't care too much about and it wouldn't bother me either way if he stayed or went. However, as he appears to be immortal, as he's been killed so many times, it looks like we are stuck with him.

My fav episode so far had to be no.4 written by the very talented Neil Gaiman called The Doctor's Wife and starring Suranne Jones as the living embodiment of the TARDIS. Really, really good episode and brilliantly acted with some great funny bits too.

There's been a few cute girls in this season so far too. Not least in this mid-season finale where we had a couple of cute girls in Catrin Stewart who played Jenny and, even more sexy in my opinion, Christina Chong who played the very attractive Lorna Bucket. Also in the series though we saw the very cute Lily Cole, one of my favourite actresses Sarah Smart and the wonderfully busty Suranne Jones. All this and the very sexy Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston too.

As for the big reveal at the end of episode 7. Don't read the next line if you haven't seen the show yet. That River Song is Amy's daughter!!! Woah! As Steven Moffat said in Confidential afterwards. The resolution of that question poses more new questions than it answers.

Can't wait now until the Autumn when the second half of season 6 concludes.

02.06.11: Images today OMG! with Peaches Geldof on ITV2. I expected more from this update than I actually got. Maybe that was because I was away for half the series on holiday and missed too many episodes. I was expecting this show would contain sexy celebrity guests and maybe it did on the episodes I missed. However, I didn't see any.

I only actually recorded this series as I quite like Peaches Geldof and think she's quite sexy. I was not overly impressed with this series though and found it quite base in it's tone. Dealing with quite seedy subjects on occasion. It wasn't my cup of tea. I've seen Peaches looking better too so overall I felt a bit let down.

23.05.11: Images today from The British Soap Awards 2011 on ITV1 and Let's Party after show on ITV2. The bottom 4 links below will open up at the respective Tarty Doris soap site for that show.

As I normally have done with this update in previous years. All the people presenting awards, as they are only seen briefly, have all been batch named under the heading of 'Misc'. This does include a few images of the Sugababes.

17.05.11: Images today from Paul O'Grady Live. The 4th name for this show. First off we had The Paul O'Grady Show on ITV then The New Paul O'Grady Show on Channel 4 then just The Paul O'Grady Show now Paul O'Grady Live back on ITV again.

Anyway, I was going to do this update last week. However, I just couldn't be bothered to watch the dozen or so episodes I had recorded so I kept putting it off and then didn't have the time. So the images with this update are from the current series and the one that ended late last year. I know it's a bit late but that's how this site is lately. I haven't got the enthusiasm to update it like I used to.

Some really nice images with this update though. My favourites include Kylie Minogue in a very sexy tight white dress. In fact she looked nicer in the dress she was being interviewed in than the one she performed her new song in. Also looking really good was Katy Perry in some sexy shorts and black tights. This girl is so hot. I have included videos of these two highlights in the Videos section. The Kylie vid is quite long at over 10 minutes and includes her whole interview plus a few other selected highlights. The Katy vid is just her performing Firework. A great song by the way.

Lots of other highlights though and every girl listed here was looking hot so I won't pick out names.

04.05.11: Images today from Waterloo Road. A total of 416 new pics. Obviously I missed a couple of shows while I was away on holiday. So there are no images from those episodes. However, there are still some really nice pics with this update.

With the most number of new images for this update was Karen David. Looking very sexy at times in some tight dresses. However, a disappointing note that this is almost certainly her swan song as after the storyline where she had an affair and subsequently married one of the pupils she will undoubtedly be leaving the show. This is a shame as she's a really sexy girl and one of the sexiest teachers we've had in this show.

One of my favourites in regards to the students in these past few episodes is Darcy Isa. She's been looking really sexy of late and I like some of the tight little skirts she's been wearing. However, there are nice images of most of the student girlies with this update.

The new series starts again this evening. I wonder if there will be any new talent. We definitely need a new sexy teacher now but we also need some new students too as there are only 7 listed with this update and that is a lot lower than normal from this show.

26.04.11: Images today from all 8 programmes in the fourth series of Secret Diary Of A Call Girl on ITV2. As with Skins I was away for the last episode of the series so I had to download a copy of that show from the internet to capture some images from. The quality of the images from that concluding episode as just as good though.

Your always guaranteed some top quality pics from this show of half naked girlies and this season was no exception. Obviously most of the images, around 200, are of Billie Piper as she is the eponymous Call Girl the story revolves around. There was usually at least one series of scenes each episode of Belle with a client in various states of undress in skimpy lingerie and the like. So you won't be short of nice images to look at.

Other notable girls in this series include Lily James who played Poppy the daughter of the madam Stephanie, Cherie Lunghi. The other character I really liked in this series was the dominatrix Charlotte played by Gemma Chan. She always looked really hot and pretty too but I liked her character as well as she was really funny. One other notable face was Ty Glaser who played a rather shallow American actress. Some may remember her from Emmerdale.

19.04.11: Images today from the second half of the fifth season of Skins - episodes 5-8. I was away for episode 8 on holiday but I downloaded a copy of the show I missed from the internet and captured some images from that. It was a pretty decent copy so there is no noticeable difference in the quality of those images to any of the others.

Episodes 5 and 6 were actually a bit of a wash-out in terms of the girls as I hardly captured any images. They were about Nick and Alo though. Episode 7 about Grace was much better and episode 8 featuring everyone was pretty decent for the girls too.

Dakota Blue Richards has the most number of new images with this update as I'm a bit fascinated by her. She just looks so odd yet strangely quite appealing too. I can't work it out why I find her so interesting.

Freya Mavor I've never really attached too but I like Jessica Sula because she has nice legs and Laya Lewis because she has nice boobs.

Overall a good season 5. Though I think season 3 and 4 were the best. Mainly because I liked the twins and Kathryn Prescott mostly.

11.04.11: Well there have been no updates to this site for a while as I've been away on holiday. This also means that I was out of the country for the semi-final and final of Dancing On Ice so there will no images from those shows. Though I do know that Sam won, and deservedly so, as I watched the final on catch-up TV.

As for this update we have some very nice images from one of my favourite programmes and that is The Gadget Show.

Pollyanna Woodward has been looking very, very hot of late too on this show and it is safe to say we definitely have a new queen of the hotties for this programme as she has clearly usurped Suzi Perry off her throne. She has been wearing some very sexy outfits of late and showing off her pretty legs and what a pair of legs she has.

I think last week may have been my favourite Pollyanna outfit though when she wore some little black shorts and some sexy black tights. There was some very nice shots where she had her legs crossed and we had the perfect camera angle at times to see how sexy she looked. I have included a video of these scenes in the Videos section. A must see for legs fans or fans of girls in tights.

I can barely even mention the normally stunning Suzi Perry with this update as she has been so over-shadowed by Pollyanna that she's almost second rate in comparison. Though there are a few nice images of her, plus lots more of Pollyanna, including a swimsuit and a one pic in a blue bikini top. Plus there are some very nice images of busty Jessica Jane Clement from The Real Hustle.

08.03.11: Images today from week 8 and week 9 of Dancing On Ice. I would have updated the site last week with images from week 8 but I was mad busy and didn't have a chance to watch the show until this week when I watched week 8 and week 9 together.

Highlights this time revolve around my two favs again with Chloe Madeley for the celebs and Jodeyne Higgins for the pro's.

Booted week 8 was Vanilla Ice which sees Katie Stainsby go. No great loss here as she was never one of my favs and I didn't particularly like her much at all. Booted week 9 was Denise Welch. At last! I was hoping she would go in week 1. I didn't like her. Mainly because I don't like that show Loose Women that she is on as most of those presenters just wind me up.

24.02.11: Images today from week 7 of Dancing On Ice.

My favourites this week again are Chloe Madeley and Jodeyne Higgins. The main talent really as although Laura Hamilton is very pretty, and I like her for that reason, she hasn't got the nicest legs really and so struggles with the major sex appeal.

Booted this week was Kerry Katona. No great loss here I think. Very poor skater and not that sexy any more.

23.02.11: Images today from the first 4 episodes in the fifth series of Skins and the third new cast line-up.

New this year on the babe side is Dakota Blue Richards, Freya Mavor, Jessica Sula & Laya Lewis. A not overly impressive line-up at first glance based on previous years. However, after 4 episodes they are now starting to grow on me.

The first episode was about Dakota's character, which I enjoyed so much I ended up watching twice. She dresses more like a bloke in this series and in full man gear isn't that sexy. However, she can still look hot. Look at the sexy blue dress she wore in episode one. However, her character is so endearing that her dress sense can be overlooked as she's just so nice. She is pretty too, but again with the harshly cut male hairstyle, this can be a stretch at times. I really like her character though.

As for the other 3 characters then I didn't like Mini, Freya Mavor, as she just seems nasty. Fairly sexy but not really my cup of tea. Grace, Jessica Sula, I thought was quite pretty from the outset and she has grown on me. She's got quite a tidy body too and I quite like her now.

As for Liv, Laya Lewis, then I didn't really see her potential too much in the first 3 episodes. However, after episode 4, which was about her, and the very sexy tight low cut top she wore in this episode then I would have to say that I'm liking her too now as she looked really hot in that show. She has really nice boobs.

Anyway, I usually really enjoy this series. I loved the first episode. The second was a bit hit and miss. The third was ok and the fourth was back on form and really good. Lets hope the rest of the series is as good as episodes 1 and 4.

21.02.11: Images today from the last two weeks in the current series of Primeval.

Highlight with this update is probably Hannah Spearitt in a sexy blue dress.

15.02.11: Images today from week 6 of Dancing On Ice.

Surprisingly my favourite this week isn't Chloe Madeley but one of the professional girlies. That is Jodeyne Higgins who was looking very hot in a sexy gold number. She was briefly seen in green too for the Wicked number. Thank goodness for Jodeyne because when Maria Filippov went in week 2 the female professionals were looking very average this year, in my opinion. Others may disagree but, apart from Jodeyne and Maria, and to a degree Frankie Poultney, I think the rest are just not that sexy.

Booted this week was Comedy Dave so Frankie Poultney leaves too.

09.02.11: Another 291 images from Waterloo Road. These are the other 6 episodes I hadn't watched after last weeks update from this show.

Some may notice that there seems to have been a reduction in the cast list, especially on the student side. With only 14 girls listed with this update as opposed to 23 with last weeks update. It seems that many of the students/pupils have now left Waterloo Road and the producers have not been overly efficient about recruiting new ones to replace them.

The only new addition to the list of students with this update is former Corrie babe Tina O'Brien. A welcome addition, if a bit of a surprise that she would join as a pupil as the actress herself now is 27. I mean the character was supposed to have run away for a couple of years and so didn't finish her education. However, this is still a bit of a stretch. Tina does have a very small frame though so I guess the producers thought she could get away with playing someone younger than she is.

The only other new person is a new teacher Adanna Lawal played by Sharlene Whyte. Average really.

So whether there will be any more new characters over the coming weeks is a mystery. It does mean that some of the current crop could get more air time though so if one of those if your favourite then perhaps this could be a good thing. Rebecca Ryan is my current fav. Though Darcy Isa has been looking very cute of late too.

08.02.11: Images today from week 5 of Dancing On Ice.

Once again I would say my favourite is Chloe Madeley this week. This time looking very hot in a sexy black and white number.

Booted this week was Jennifer Metcalfe. Once again another tragedy in a British phone voting reality show. Jennifer had the 5th highest score from 10 contestants and should not have been in the skate-off. What's more she was 3 clear points higher than Vanilla Ice with the judges. So how and why did the judges, unanimously, decide that Vanilla was better in the skate-off? BS.

I was hoping Denise Welch would get booted. I don't like her. Mainly because I don't like the show Loose Women which she is on. I hope she goes next week and doesn't stay longer than any other couples that I do like.

02.02.11: Images today from Waterloo Road. I don't know how many episodes are included with this update. I have gotten so behind on my episodes from this show. I still have about 6 more to watch but I thought rather than waiting another week or two before I can get around to watching them I will update the site with what I have already. After all there is already over 400 images and some really nice pics too.

Highlight for me with the update was the very sexy outfits Rebecca Ryan was wearing during the episode where she was a poll dancer. Both the silver number she wore for the poll dancing and the school uniform with the short skirt and black tights. Very hot. I have included a video of these scenes in the Videos section. It's quite a long video at over 9 minutes but there are lots of sexy scenes in it. So well worth the effort to get it I think.

This update usually yields quite a few nice images as girls in school uniform are quite hot aren't they? Too many highlights to mention in that regard then.

One thing of note is the sexy new teacher Francesca Montoya played by Karen David. A very nice addition to the teaching staff.

01.02.11: Images today from week 3 and week 4 of Dancing On Ice. I would have updated this site last week with images from week 3. However, I didn't have time to watch the show as I was busy watching 10 episodes of Primeval. 6 from the season in 2009 which I had never gotten around to watching and 4 from this season.

So we have a massive 543 new images with this update and some really nice pics from 2 weeks of girls in sexy ice dance gear. I think week 3 was slightly better than week 4 as some of the outfits were a bit sexier. Chloe Madeley was looking pretty hot in blue in week 3 and for me that is the highlight for the celebs.

As for the two female celebs from week 1 which I hadn't made my mind up about yet then I quite like Laura Hamilton. She's a very pretty girl with lovely blue eyes. However, she doesn't have the greatest legs though. Jason Gardiner did describe them, in week 3, as 'stumpy'. I wouldn't go that far but they could be a bit slimmer. I'm not overly liking Kerry Katona too much though. She just hasn't struck me at all.

I have managed to find a professional dancer fav though. She is Jodeyne Higgins. One of the pro's from week 1 that I didn't see. She is partnered with Johnson Beharry VC in case you don't watch the show and want to know from the below images which girl I'm on about. She's very cute and sexy and looked really hot in week 3 in a purple number and also really hot in week 4 in an orange and gold outfit. Hopefully she will stay in the show for a while as I think the pro's this year are quite average.

Booted week 3 was Steven Arnold so pro dancer Nina Ulanova leaves and booted week 4 was Dominic Cork so Alexandra Schauman leaves. I was hoping Denise Welch would get booted as I don't like her much.

26.01.11: Images today from Primeval. From the current series and from the last series in 2009 which I never updated the site with before so I'm including those with this update. There are no images from episode 3 in this series as I was away then and there are no images from episodes 6, 7 and 8 from the last series as those were the 3 Saturdays I was away on holiday for that year.

Some nice images with this update then. Particularly of the cute new girl for this series and that is Ruth Kearney who plays Jess Parker. Very sexy.

19.01.11: Images today from Dancing On Ice. There are only images from week two with this update of the second group of 8 couples. There should have been an update last week of the first 8 couples in week one because I just made it back from my vacation away for a few days, by 15 minutes, despite a major transport delay on route, to record Dancing On Ice week one. Then when I came to watch my recording on Monday I found the stupid TV application on my computer had only recorded about 20 minutes and then crashed. I didn't even realise this until the Monday so I couldn't even record the repeat on ITV2 on Sunday evening. I was fuming. I just made it back in time, which I didn't think I would do at one stage, and then the stupid recording crashes after 20 minutes. It just wasn't meant to be. Very upsetting.

So only images from the 2nd week. At least we had a couple of hot celebs in the line up for week 2 in the form of Hollyoaks babe Jennifer Metcalfe and hottie Chloe Madeley, daughter of Richard and Judy. There are a few images from week 1 but only up to the point just before the first contestant performed. So just the introductions and Torvill and Dean's opening number. So there are only a couple of images of evictee's from week 1 Angela Rippon and Nadia Sawalha. So I have included them under the 'misc' heading.

As for the highlights this week then my fav would have to be Chloe Madeley in the sexy pink number. She's quite a hot girl is Chloe and I think the only thing stopping her getting more TV work than she actually does is when she opens her mouth as she has to have one of the worst lisp's I've ever heard. She's really hot and that goes some way to distracting from this impediment but not far enough really.

So what of the line-up of celebs this year? Well I didn't agree with the 4 booted in the first 2 weeks. It always tends to be women booted early and that makes the numbers uneven and the cute girls tend to get it in the neck too. 2 women celebs gone in the first week. Though not major hotties in Angela and Nadia. The second week saw Craig McLachlan (with Maria Fiilipov) and Elen Rivas booted. Elen Rivas, who may be quite attractive, is only known for being a WAG and came across as nothing more either and quite shallow and a bit unpleasant. So you can see why she didn't get too many votes. I'm disappointed by Denise Welch though that there is another Loose Woman on the show. I don't like it when women from that show are on because it winds me up and they tend to stay for ages too as they have a large fan base of fat housewives that have nothing better to do than push their chubby fingers on redial.

Kerry Katona looks like she has lost a lot of weight but do I like her? I don't know really. I haven't made my mind up about her yet. Laura Hamilton looks quite cute but I don't really know her either and I guess I will have to see these two more really, as I missed them both in week 1, before I can decide if I like them or not.

As for the pro dancers this year then there have been a lot of changes. Only 4 originals and 4 new girls. My fav is still there, Maria Fillipov, but, as noted briefly above, she was booted this week and so I'm very disappointed by that. With Maria gone I'll have to find a new fav and I just don't know enough about some or like the other originals that much. Frankie Poultney is quite cute but I don't like the fact that she seems to have dropped her last name this year and is now simply known as Frankie. Also, she's always come across as too ambitious or focused or something like that (it's hard to put my finger on) and that has always put me off really despite some of the really sexy outfits she has worn in the past. As for the other 2 pro's from last year, Alexandra Schaumann and Brianne Delcourt then I've never really been a big fan of either. However, as I've only really seen half the contestants so far I'll have to wait and see if any of the pro's strike me as cool enough to care about this year. Lets hope someone in the coming weeks will jump out as being the hottie pro that I can get behind.

17.01.11: Images today from the Christmas Day edition of Top Of The Pops. There was only 3 female performers, unfortunately, so not too many images. All the rest of the pics are named 'misc' of the various artists that appeared briefly in clips summarising the year.

Highlight of the show had to be Katy Perry who looked very hot in a sexy white dress and showing some nice legs and pretty cleavage. I have included a video of this in the Videos section. Eliza Doolittle looked pretty hot too in some sexy shorts and Ellie Goulding wore a cute white dress.


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